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BMA- Balalaika Music Academy
BMA- Balalaika Music Academy
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Balalai-what? Ba-la-lai-ka, the quintessential Russian instrument. This particular model by GEWA Guitars has 3 strings and elegant wooden inlays. In the shop tho.mn/fzkez #gearporn #russian #russia #balalaika #worldinstruments
https://youtu.be/M0prJmvZwc0 Arko Mukhaerjee | I Shall Be Released (Cover) | Bob Dylan | Me and my Balalaika | Home Sessions From my diary - March 19th 2020, Calcutta, India "It is 5 in the evening, as I can afford to see a setting sun and lament the fact that I am still privileged enough to cancel all my work on account of the spread of the COVID 19 virus across the globe and behave like a responsible human being. I call myself privileged, since I know I can afford my dal and rice sitting at home while there are workers and laborers who have to work to earn their everyday living, along with bonded lower middle class people working in private companies that have conveniently declared work from home in their base countries but are practicing unethical corporate slavery by asking these people to anyhow come and work and using meaningless medical and hyper awareness based jargon to hide their lack of affect and vulnerability towards the spread of this virus. I yet again feel saddened by the truth that the world is a strongly class divided place where even the spread of a pandemic is capitalized by fascist regimes to create cultural hegemony across the globe. I am thankful to the entire medical fraternity across the world who are endlessly working together to fight the spread of this virus. I along with my Balalaika together feel, after all these years, we are still enslaved within ourselves in many ways whether behind bars, or behind our working corporate id cards. Sometimes to secure our families, sometimes to fight a divisive regime, sometimes just out of a everyday basic necessity to survive, something we deserved like equals." This is a humble tribute to the greatest songwriter I have known in my little lifetime, Mr. Bob Dylan, who beautifully and yet brutally describes the chains of class, dogmas and divides that encircle us everyday in the life we practice. "Author Mike Marqusee observed that the cruelty of the justice system is a recurring theme in Dylan's work, but that Dylan broadens the idea of imprisonment to social issues with an urge for freedom. Clinton Heylin writes in his book Revolution In The Air. Prisons of the body and the mind seem to have preyed on Dylan's mind throughout his time spent with the boys on retainer. Among the songs recorded at early basement sessions were covers of "Folsom Prison Blues" and "The Banks of the Royal Canal" (the latter is particularly affecting), both songs written—metaphorically—from inside prison walls. Dylan then takes a leaf from Johnny Cash and Brendan Behan (brother of Dominic Behan), authors of those earlier songs, by writing his own prison song, "I Shall Be Released." He is characteristically careful not to confuse simplicity of construction with a commensurate simplicity of meaning. The release that he is singing about—and that Richard Manuel echoes—is not from mere prison bars but rather from the cage of physical existence, the same cage that corrodes on "Visions of Johanna". the lyrics They say everything can be replaced They say every distance is not near So I remember every face Of every man who put me here I see my light come shining From the west down to the east Any day now, any day now I shall be released They say every man needs protection They say every man must fall So, I swear I see my reflection Somewhere inside these walls I see my light come shining From the west down to the east Any day now, any day now I shall be released Yonder standing me in this lonely crowd A man who says he's not to blame All day long I hear him hollering so loud Just crying out that he's not to blame I see my light come shining From the west down to the east Any day now, any day now I shall be released this video is shot and edited by a simple man called Amit Biswas, from rural Bengal. The audio is basic stereo field recording with all sorts of noises and environmental sounds. It is mixed (only as much as possible) by Sourav Bagchi, a dear young friend of mine from Calcutta. This is only a humble interpretation, quite original to my time with my balalaika from Mosco
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"영어가 왜 안될까 답답하기만 했는데 최근엔 공무원 시험 영어 100점도 받았습니다" 캐치잇잉글리시로 영어학습에 성공한 40대 직장인의 솔직한 학습 후기를 들어보세요. #게임보다쉬운영어말하기
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