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Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Free Sunshields – FREE SUNSHIELDS
Outdoor Apparel & Face Shields | Arm Sleeves & Sun Protection Clothing
SA Company Face Shields® are made from our signature polyester microfiber material that is both lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you Safe, Comfortable, and Dry. They offer a stretch-fit that keeps them close to your face when working out while still providing enough breathability to prevent you from feeling suffocated. Best of All ➜ When you buy Today, you can get 5 Face Shields® for the Price of One!
Alpha Defense Gear
Outdoor Apparel & Face Shields | Arm Sleeves & Sun Protection Clothing
SA Company Face Shields® are made from our signature polyester microfiber material that is both lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you Safe, Comfortable, and Dry. They offer a stretch-fit that keeps them close to your face when working out while still providing enough breathability to prevent you from feeling suffocated. Best of All ➜ When you buy Today, you can get 5 Face Shields® for the Price of One!
Outdoor Apparel & Face Shields | Arm Sleeves & Sun Protection Clothing
SA Company Face Shields® are made from our signature polyester microfiber material that is both lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you Safe, Comfortable, and Dry. They offer a stretch-fit that keeps them close to your face while still providing enough breathability to prevent you from feeling suffocated. Best of All ➜ When you buy one Face Shield®, you'll get 4 FREE!
Outdoor Apparel & Face Shields | Arm Sleeves & Sun Protection Clothing
SA Company Face Shields® are made from our signature polyester microfiber material that is both lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you Safe, Comfortable, and Dry. They offer a stretch-fit that keeps them close to your face while still providing enough breathability to prevent you from feeling suffocated. Best of All ➜ When you buy one Face Shield®, you'll get 4 FREE!
KlearStand | KlearStand Medical-Grade Polycarbonate USA Made Face Shields
Our Best-Selling Face Shields are 100% Made-in-USA, Medical-Grade Polycarbonate for Your Protection.
Solaric Philippines
#Safe Ba #Air Mo?! #AirSAFE We never knew such a question would be asked - but hey, this is the #NewNormal. As we prepare to restart our economy, we shall do so with great caution. The COVID-19 threat is more insidious with thousands daily becoming victims of the pandemic. The threat to our health is a respiratory ailment that is pervasive and invisible, and a single cough or sneeze can contaminate a room for hours. To Survive is to Adapt. We need to employ countermeasures such as face masks, face shields, best hygienic practices - and then pray for the best. While our officials focus on social distancing and placing barriers on anything that moves, we are forgetting about Viral Load buildup in confined spaces - especially the enclosed air-conditioned ones like our homes, offices, restaurants or clinics. At #Solaric, we pride ourselves in staying above the curve and your safety is paramount. There are no second chances with this merciless and indiscriminate airborne threat. How do we make your AIR really SAFE? Current best practices as per US CDC include cleaning the air in medical facilities as many as 10 to 15 times per hour through a HEPA filter. In residential settings, you'd ideally want at least 2 to 4 exchanges per hour. For restaurants and medical offices, about 4x to 10x per hour. Our AirSafe technology uses best-in-class suction fans to move mass volumes of contaminated air spaces through our 7-stage HEPA filtration process and internal UV light treatment for nonstop disinfection. Check out our Clean Air Delivery Ratio (CADR) values. We simply provide the most number of cubic meters per hour of screened air per peso spent. Smoke, foul odors, pet hair, and biological agents are suspended in respiratory droplets. With AirSAFE, even viral particles get trapped in its medical grade HEPA filter and our special blend of proprietary cold catalysts that breakdown Volatile Organic Compounds from over-disinfection and from liberal use of alcohol and toxic disinfectants. AIRSAFE MAX We have a limited ed
Outdoor Apparel & Face Shields | Arm Sleeves & Sun Protection Clothing
Outdoor Apparel & Face Shields | Arm Sleeves & Sun Protection Clothing
⚡ Stay Protected On The Job ⚡ ➠ Buy 1 Face Shield®, Pick Any 4 FREE ✓ Protection from Sun, Wind, Bugs & Debris Lifetime Warranty and Fast Shipping
M&M Trade
Minbie | Award winning baby bottle teats
"The best part is, we can steriliser not just the baby's stuff but our stuff as well." - Ingrid That's right✅ Sterilise everything, especially the ones you use outside the house, with the Minbie UV Steriliser & Dryer. You'd have peace of mind knowing that your stuff is germ-free✨ Aside from baby bottles, toys and accessories, the UV-C sterilisation function is suitable and perfectly safe for gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, USBs, mouse, earphones, remote controls), car keys, watches, jewelries, wallets, parcels, makeup, face masks, face shields, documents, money, stainless tools, groceries and dry goods, and anything battery-operated. That's almost everything you touch and come in contact with
M&M Trade
Home - Sound Devices
Our $2 face shields are made in Reedsburg, Wisconsin and shipped for free right to you. Face shields come either with latex or latex-free elastic, so you can pick the option that works best for you. Follow the link to learn more!
