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Jimbo and the Blue Balls Mountain Boys
Eggbun Education's First Site
Apparel - Beard Care Products - Soaps - Bath Bombs – BeardedMoney
Sphaerae Watch– SPHAERAE WATCH
Eggbun Education's First Site
Eggbun Education's First Site
Eggbun Education's First Site
Eggbun Education's First Site
Eggbun Education's First Site
Eggbun Education's First Site
Tokyo Nightlife Guide and Review
Apparel - Beard Care Products - Soaps - Bath Bombs – BeardedMoney
Eggbun Education's First Site
Eggbun Education's First Site
Ol Meechie
Apparel - Beard Care Products - Soaps - Bath Bombs – BeardedMoney
Apparel - Beard Care Products - Soaps - Bath Bombs – BeardedMoney
Today, I have so much to do. Since Xavier is becoming Alpha today, I must prepare the food and clean until it is spotless. Although they don't want me to, I must go to ceremony. Everyone must be there to honor their new alpha. I get up at 5:00 in the morning and change quickly into long brown dirty skirt and a long sleeved dirty white shirt. It’s one of the few clothes I had. I put my hair in a messy bun and go to start breakfast. I've decided to make some pancakes, sausages, and eggs and some fruit. As the sausages are cooking, I put the plates and cups down and go to make some orange juice. I quickly make the food and then start to chop up fruit.I finished putting food on the plates as pack members started coming in. "Hey you. Where is my food. " Zach, a mean pack member asks with a smirk. "Up your ass, dick···" I respond before smiling and returning to work. Zach comes up to me and pulls my hair, hard. I gasp and pull away before kicking him in the balls. I put my hand to my head and laugh at his expression. I see Micah glaring at me I gulp and run into the kitchen. I eat what's left which isn't much. The rest of the day and clean the house until it's spotless and then go take a shower in my small bathroom before grabbing the dress I was given for the ceremony, I got the only dress they had left. I love it. It's a white and goes down to almost my knees with lace near the bottom. The sleeves came down to my elbows and I put on my only good shoes. White flats. I brush my wavy hair and then look at my reflection. I look somewhat good. I walk downstairs and see everyone else dressed. All the girls have beautiful, elegant dresses. The men all look dashing. I see Micah and Steven talking to each other and I feel a small pain in my heart. My brothers and I used to have the best time. We always would laugh and play games; tell funny stories and they could talk to me about anything. Now, all I get hatred. Cruel words and evil glances. The old beta comes out and says they are ready. Micah walks out first as he is going to be beta. Xavier and Micah are best friends apparently Everyone walks out and I'm the last one out. As I glance around, I see Michelle, the pack slut. She has a short black dress and her blonde hair that reaches her shoulders is curled to perfection. She has 4 inch heels and walks like she owns the place. I hate her and she's an idiot, but she looks so beautiful. I look down at my feet as I walk. The ceremony begins. I can't see much or hear much as I'm pushed to the back and everyone is towering over me. I can't hear anything! It’s so frustrating. I may not be the most important but I'm still part of this pack. I deserve a glance at my new alpha. Finally, I hear a shout and everyone around me cheers. Everyone soon goes to the party afterwards. I get pushed around as people move and I shove back saying "Move it!" I walk towards the pack house and I hear a whimper in my head. What. "It's me, your wolf." My wolf.! I can't believe it!!! This is great. Someone to talk to. I'm so concentrated on my wolf I don't look where I'm going before I bump into a wall. A wall with arms that grabbed me before I could fall and sent tingles through my body I look up and gasp. "Mate!" my wolf exclaims. His beautiful blue-grey eyes widen as he realizes who I am. I smile brightly when he tightens his grip. But my smile soon fades when he looks at me in disgust and anger. He turns around and then pushes me up against a wall away from everyone else in a dark corner. As I look deeper into his eyes, I feel this great sense of power radiating off him. I realize it's my new Alpha. Great! He can take me away from all this pain. He'll make sure no one hurts me. "l never thought this would happen. Everyone is so mean to me, but since you're my mate you can "Shut up! I'm not your mate" he growls. I hear my wolf whimper. "What. No, you're my mate" "You think I would actually stay with you. I was hoping my mate would be beautiful and smart and worth it. Not someone who can't control their anger and kills their own parents. You're an evil ugl
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- NAME YOUR TEAM - Part of the process of entering your team, is giving it a classic name. We've had some great team entries so far for both our Ragnar Trail Joburg and Ragnar Trail Cape Town events, a few names had us laughing out loud, so we thought we'd share some of the good vibes with all of you too. In no particular order, here are some of our favorites so far: Blue School Balls The Cramps The Saggy Stones The Shin Splints Toasted cheese on rye met slaai AC The Curse Breakers So there it is, the bar has been set, we look forward to even more awesome and original team names, so give it your best shot when you enter. To find out more, take a look here: runragnar.com/za TrailRunning.co.za Modern Athlete Magazine South Africa Trail Running TRAIL magazine
Know the latest score of IPL, T20, ODI, test & all other International matches in Circle of Cricket Portal.
Virat Kohli adds another feather to his hat as he equals Mohammad Nabi's record of 12 Man of the Match awards in T20Is.
Resident Evil 2 X PUBG MOBILE Crossover! Hajar Tyrant layaknya Ada atau Leon!
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