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Regalo Baby
Regalo Baby
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...when regular baby gates ain't gonna cut it https://yhmc.co/1gdzc0 If y’all want to add a rustic feel to your house then these gates are perfect! They add a bit of true southern charm to any atmosphere. ❤️
MIA's P.O.V "Hermana, hurry up!" My older brother, Chase whined from the other side of the door. I sighed, rolling my eyes as I finished applying my matte red lipstick. "Un momento!" I yelled. He sighed and walked away. I walked into my walk in closet, surveying all my clothes. I decided on a pair of Black skinny jeans, a white crop top and a pair of black booties. I donned my clothes, tossing my robe to the side, before picking up my black Chanel backpack and heading downstairs. "Good morning mama," I said, kissing her cheek and sitting at the breakfast bar. "Good morning love," she said, stacking the pancakes she just made on a plate. My father walked in, kissing my cheek and sitting next to me. "Good morning," he said. "Good morning dad," I said, leaning into him. I was still a bit sleepy and my dad's scent brought me comfort. As my eyes began to close, I felt him shake me and I mumbled something incoherently and he chuckled loudly. "Did you and Sophie stay up late last night?" he asked. I nodded and he cooed at me, causing me to look at him weirdly. "Dad, you do know I'm not an actual baby, right?" I asked slowly. "Oh, honey. Leave him alone!" my mom giggled, causing him to look over at her with soft eyes. One day, I want to have a relationship like theirs, but right now, I just want to focus on finishing school. After, I want to travel the world for a while. There's so many things I want to do, a mate is the last thing on my mind. Chase strolled in, sitting next to dad, while mom placed all the food in front of us. I grabbed the plate with the pancakes and placed three on my plate with eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns. I put some butter on my pancakes with a little syrup, before digging in. My mom placed a cup of strong black coffee next to me and I smiled gratefully, gulping down the hot beverage. While we were eating, my father cleared his throat and Chase and I looked at him. "I need you both back here by 5:30. Alpha Rafael will be coming in today and he would be staying with us for a couple of days. There has been some problems lately with hunters and rogues on our boarders, while some of our guards are mysteriously disappearing," dad said. I frowned, but nodded, knowing better than to cross him, even if I had plans. I turned to Chase, seeing him staring steadily at his phone. Dad got up and I smiled evilly as I picked up a balled up napkin and pelted him with it. He growled playfully at me, putting down his phone before tackling me. I yelped as I fell over onto the floor, groaning as he landed on top of me. "Let's play a game. Whoever pins the next person to the floor first, wins and loser has to be the winner's servant," I said as he got off me. "Okay, deal," he smirked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "No fair!" Chase groaned as I pinned him to the floor. I smirked as he glared up at me. "That was a cheap shot," He growled, causing me to shrug. "Hey, I never said I was going to play fair." I stood up, offering my hand to him, but he ignored it. "I still can't believe you kicked me in the balls," he muttered. I held my hands up. "A bet is a bet and I got you pinned, so you have to my boy for two weeks," I smirked. He groaned, looking up. "Goddess, help