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Seriously, you could be sitting on your couch The Commercial of ALL Commercials comes on. They’re selling some crazy miracle something or rather that “instantly” makes you 10 Years Younger 10 Times Smarter & 10 Times Richer. Best part?! It’s free. Okay, let's backtrack to real life for a second.. If your eyebrow didn't skyrocket up so quickly it almost launched off your face.. There’s something sincerely wrong. -In walks your Best Friend.- “Listen, before I forget.. You Have to try this _________.” “No seriously shut up.” “Yeah i know the commercial’s kind of weird, but i’m telling you. This thing is no joke. It worked.” Okay.. You’ve got my attention. That’s the power of referrals, It’s time to let Patients On Command unlock your practice growth potential. Click the link. Learn some stuff. Lets chat. https://bit.ly/2D5UnxY
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I have been getting a lot of questions lately about getting denied for ads on Facebook. Hey, creators! It's Ede. Welcome to my weekly social media tip. I'm getting a lot of questions lately, and it's about getting denied for their ads on Facebook, and I wanted to just go over that a little bit. So, to backtrack, there's been a lot of changes when the general data protection act launched. With social media platforms, especially Facebook because they were just sharing a lot of data. After that, after all the fines, they started to take a lot away. So, there's a special ad category when you are running your ads that you need to check off. Most of the reasons why you're getting denied is because you probably fall into one of those categories. So, if you're in real estate especially, you're running ads for employment, credits, housing, then you definitely want to check that box. Then, check off the box that falls into the criteria that you are running your ads to. #socialmedia #socialmediatips #EdeObas #ObasMedia #ObasMediProduction #VideoStrategist #VideoProducer #VideoCreator #SocialMediaExpert #ContentCreator #ContentStrategist #Creators #CreatorAvid #Creator #SocialMediaMarketing #SMM #OM #ObasInvestmets
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As a Mumpreneur, I thought my perfectionism was going to help me create my business, not hold me back. I’ve been a self-proclaimed perfectionist since before I can remember. It felt like that annoying co-worker you just can’t seem to avoid. Let me backtrack. I became self-employed because I thought that would give me more time freedom, more independence, and working for myself sounded like a really good idea. And it was, for a while… Until these two gorgeous boys wanted attention from their mummy who was working full-time from home building a business and also trying to have some time with my hubby… Social life? I vaguely remember what that used to be like, as I texted my friends about twice a week. Self-care? Isn’t that for people who have more time? I was tired. Exhausted, from every human aspect possible. I thought this was supposed to be easier than being a hired employee, and yet - the expectations I had placed on myself made it practically impossible for me to feel relaxed because I wasn’t okay with anything less than perfect. My productivity plummeted, my patience disappeared, and that’s when I knew there just HAD to be another way. I mean, I saw people being so laid-back and still being productive, so why couldn’t I do that? I DESERVE it! It became my MISSION, and actually made me shift from conventional health-coaching to mindset coaching to overcome my perfectionism (I love chocolate too much anyway…) That breaking point changed everything for me, and NOW my mission is now to share the habits and mindset shift I’ve adopted so that no mumpreneur feels the need to work till 2 am (or from 2 am in my case…) - bags are a nice accessory on your arm, not under your eyes. And if I could sing to you through these words (which I’d love to do, by the way) - I’d be whistling the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” - just ‘cause. I know this journey has been a GAMECHANGER for me, and it’s why I put together my 3 Simple Strategies to Overcome Perfectionism guide. You can download your copy here → https://mayafountain.click/guide-1.
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San Francisco Chronicle - Bay Area news, sports, tech, food - San Francisco Chronicle
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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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Regálate la posibilidad de cambiar tu futuro Quedan pocas horas para aprovechar los descuentos. En esta época navideña regálate conocimiento. únete a esta experiencia de aprendizaje y conviértete en un experto en ciberseguridad
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Más de 45 cursos enfocados en hacking ético y seguridad informática esperan por ti. ¡No esperes más y especialízate!
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1 Hour FREE Coding Class for Kids Age 6-18. Your kid will become an Entrepreneur during Lockdown. Book Now.
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Vendemos tu Auto. Vende en menos tiempo y sin tantos trámites. Somos la vidriera mas efectiva para la venta de vehículos usados de Argentina.Dejamos tu auto como si fuera nuevo, para una rápida y mejor venta. | vendemostuauto.com.ar
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Garnier se kroz svoju GreenBeauty inicijativu, između ostalog, trudi poboljšati kvalitetu života sakupljača otpada!
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A fruity scent with a hint of tint – what's not to love? Like our page for more!
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Desde que empecé en los negocios digitales en el año 1998, muchas cosas han cambiado. -- Desde que empecé a entrenar a emprendedores digitales en el año 2008, muchos siguen cometiendo los mismos errores, una y otra vez ‍♂️ -- He ayudado a más de 6.000 personas de 31 países distintos a armar las piezas de su negocio online ‍ ‍ -- En este entrenamiento gratuito te diré los errores que no se deben cometer al intentar montar un negocio online.
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Come and visit us at our outlet at Bestech Square Mall, Mohali and get your fix of handmade pita wraps, rice bowls and salads.
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Pinjaman Pantas dan Kadar Rendah. Ada SSM, dan berniaga boleh mohon. Tidak kira turnover. 0% caj tambahan. Kerja : Gaji 4000 boleh mohon. Segala permohonan akan dapatkan kelulusan pantas • RM 2,000 – RM 150,000 • 24jam beroperasi • Selangor dan KL ada 80 ajen syarikat Untuk keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi kami : https://www.myloan4u.net/en_US/apply +60173374825
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