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#Safe Ba #Air Mo?! #AirSAFE We never knew such a question would be asked - but hey, this is the #NewNormal. As we prepare to restart our economy, we shall do so with great caution. The COVID-19 threat is more insidious with thousands daily becoming victims of the pandemic. The threat to our health is a respiratory ailment that is pervasive and invisible, and a single cough or sneeze can contaminate a room for hours. To Survive is to Adapt. We need to employ countermeasures such as face masks, face shields, best hygienic practices - and then pray for the best. While our officials focus on social distancing and placing barriers on anything that moves, we are forgetting about Viral Load buildup in confined spaces - especially the enclosed air-conditioned ones like our homes, offices, restaurants or clinics. At #Solaric, we pride ourselves in staying above the curve and your safety is paramount. There are no second chances with this merciless and indiscriminate airborne threat. How do we make your AIR really SAFE? Current best practices as per US CDC include cleaning the air in medical facilities as many as 10 to 15 times per hour through a HEPA filter. In residential settings, you'd ideally want at least 2 to 4 exchanges per hour. For restaurants and medical offices, about 4x to 10x per hour. Our AirSafe technology uses best-in-class suction fans to move mass volumes of contaminated air spaces through our 7-stage HEPA filtration process and internal UV light treatment for nonstop disinfection. Check out our Clean Air Delivery Ratio (CADR) values. We simply provide the most number of cubic meters per hour of screened air per peso spent. Smoke, foul odors, pet hair, and biological agents are suspended in respiratory droplets. With AirSAFE, even viral particles get trapped in its medical grade HEPA filter and our special blend of proprietary cold catalysts that breakdown Volatile Organic Compounds from over-disinfection and from liberal use of alcohol and toxic disinfectants. AIRSAFE MAX We have a limited ed
Solaric Philippines
#Safe Ba #Air Mo?! #AirSAFE www.solaricshop.com 0915-340-4090 / 0961-735-1341 COVID-19 is an airborne transmitted respiratory disease. Surviving it is to stack the odds in your favor and that starts by breathing safe air. How do we make your AIR really SAFE? When symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers occupy an enclosed area, there is a build up of pathogenic particles in the air. A single cough can contaminate a room for hours, while loud talking can do so in only 14 minutes. This build up is what pathologists refer to as infectious viral load. Inhale enough viral particles and your immune system gets overwhelmed, and in a few days you become a COVID statistic. That is why authorities mandate the use of face masks to greatly decrease this build up. However, being safe is earned by deploying layers of defense. Social distancing, PPE such as face masks and environmental PE- AirSAFE in enclosed spaces or adequate outdoor ventilation. Current best practices as per US CDC include cleaning the air in medical facilities as many as 10 to 15 times per hour through a HEPA filter. For residential settings, at least 2 to 4 exchanges per hour. The AS40 is ideal for up to 22sqm of room space. The AS95 is for larger spaces or if you have pets since it has a washable prefilter for cheaper service life. For restaurants and medical offices, about 4x to 10x per hour, so the AirSAFE-MAX is recommended for high traffic environments. The AS-MAX is our limited edition model - a four filtered juggernaut that can cleanse 800 cubic meters per hour of HEPA filtered air! We designed this for public spaces or really big homes as it can cover up to 98m2 with a 100W motor. Our AirSAFE technology uses best-in-class suction fans to move mass volumes of contaminated air spaces through our 7-stage HEPA filtration process and internal UV light treatment for nonstop disinfection. Check out our Clean Air Delivery Ratio (CADR) values. Our cost engineering is simple, provide the most number of cubic meters per hour of screened air per peso sp