Brown Jug Alaska
At Brown Jug, our goal is to ensure you can shop in comfort and with confidence knowing your safety is our priority. With that in mind, we’ve taken the following steps so you can safely continue to enjoy the best selection of wine, beer and spirits in Alaska: • Staff wearing face masks or face shields at all locations • Hand sanitizing stations located at the entryway of each store • Physical distancing within the store through limiting the number of customers at any time • Distancing markers on the floor help keep customers safer while waiting in line • Each register has a plexiglass barrier for additional safety • Cashiers sanitize contact surfaces at the register between each transaction • Increased cleaning in our stores keep frequently-touched surfaces sanitized throughout the day • Curbside pickup [brownjugalaska.net/Curbside-Pick-Up] is available at select locations, allowing “no contact pick-up” of the best selection in Alaska without leaving your vehicle. Thank you for continuing to support us during these difficult times. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Brown Jug’s COVID-19 procedures, please let us know here brownjugalaska.net/Customer-Service/Contact-Us or through a direct message.
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Phyical Distancing Signs & Floor Markers | Distantly
FunStation Trinidad
The FUN has returned! All 3 FunStation branches are OPEN normal hours! FunStation has always had a reputation for being safe and clean, but we've been taking EXTRA care to ensure that our environment is as safe as possible for all of our guests and staff. Some of these changes are outlined below. It goes without saying that safety is a team effort and we trust that our guests will assist our staff in keeping FunStation a safe environment for everyone. What WE are doing to keep everyone safe (OVERVIEW) ✅ PROTECTIVE FACE WEAR • All FunStation staff will be supplied with and required to wear masks or face shields. • Guests should wear face masks as per Ministry of Health guidelines. (Very young children are not required to wear a mask.) Masks will be available for purchase. ✅ VISIBLE SIGNAGE • Signage is present throughout each FunStation facility to communicate the new procedures and standards that are in place, and to remind guests and staff to practise social distancing. • Additional signage is also present at each attraction to guide guests as to any new requirements as well as new reduced operating capacity. ✅ INCREASED SANITATION STATIONS • There will be numerous sanitation stations throughout each FunStation facility for frequent use by guests and staff. Guests are reminded that hand washing remains best practice. ✅ COUNTER SHIELDS • Countertop sneeze guards and shields will be present at Prizes Counters and Cafe. ✅ INCREASED SANITIZATION OF SURFACES • High-contact surfaces throughout FunStation will be wiped down frequently with a sanitizing agent. • Staff training & monitoring will reinforce proper cleaning procedure. • Washrooms will be checked and sanitized more frequently. • Tiles and carpet have been professionally cleaned. ✅ SOCIAL DISTANCING • All staff members and guests must practise proper social distancing as per Ministry of Health guidelines. • Families that arrive together will be allowed to play together (e.g., parent and child playing Jurassic Park.) ✅ CHANGES TO OPERATION OF ATTRACTIONS • Some attractions will operate at reduced capacity in order to enforce social distancing and minimize contact between guests. • There will be longer intervals between attraction operating cycles to facilitate proper sanitization. What YOU can do to help us keep everyone safe on your visit to FunStation ✅ Stay at home if you or your family members are feeling ill or are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms. ✅ Wear a protective mask or face shield while on the FunStation premises. ✅ Practise social distancing at all times, e.g., if someone is playing a game, please move on to a different game instead of closely hanging around waiting on them to finish. ✅ Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly while at FunStation. ✅ World Health Organisation guidelines for proper hand washing are posted in the washrooms. ✅ Sanitize your hands between playing games or enjoying an attraction. ✅ If you must sneeze or cough, please do so into the crook of your elbow. Avoid touching your face. ✅ Please follow the guidelines on our signage. ✅ If, while at FunStation, you need guidance, notice something wrong or have a suggestion, please speak with our manager who would be happy to assist. Keep safe and we hope to see you soon at FunStation!
Personal Protective Equipment - Covid PPE - Medical Face Shields – Arbor Apothecary
We have the best prices on evaporating hand cleanser, masks, door openers, and face shields on the market. All made to keep you safe at prices that make sense.
