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Does Your Baby Have a 4-Legged Big Brother or Sister? Get your babygrow here: https://moteefe.com/store/dog-lovers-apparel-for-babies-kids Available: ✅ in several different colors & 4 sizes (NB, 6M, 12M & 18M) ✅ in several versions (brother, sister and siblings) ✅ with several dog breeds ℹ Also available: Kids & Baby Tshirt, Kids Sweatshirt & Kids Hoodies
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Did you know that Chihuahuas are more likely to bite someone than Pit Bulls? A lot of people don’t! There are a lot of misconceptions about Pits, and we are going to list the top 3, so hopefully people can finally cut these beautiful animals some slack! #1 - All Pit Bulls are bad Dogs cannot be good or bad. Pit Bulls react to their world based on their training and the energy they’re getting. If they are surrounded by negative energy, encouraged to do bad things (dog fights), without proper training, they can turn into a real mess (just like other dogs). That’s why it’s important to provide these cuties with as much love as you can! #2 - Pit Bulls are human-aggressive Research shows that Pit Bulls don’t have a tendency to be specifically aggressive to humans, as we said above, a well trained and loved dog will have nothing but love for his environment! #3 - Pit Bulls can’t live with other dogs While some dog breeds are generally a little more territorial than others, the ability to get along with others is a dog-specific trait. Plenty of pit bulls coexist peacefully in the same household with other dogs, cats, and kids! Hopefully, we managed to bust some myths surrounding these lovely creatures, but we want to take this one step further. In order to spread Pit Love, we released a new ‘Pits Are Better’ collection, offering the cool new designs for 15% off! - Just use code PITSROCK15 And the best part? A big chunk of the revenue will directly fund Pit Bulls rescue programs & shelters, creating a better future for them! Let’s show the world how lovely Pits are, check out our collection: https://pitsarebetter.com/collections/all
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Explosive Detection Dog Training Sessions will start 18-5-2020 (limited places) your dog will learn how to search and detect explosives, our training system is very easy which makes your dog learn faster with great results, Training is an important part of any dogs life, it provides mental stimulation and makes you and your dog happy. 15,000LL per session Will cover: indoor outdoor search, Cars, walls, bags and many more. All breeds and all ages are welcomed. we all as a team will work on searching big areas, dog handlers will learn how to deal with finding a target. WE train to make the world a safer place For info contact us on 03596651
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Incorporate Intelligently with IncNow. Guaranteed 1 business day turnaround. Start your Delaware LLC today!
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InfoCasas: Alquiler y venta de departamentos y casas en Paraguay
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新文潮「在線喜閱」直播系列(第7集) //何日菌/君再來:疫情與劇場漫想◎謝燊傑// 談話簡介:隨想閒聊冠病疫情給劇場帶來什麼樣的思考和衝擊。 嘉賓簡介:謝燊傑,本地華語劇團「九年劇場」聯合創辦人暨藝術總監。劇場導演、演員、寫作人。潛心研究演員訓練這回事,使九年劇場成為本地獨有的,擁有長期訓練演員團隊的劇團。謝曾四度榮獲《海峽時報》生活戲劇獎「最佳導演」,及兩度榮獲「最佳男主角」。他的導演作品常見於各重要藝術節,包括濱海藝術中心華藝節,和新加坡國際藝術節等。2017年,他更獲新加坡國際藝術節委約,將本地文化獎作家英培安的長篇小說《畫室》改編成舞台劇,為藝術節掀開序幕。 日期/時間:2020年6月3日,8pm 注:從6月1日起,「在線喜閱」僅在新文潮臉書專頁上直播。Youtube平台,將待系列播出完畢後,整理剪接了再上載播出。 ——————我是隔離線—————— 【支持活動的方式】 一、到新文潮網店購買書本、文創精品。 https://trendlitstore.com/ 二、購買「喜閱禮卡」,待看到喜歡的書或商品時,能在網店當現金適用。 「喜閱禮卡」:https://trendlitstore.com/products/gift-card 三、實際贊助「在線喜閱」活動,可電郵或私訊聯繫。 四、參與、留言,並且將「在線喜閱」分享給親朋好友們。 ——————我是隔離線—————— 【社媒與網店】 ◎網絡書店 1. 新文潮網店:https://trendlitstore.com/ ◎臉書專頁 1. 新文潮出版社:https://fb.com/trendlitsg ◎臉書群組 1. 一首詩的時間:https://fb.com/groups/yishoushideshijian 2. 新文潮出版社:https://fb.com/groups/trendlitsg ◎Instagram 1. 新文潮出版社:@trendlitsg ◎Youtube(新開!) 1. https://bit.ly/36mh9M8