FIGHT POVERTY THROUGH MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME "One Income Is Always Weaker And More Vulnerable Than Two" - JIFAN If you’re tired of getting a single paycheck every week or monthly (to help you stop this zangena poverty attitude), now is the perfect time to pursue multiple income streams of your own. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or not, having more than one income streams is always a good idea and it helps fight poverty and grow your business. Maybe you need extra money to pay down debt. Or, perhaps you want to save up to buy a new home. Whatever your goals, having more money can help you get there faster. And, who knows? Your “side hustle” may even become your full-time job one day. Live outside the job mentality box!!! Let money work for you, not against you. When it comes to earning extra income, let’s not forget about the most obvious income stream which is INVESTING. While everyone who invests for extra income does it differently, most people rely on mutual funds or dividend investing. You can invest in lending marketplaces. Each of these provides side income in the form of dividends, interest, and even capital gains. The best way to SAVE is to INVEST Now especially when the crisis is within. JIFAN Association has been encouraging people to invest into Small Business Empowerment - SBE and we do expose serious people to 127 small businesses. We do post detailed updates about these 127 small businesses on JIFAN Association Int page to help those interested on how to start and grow their businesses. Please print out these materials and use them in order to run your business effectively. The bottom line is, it’s smart to have multiple income streams no matter who you are. Why? Because the more ways you can earn money without compromising your integrity, the better off you’ll be. And if you’re self-employed, having multiple income streams is almost essential. Not only will you enjoy a higher income, but you won’t go broke if one stream ends unexpectedly. PLEASE GET THIS FACT; It’s hard to rely on a job for your entire livelihood. With multiple streams of income, on the other hand, you can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and use several streams of cash to help fight poverty and be able to help others. If you are not able to help that struggling individual and family through your job, please its time to start a small business beside! PLEASE start NOW! Start Small Now! Business helps you and others! As JIFAN Association, we encourage rich people to continue growing wealth while helping the struggling individuals and families to start their own small businesses to help them fight poverty. More income streams equals financial freedom. Start developing more streams of income today and NOW wherever you are with what you have especially your BRAIN✅ Your investments must be diversified and the amount matters less. Just invest in other opportunities. Be a risk taker but take good risks or calculated ones✅ Use your gifts/talents/abilities to offer a good service to the public. Such as cleaning business, delivering things, caring things/places etc✅ You have alot of things that you don't need now such as house plots, clothes, cars, house, different machines, etc please, sell them and start a small business. be creative✅ Use your brain and hands to produce something and sell. Remember you are God's image and likeness. You can create anything good to meet people's needs. During this Covid-19 crisis you can create alot of things such as cloth face masks, facebook page and start helping people where they can buy necessities on delivery basis since we are encouraged to stay home, etc✅ In short, please! diversify your thinking and resource investments. You can do it through Jesus Christ. Say no to Laziness! And Yes to hard work! Be i can do now personal! Wherever you are, see more possibilities in everything. Start DOING today and NOW✅ Small Business Fights Poverty Do Business Muli Lesa JIFAN Association Int
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Hi there, I am delighted to share with you details about the 2019 Eurovision contest that will be taking place next month. More tickets will be sold tomorrow. You can access the website through my article. Enjoy and Share, Talma Article Link: https://www.israel-best-trips.com/single-post/2019/04/15/Eurovision-2019-The-Press-Conference-Reveal To join my group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267259783855367/?source_id=1642173272481024
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"Toàn đôi đẹp, em mà có tiền em mua cả cửa hàng" - Đôi dòng chia sẻ của 1 số khách hàng ngày hôm nay :D ----------------------------- Bao anh em đã phải nhắn tin tâm sự với các bé CSKH bên em rồi đấy ạ :> Từng đó đã đủ anh em siêu lòng trước vẻ ngoài bảnh bao của em da này chưa ạ. Mà đến cửa hàng em thì cảm nhận được luôn cả vẻ đẹp bên trong của em nó đấy. Qua Cheap để lạc vào xứ sở giày da nhé anh em ------------------- Khách hàng nói về chúng tôi: https://sum.vn/OcWw9 Phóng sự về thương hiệu: https://sum.vn/zIjWE ------------------- ✔ Store 1:Số 281 Giáp Nhất, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội ✔ Store 2: Số 278 Kim Mã, Ba Đình, Hà Nội ✔ Store 3: số 98 Mai Dịch, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội ✔ Store 4: số 139 Hòa Hưng, phường 12 quận 10 TP.HCM Website: www.cheapstore.com.vn ☎️Hotline: 0886 624 624 - 0886 625 625 #CS452
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