Quality Acrylic Face Shield
This is available, too. Giving you some sort of option This ACRYLIC Face Shield is.. MOVABLE - can flip up and down when you want to, hassle free ✔️ DURABLE - made of hard plastic; non-bendable unlike acetate which can easily be bent ✔️ WASHABLE AND REUSABLE - compare to acetate that tends to get scratches and becomes hazy when cleaning repeatedly, acrylic will stay as is, just as long as you use a clean cloth, liquid, and soap only ✔️ ANTI-FOG - since it's transparent, it's best to wear everyday (be it for personal use only or when going to work) Definitely suitable to wear when your job entails the importance of a clear field of vision, feels like you don't have a shield on at all ✔️ STYLISH - Wanna keep it sleek? Then you can stay away from Star Wars like face shields and instead, keep it classy. ✔️
More than 55.000 protective face shields 3D printed in less than three weeks by our factory alone! And we have some tips for you about how you can help too. What started as our local initiative to print protective face shields has turned into a massive endeavor driven by 3D printing communities worldwide. Tens of thousands of people began to print protective face shields using the design we have made available, helping hundreds of thousands of frontline staff - doctors, firefighters, police officers, social workers and many other brave people who risk their lives every day in these difficult times. Our design files at PrusaPrinters.org reached over 250.000 downloads and maker communities became a trending topic in media across the world. It's an incredible collaborative effort that goes far beyond anything that 3D printing communities have ever accomplished. This is not just about printing a lot of parts, it's about management, planning, cooperation, collection, and distribution. Far more than one could imagine. There's so much good work being done and we're incredibly proud of the entire 3D printing community. The complexity of the situation and the importance of 3D printing of PPE is perfectly summarized by our friend Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day - definitely worth the watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbEj7M3aZIg We're doing our best to help where we can. Our in-house production of protective shields in the Czech Republic has been running for two weeks straight and we managed to donate 55.000 shields to doctors and many other professionals in need. And since we're aware of the challenges that many of you must overcome, we decided to summarize our findings and other important information at https://www.prusa3d.com/covid19 - this also includes vital information about disinfection. We asked leading Czech hospitals and laboratories to test various disinfecting methods, so we could share reliable and conclusive data - you can find the article here: https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/prusa-face-shield-disinfection_125457 At https://www.prusa3d.com/covid19, there's also a dedicated community section highlighting some of the groups that joined the cause. If you wish to be listed there, please let us know. You can also use a new feature at PrusaPrinters.org called Groups - create a group or join other makers and do something amazing together! Thank you, everyone, who joined the cause. Please, stay strong and stay safe. We can get through this together. - Jo Prusa
Hossein's Persian Kebab
Finally, we will be open on May 4, Monday from 10am-5pm, for pick-ups and deliveries only at our Hosseins - Makati Avenue Branch, 1/F 7857 LKV bldg. Makati Avenue, Makati City. We will be operating with only a skeletal force to ensure the safety of our team members. We would like to sincerely apologize in advance if the pick-up process takes longer than usual and some of your favorites are unavailable. We will still try our best to give you the best kebabs in town while still practicing all social distancing procedure. The pickup area will be in our Shisha Café, located in the ground floor of our Makati Avenue Branch as our shisha establishment was designed to minimize volatile organic compounds in the air using three air purifiers and a centralize one. Additionally, there is already an exhaust system constructed within the whole interior, maintaining air pressure sterilization. During this Pandemic, having already such per-cautionary specifications in our establishment, the management has decided for the pick up point to be here, to keep our customers safe and well protected. Additionally, we have included stomp pads at our door step with chlorinated water to further enhance the safety of our client and staff. Our staff are also fully equipped with face mask and shields and the pick up points whole interior is sanitized every 1 hr. As we operate during these trying times, please be guided of the menu available and our ordering procedure found on the next images. :)
Emergency Preparedness and Medical Supplies - 72hours.ca
We are a reputable Canadian Business based in British Columbia and have been operating for more than 8 years. We have supplied government institutions, schools, businesses and residents with emergency and first aid supplies. ✔️Leader in Emergency Supplies for 8+ Years. ✔️Best Selling Emergency Kits ✔️Best Selling Emergency Food ✔️Surgical Masks and N95 Masks ✔️Hand Sanitizers ✔️Face Shields ✔️Biogaiters ✔️Gloves ⭐OVER 1,000 5-STAR REVIEWS ⭐ 100% CANADIAN - NO DUTIES
Kindful - Best Nonprofit CRM Software for Donor Management Online
The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the increasing demand has been front and center in the struggle to contain COVID-19. PPE such as masks and face shields are essential for healthcare workers to protect themselves, their patients, and the public by reducing the chances of transmission. Although industry providers have ramped up production, local makers and makerspaces are also addressing this ongoing issue. By utilizing open-source templates, local makers from DePaul’s Idea Realization Lab and Illinois PPE Network are 3D printing PPE from their own homes and providing this essential equipment to those who need it most. In our third installment in the Science from the Frontlines series, join C2ST and Jayson Margalus, Faculty Director of the Idea Realization Lab, for a deeper look into the makers and their work to develop and deliver PPE all across Illinois. Program Details: Thursday, April 16th, 2020, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM CDT, C2ST Facebook Live. Make sure to follow C2ST on Facebook to receive notifications when the live program starts. Use our Q&A app (C2ST.CNF.IO) to ask live questions during the program or send in your questions in advance! Remember to upvote your favorite questions. C2ST’s Science From the Frontlines is an ongoing series of virtual events tackling topics such as vaccines, public health, community best practices, and other subjects relevant to the COVID-19 epidemic. This series of virtual events will also serve as a fundraiser for C2ST and frontline efforts to combat COVID-19. DONATE to Science From The Frontlines at https://c2st.kindful.com/?campaign=1061965 While we are concerned about our continued well-being as an organization, we know that our community is also in peril. To make sure we are doing our part for the community, 50% of all donations from the “Science From the Frontlines” series will be split between selected organizations involved in the fight against COVID-19. When you make a donation during this campaign, not only will you be ensuring that cutting-edge science will be accessible to the public, but you will also be helping the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for everyone. Please respect diversity in individuals and in cultures.
