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Do You Need Rehab? 5 Signs It's Time to Refresh Your Life Getting arrested. Losing your job. Going to the hospital. Everyone is familiar with the most classic signs of “hitting rock bottom” in addiction. If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, though, you don’t have to wait until disaster strikes to make a change. Simply being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired can be enough of a reason to hit refresh on your entire life. How can you tell if you can crawl out of addiction on your own, or if you might need professional help to get clean and sober? 5 Signs You Need Rehab 1. Your life is falling apart. You don’t have to wait until a DUI arrest to get treatment, but if major problems are happening in your life, that probably means you are already in an advanced stage of addiction. Social drinkers don’t lose work or relationships over their drinking. Even more true is the fact that there’s no such thing as a “social” heroin user. If your life seems like it’s falling apart, it probably is. It’s time for residential addiction treatment before it’s too late. 2. Mornings are rough. Is your first thought of the day when you’ll get your first fix? Waking up with the sweats, cramps, and anxiety of withdrawal means that your body is already seriously dependent on substances. If you actually tried to quit on your own at this point, you would experience uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Trying to quit alcohol or benzos on your own, for example, can lead to coma or even death. Detoxing in a professional facility and following that up with residential treatment can ensure that don’t have to open your eyes in the morning and think, “I want to die,” ever again. 3. Your friends and family have noticed. Hearing that you need to quit can trigger crazy reactions in people with substance use disorder. Friends and family often mean well, but their concern usually results in an explosion of denial, anger, and defensiveness from the person they are trying to help. If your friends and family are telling you that you need to quit drugs and alcohol, you should listen. Remember that a huge component of addiction is denial, and you’re not able to see a lot of things clearly right now. You don’t have to get clean and sober just because they want you too—in fact, you probably shouldn’t—but you can take their concern as a sign that your use is getting out of control. Residential treatment could be the solution because not only will you get treatment for your addiction; respected facilities like Acqua Recovery offer family programming that will help your loved ones get a grip on what’s been going on, and how they can support you in the future. 4. You drink or use to feel “better,” or “normal,” but it’s not working any more. Addiction is not some kind of moral failing. It is a disease, and many people treat the underlying trauma at the root of this disease by abusing substances. If you have experienced trauma, and you drink or use to cope, it’s not your fault. The substances aren’t the problem. Your soul is. Even if you could quit on your own, you’ll never be able to truly heal the trauma underneath it all unless you enter professional treatment. At Acqua Recovery, for example, our clinical staff are all Masters’ level, and you’ll meet with them twice a week. They’ll help you figure out what’s truly broken, and what you need to do to heal it. 5. You think rehab could be right for you. If you’re thinking of entering residential treatment, that’s a pretty good sign that you need it. Most people do not wonder about whether they need help with their substance abuse unless they really do. Listen to what your soul is telling you, and you could get a chance to rediscover your true self, without all the shame, fear, and pain of addiction. If you’d like to learn more about what residential treatment is like and whether it could be good for you, call one of the team members at Acqua Recovery today. They’ll talk with you as long as you need about what it’s like to get clean and sober, and whether it’s worth it. (It is.) Refresh
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Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, Cocaine, Benzos, Trauma, and Mood Disorders. Discover why families are referring people they care about to Scottsdale Providence.
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