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Kino Deli
A heart-shaking chronicle of the last year of Nico’s life, crowned Best Film of Venice’s Orizzonti sidebar in 2017. Haven’t seen “Nico 1988” yet? Head over to KINO DELI , and enjoy it on their virtual cinema, together with countless other films worth your time, handpicked from the world’s best festivals! https://bit.ly/37b0OMD
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當瘟疫襲來,偏遠的北方小鎮上,年輕的雙蓮突然倒在了鄉間小路上……她遭遇了些什麽?荒郊野外危險重重,她究竟該如何活下去? ©2017-2020 新世紀影視基地版權所有 轉載請先聯繫- GODSEND IN A TAXI New Century Film 新世紀影視基地 - 短片《路遇》 | “我中招了!”瘟疫橫行,活下來的方法竟是⋯⋯ | GODSEND IN A TAXI - Best 2020 Movies | New Release | Full Length English | Full HD 1080. Tiếng việt Sub ---> https://youtu.be/qZXR9xYXuEY Xuất bản 7 thg 8, 2020 A deadly epidemic disease spreads all over the small town. A young woman, Shuanglian has been infected.She walked alone on the remote and desolate road in countryside. There was no driver dares to take her home.Feeling exhausted and desperate, Shuanglian fell down. In times of crisis, a young man appeared and her fate got rewritten… ©2017-2020 New Century Films Support Us:https://bit.ly/3bYRNFF Subscribe Now:https://bit.ly/3dTei0A Facebook:@TheNewCenturyFilm Twitter: @The_NCF Website:thenewcenturyfilms.com Âm nhạc trong video này Tìm hiểu thêm Bài hát SoundVault - 20170907022723 Apollo's Sorrow Nghệ sĩ SoundVault Bên cấp phép cho YouTube: SourceAudio Holdings LLC (thay mặt cho SoundVault - SoundVault - SoundVault); SourceAudio Holdings (music publishing) https://www.facebook.com/139151166743655/posts/608047426520691/?vh=e&d=n
The Royal Film Commission Jordan - RFC
While keeping social distancing, movies can bring us close to each other! The Royal Film Commission – Jordan is pleased to present to you “Cur-films” A free online screening program every Monday & Thursday The link to watch the film will be shared on our social media platforms On Monday 11th of May 2020 at 5 PM LT Join us “online” to watch the Narrative Film “In Syria” (INSYRIATED) Philippe Van Leeuw, 90 min, Drama, in Arabic with English subtitles, Belgium/ France/ Lebanon, 2017 RATED 18+ Realized in closed indoors, “INSYRIATED” narrates the everyday life of a family locked in its own house, in Damascus, while the war is raging outside. The mother attempts to keep her family safe as a sniper lies in wait outside her home. Trapped in their apartment, the family members retreat to the kitchen to hide following a sudden attack. The film depicts the siege and confinement imposed by wars. Perhaps the quarantine we live in today, and its restrictions, gives us a feel what it means to be locked down while conflict rages on the street? The film was presented in the Panorama Section of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival and has won the Audience Award for Best Film. It also received the Silver Pyramid Award for Best Actress at Cairo International Film Festival, Lumiere Awards for Best French-Language Film and the Audience Award at Thessaloniki Film Festival. It was also screened at Toronto International Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Stockholm Film Festival and others.
Home 2020 | Animasyros
#MovieNight #AnimationNight #WomenInAnima #Μένουμε_Σπίτι και βλέπουμε Animation! Κάθε Τετάρτη & Σάββατο, το Animasyros διαλέγει και μας προτείνει ταινίες από τα 13 χρόνια του φεστιβάλ! Όλες οι ταινίες είναι διαθέσιμες στο διαδίκτυο δωρεάν. Η γυναικεία παρουσία στο Animation είχε πάντα ιδιαίτερη θέση στο Animasyros. Στην ενότητα αυτή παρουσιάζουμε βραβευμένες δημιουργούς που κέρδισαν τις καρδιές του κοινού και της Κριτικής Επιτροπής στο Animasyros μεταξύ του 2014-2017. ▶️ Καλή προβολή! https://bit.ly/animanight6 ________________________________ #MovieNight #AnimationNight #WomenInAnima #StayHome and watch some Animation! Εvery Wednesday and Saturday Animasyros selects and shares some of the best films from its 13 years! All films are available online for free. Female voices and female representation have always had a special place in the Animation and of course, in Animasyros. Enjoy a selection of animated shorts created by award-winning women animators who won over both festival goers and Jury members in Animasyros, during 2014-2017. ▶️ Enjoy the screening! https://bit.ly/animanight6
The Royal Film Commission Jordan - RFC
The Royal Film Commission - Jordan in cooperation with the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries & Shorts invites you to attend the 6th edition of “Ismailia Film Days in Amman” Screenings are followed by a discussion with Film critic Rami Metwaly from Monday 10th until Wednesday 12th of February 2020 at 7:00 PM Rainbow Theater- Jabal Amman Public invitation. Free entry _____________________________________________ Monday 10 February 7:00 PM 100 Years Running Domenico G.S. Parrino, 17 min, Short Documentary, in Italian with English subtitles, Italy, 2017 This is the story of Giuseppe Ottaviani; a 100-year-old-athlete. Step by step, when he was 70 he discovered that he could show his philosophy through athletics as his personal answer about the meaning of life, which finds confirmation in the eternal cyclical nature. _________________ Where Did Ramses Go? Amr Bayoumi, 62 min, Feature Documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2019 It is not a question about the destiny of a statue as much as it is a display of the Egyptian socio-political situation in the second half of the 20th century, in which the fate of a granite statue crosses with the lives and destinies of people. The movie was awarded Best Film at the Feature Documentary Competition at Ismailia International Film Festival. _____________________________________________ Tuesday 11 February 7:00 PM A Collection of Short Films Faraway Begim