China’s Medical Expert Team Arrives at Manila At around 1: 30p.m. on April 5, twelve members of China’s Medical Expert Team arrived at Manila international airport, together with another batch of medical supplies donated by Chinese government to the Philippines. The welcome and turnover ceremony was graced by Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian and Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin Jr., Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque III of Department of Health, Secretary Martin Andanar of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), Secretary Alfonso Cusi of Department of Energy (Vice Chairman of PDP-Laban) and Presidential Chief Protocol and Foreign Affairs Adviser Robert Borje. Ambassador Huang said upon the request of the Philippine government, the Chinese government has dispatched this Medical Expert Team to assist the Philippines in its fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. We are also donating today another batch of medical supplies to the Philippines, including 300,000 surgical masks, 30,000 medical N95 masks, 5,000 medical protective suits, 5,000 medical face shields, and 30 non-invasive ventilators. “Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Philippines in early March, China has been providing support and assistance to the Philippines to the best of its ability. Besides the Chinese central government, Chinese local governments, organizations, companies, and individuals have also extended a helping hand with huge amounts of donations to the Philippine government and people”, added Ambassador Huang. Ambassador Huang stressed that the Chinese Medical Expert Team to the Philippines is the among the first three teams sent by the Chinese government to ASEAN countries. Most team members have had front line experience in Hubei province to fight against the epidemic. He hoped the arrival of this team would help the Philippines to improve its ability of epidemic prevention and control as well as diagnosis and treatment, so as to boost the confidence of the public in overcoming the COVID-19. Ambassador Huang also voiced his belief that the Chinese government will always stand together with the Philippine government and people to cope with the challenges and overcome the epidemic. Secretary Locsin warmly welcomed the arrival of China’s Medical Expert Team and expressed his deep gratitude from the bottom of heart to the Chinese government and people. He stressed that China’s help “is deeply appreciated, never be forgotten” by the Philippines. He said COVID-19 is a brand new virus and China is the first to have taken a hit on it so Chinese experts are “ those who fought it on the ground and the only ones who can really tell us how to handle the epidemic”. “China’s medical experts are going to share their experience with the Philippines on how to fight it, how to contain it, and hopefully one day how to cure it”, Secretary Locsin added. Ambassador Huang also attended two other brief turnover ceremonies of surgical masks respectively with PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar and PDP-Laban Vice Chairman and Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi. The surgical masks are donated by China National Radio and Television Administration and International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China.
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Smart Buy Auto Finance
THIS WEEK ONLY EVERY CUSTOMER WILL RECEIVE $300-$500 gift card to go towards your first CAR NOTE Spring SaleCheck out what we did with our prices We are still OPEN! $0-$250 Down $0 Down with any trade in even if it’s not running 2 year warranty with all cars! ⏰25 min from the city of Chicago⏰ We are trying to help everyone we can that needs a car! No Credit! Bad Credit! No Problem! We hope you and your family are safe! We care about your family thats why all of our cars went through deep sanitation Finish the whole process over the phone or online ‍‍ we only allow 2 customers at a time inside the dealer Appointments are preferred! Our phone number is 219-923-0024 and our website is www.smartbuyautofinance.com Our address is 903n Cline ave Griffith IN 46319
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רובע המגורים החדש של השרון הצפוני – רובע מגורים שכולו אלגנטיות, יוקרה וסטייל, מזמין אתכם לגלות סגנון חדש של איכות חיים, בשכונה הירוקה החדשה של פרדס חנה- כרכור. מגוון דירות מעוצבות, מתוכננות ומאובזרות במפרטי פרימיום, עיצוב אדריכלי מוקפד, שדרת בתי קפה וחנויות בוטיק מתחת לבית. עכשיו במחירי השקה ובתנאים מיוחדים >>>
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