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Safety for all motorcycle riders is ALI AIR VEST's vision, especially now that the motorcycle is one of the main modes of transportation during this pandemic. No matter how long you have been riding a motorcycle, always remember that it is still risky and dangerous because accidents happen when we least expect. Aside from the required skills, you need to have proper body protection to secure yourself from harsh elements. That's why it's a must to wear safety gear such as helmet, boots, gloves, pants and jacket. With our new innovation, we can lower the risk of being paralyzed and spending huge amount of money in the event of an accident. ALI AIR VEST is the perfect solution to protect your body (especially your back) from sudden collisions. Plus, it is stylish, too. Did you know that based on the latest record from DOH, the average cost of an injury from road accident is P71,483. There is even a small chance of getting back to your original condition or worst you can be paralyzed forever. ALI AIR VEST understands the need to also of save of money and unnecessary spending to secure your health. So, during this time of crisis we are giving away the best deal you can have, that no other brand can beat. For only 22,500 you will get the following: Free 2 capsule Free book guide Free delivery nationwide Free Emergency Accident Card Free 10% off on the vest We value our customers who take immediate action. Hurry! Place your order now! This promo is only available until August 31, 2020, You can purchase the product via Paypal or Credit Card/Debit Card, Gcash, BDO payment. Click the link below to purchase thru paypal using your DEBIT or CREDIT CARD: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PW8MHBGLH8YUG Or You may contact us on this number below. 09190073628 (SMART) 09171329888 (GLOBE) 86682789 (LANDLINE) 82522207 (LANDLINE)
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