Zholdubai, 20 min, Short Documentary, in Kyrgyz with English subtitles, Kyrgyzstan, 2018 This documentary depicts a life full of difficulties between the mountains of Ydyrys Osmonov. Ydyrys lives with his wife in these mountains, where we see their struggles with the extremely cold weather and the obstacles that have become a part of their lives. The film has won Best Film at the Short Documentary Competition at Ismailia Film Festival. _________________ The White Hell Directed by Ahmed Assem, Mahmoud Khaled & Omar Shash, 14 min, Short Documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2018 This could be one of the most dangerous and deadly workplaces in Egypt. Hazards include the stone-cutters and drivers speeding through clouds of white dust which infiltrates the lungs, turning normal tissue into fibrosis, thereby reducing the workers breathing capacity. There are about 35,000 workers suffering from severe working conditions, all for a very small amount not exceeding 50 Pounds per day, which equals almost 4 Dollars. The film has received the Jury Prize at the Short Documentary Competition at Ismailia Film Festival. _________________ Mountain Grégoire Verbeke, 14 min, Short Documentary, in Albanian with English subtitles, Belgium, 2018 Springtime in northern Albania sparks the herding of goats from the lowlands up to the towering mountainsides. Prek Gjoni is moving his livestock with the help of Jovalin. Will worn out shoes and an umbrella suffice for the four-day walk? _________________ The Castle Tadeusz Kabicz, 22 min, Short Documentary, In Polish with English subtitles, Poland, 2018 Six personalities, six professions and six amazing passions. They all meet together in the magical Royal Castle, where the main characters work. The film observes as they carry out their duties, and follows their fascinating hobbies with a great dose of humor, empathy and absurdity. _________________ Kids Michael Frei, 9 min, Short Animation, in English, Switzerland, 2019 The film explores group dynamics posing the question: How do we define ourselves when we are all equal? “Kids” has received Best Film Award at the Narrative and Animation Film Competition at Ismailia Film Festival. _________________ Gina Diomedes Heras, 9 min, Short Animation, In Spanish with English subtitles, Mexico, 2017 Gina is a little girl who was born with a chicken’s suit. She dreams of dancing the “son jarocho” dance, but her suit is an obstacle. With her mom’s, the two will do their best to make the dream come true. _____________________________________________ Wednesday 12 February 7:00
Fandango Movie Tickets & Times
The Young French Cinema program casts the spotlight on rising young French filmmakers, presenting works that offer a blend of visually innovative approaches and cultural influences. This selection of highlights from the 2019 edition showcases shorts selected at major film festivals around the world throughout the preceding year. Films include “Les Grâcieuses”, “Pauline Asservie”, “Les Indes Galantes”, “La Chute” and “La Persistente”. Co-presented by UniFrance, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and TV5MONDE. This Young French Cinema program was made possible with the support of UniFrance, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and TV5MONDE, official partner of Young French Cinema 2019 Curated by the cultural services of the French Embassy in the United States and UniFrance, the Young French Cinema program throws the spotlight on rising young French filmmakers, presenting works that offer a blend of visually innovative approaches and cultural influences. This selection of highlights from the 2019 edition showcases shorts selected at major film festivals around the world throughout the preceding year. Films include: “Les Grâcieuses” (The Villa) (2017, France, 19 min. Dir. Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud) A real estate agent, a single mom on the verge of a breakdown, is showing her best villa to a Russian client who works for billionaires. Both women must close the deal but an unexpected surprise during the tour turns their agreement upside down. “Pauline Asservie” (Pauline Enslaved) (2017, 24 min. Dir. Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet) Pauline hasn't heard from Bruce, the married man she's having an affair with, in days. During a break in the countryside with her friend Violette, she goes through the thousand and one stages of obsessive love as she waits for a single text back. “Les Indes Galantes” (The Amorous Indies) (2018, 6 min. Dir. Clément Cogitore) Krumping is a dance born in South Central Los Angeles after the riots of 1995. Through this performance filmed on the Opéra Bastille stage, Clément Cogitore creates a battle between urban culture and Rameau's music. “La Chute” (The Fall) (2018, 14 min. Dir. Boris Labbé) In this striking animated short, the inhabitants of Heaven descend to corrupt those of the Earth, throwing the natural order of the world into chaos. It's the beginning of a tragic fall that leads to the creation of the realm of Hell and its opposite, the circles of Paradise. “La Persistente” (2018, 22 min. Dir. Camille Lugan) At a resort somewhere in the Pyrénées, Ivan lives and breathes for his motorbike, La Persistente, which feels, loves and lives. The day that a local rival steals her from him, Ivan has only one obsession in mind: to get her back. Introduction by Lucie Carette, Director of the Office for Cultural Affairs and the Creative Industries at the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles. In the 80 seat Spielberg screening room at the Egyptian Theatre. Updates & Tickets: http://americancinemathequecalendar.com/content/young-french-cinema-2019
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