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Manillares carbono con potencia integrada... 365gr... ligereza y rigidez a tope Carbon handlebars with integrated stem... only 365gr... full Lightness and stiffness #roadcycling #ciclismo #roadslikethese #fromwhereiride #carbonwheels #carbonfiber #ciclismo #ciclista #räder #radfahren #velo #lovecycling #cycling #mtblife #bikelife #ruedasgordas #bicicleta #cyclingphotos #bici #vegan #vtt #stravacycling #cyclingshots
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Tokeet | Advanced Vacation Rental Management Software
Robert (Fort Lauderdale) - "Before Tokeet my vacation rental was full in high season but less than 50% occupied during low season. The channel manager helped me find international clients to book during the low season and now I'm at 77% occupancy."
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Vi har nå valgt å innføre pensjonistrabatter på alle behandlinger i klinikken. Hjertelig velkommen💕 Brems aldring og lindre smerter med Eximia. Systemet er utmerket når det kommer til å gi helsefordeler i form av: Drenering av kroppen for avfallsstoffer Oppstramming av hud Dyp bindevevsmassasje som løsner stive muskler i kroppen Økt energioverskudd i hverdagen Eximia behandlinger er en perfekt gave til en person som er eldre, da det både er supert for helsen og en veldig deilig behandling.
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[Sale Hè Hết Cỡ] MÁY GIẶT SIÊU CHẤT – GIÁ “NGON” PHÁT NGẤT‼ Quà tặng lên đến 2550K!Không thể bỏ lỡ! Chơi hè xả láng, việc nhà đã có Midea lo! Cơ hội sở hữu máy giặt giá tốt, chốt không chần chừ - duy nhất ngày 11.06 tại Lazada x Midea: Tặng ngay VOUCHER 50K – 100K. Bảo hành chính hãng 2 năm. FREESHIP Hà Nội, TP.HCM. HỖ TRỢ 50K SHIP đối với các tỉnh khác. Hỗ trợ trả góp 0% (*). Đặc biệt, khi mua Máy Giặt Cửa Trước Midea MFK95-1401 sẽ có cơ hội nhận ngay “siêu quà giới hạn” - Quạt Midea Inverter FS40-18AR cao cấp trị giá 2550K. SỐ LƯỢNG QUÀ TẶNG GIỚI HẠN! Săn sale nhận quà – Duy nhất 1 ngày – Mua không chờ đợi! Mua ngay tại: https://www.lazada.vn/shop/midea-viet-nam --------------------------------------------------- Tính năng nổi bật không thể bỏ qua của “siêu quà giới hạn” - Quạt Midea Inverter FS40-18AR: ➖ Siêu tiện lợi với 12 cấp gió điều khiển từ xa. Điều chỉnh cao thấp linh hoạt. ➖ Siêu tiết kiệm với tính năng DC Inverter tiết kiệm điện năng (35W). ➖ Siêu an toàn với chức năng Tự tắt nguồn khi quá tải. ➖ Siêu êm với chế độ vận hành ổn định. ‼ MUA NHANH KẺO LỠ QUÀ NGON ‼ (*) Hỗ trợ áp dụng cho một số sản phẩm cụ thể. #Midea #Lazada #Herucro #Salehetco #Salehehetco #Maygiat #Quat
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The new impressive Touchize Swipe-2-Buy app for Shopify makes the products in your mobile store swipeable and gives your customers a better shopping experience. Get ahead and give your mobile customers: ✅ More products in the cart ✅ More customers to checkout ✅ More loyal customers
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First picture of GRAAL full range loudspeakers. During tests...
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