me." I straightened out my clothes and picked up my bag, blowing a kiss to him. "See you later boy." He scoffed and flipped me the bird. I walked out of the house, over to the section of the house that held all my vehicles. I picked up the keys to Bugatti Veyron and unlocked the door, climbing in. I placed my bag on the seat next to me, before pressing the button on the remote to open the garage door. I sped out as the gates opened. RAFE'S P.O.V "Jake, c'mon! Everyone is ready to go!" I yelled up the stairs. I rolled my eyes. Jake could not be early for the life of him. "I'm coming! Don't get your balls twisted!" He yelled back. I grumbled under my breath. I walked out to the Black Mercedes Benz G Class Wagon that was waiting out in front. He's
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VIBE 26.11.19 Ascolta VIBE on demand 01 Sade – The sweetest taboo 02 Guru ft Angie Stone – Keep Your Worries 03 Quincy Jones Luther Vandross Patti Austin – I’m gonna miss you in the morning 04 Lauryn Hill – Guarding The gates (Novità) 05 TLC – Baby baby baby 06 Eric Benet – Spiritual thang 07 Al Jarreau - We're in this love together 08 Jorja Smith - Make It Right (Novità) 09 Mint Condition – Breakin’ my heart (pretty brown eyes) 10 Kojey Radical - Cashmere tears (Novità) http://vibe-capital.blogautore.repubblica.it/2019/11/25/ventisei-1019-vibe-with-massimo-oldani/
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Budite odgovorni i slušajte savete lekara, a mi smo vam pripremili puno novih serijala, sa fantastičnim receptima i zanimljivim ljudskim pričama. Vaš Kitchen TV, jedini domaći kulinarski TV kanal. Dobro raspoloženje Lepi Brka i Vjeko - kuvaju samo za vas Tanjir radosti - zdravi i jednostavni obroci za najmlađe Bojanina radionica kolača 3 - slatkiši iz mašte Mnogo sunca Sončeva gozba 3 - novi recepti i makedonske gurmanske čarolije Samoborke - pun tanjir domaćih specijaliteta Hrana iz prirode Zdrav apetit - kako da nam ishrana bude saveznik Škufova kuhinja - hrana koja se jede i gleda
While the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have been postponed, Eta and Griffin's are still proud supporters of the NZ Olympic Team and Kiwis can still join in the All-ympic Games (from the comfort of their couch!) Purchase any specially marked Eta or Griffin’s pack for your chance to win $10k or one of 10,000 other prizes! Promotion ends 31/08/20. For T&Cs visit https://www.allympicgames.co.nz #AllympicGames
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O Tarô vai te ajudar a entender seus problemas. Juntos, vamos entender o porquê de você se sentir entediado, triste e perdido. Com mais de 30 anos de experiência, vou te ajudar a mudar isso! 21 9 9999 8098 - Envie uma mensagem via WhatsApp e agende uma consulta. Tenho diversos serviços e valores, com certeza um deles serve para você.
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LES CHAIS Un nouveau lieu de fête ouvre bientôt au Domaine de Raba ! Restez connectés pour en savoir un peu plus chaque semaine ...
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推薦外型甜美、氣質清新的巨蟹座單身女孩✨ 79年次的小妤外型清秀甜美,秀氣的臉龐上有著水汪汪的雙眸,帶著淺淺的甜美笑容,讓幸福微風姐姐們第一次看到小妤都被她秀氣甜美的外型深深吸引住目光! 巨蟹座的小妤,個性樂觀開朗、隨和得體,平時會利用跑步‍♀️、打羽球來維持良好的生活習慣,休閒時喜歡看電影,品嚐美食,會定期安排出國旅行,也養了一隻可愛的貓咪來陪伴自己,多才多藝的她喜歡唱歌也擁有咖啡調配師執照喲! 目前擔任會計工作的小妤,由於工作環境封閉加上工作忙碌,一直無法遇見屬於她的幸福緣份,在因緣際會下看到了幸福微風臉書粉絲專頁上所呈現出的豐富成果後,讓她想要更進一步的了解我們,在活動組佩怡姐姐的邀約下來到幸福微風,經過活動組筠芳姐細心和仔細的分析後,決定要參加我們所辦的精緻聯誼活動,希望藉由我們專業、細心、精緻的活動方式幫她尋找到能夠在未來陪伴她幸福一生的人!.。. ❤️ℒℴѵℯ 小妤希望認識73 ~ 83年次,身高170公分以上,個性穩重大方,懂生活,注重打理自己的儀表,工作和經濟穩定的優質男孩 ,符合條件的你還等什麼呢? 想要認識秀氣甜美的小妤嗎?不要錯過這個美好的機會,趕快來跟幸福微風姐姐報名喔! 加Line ID : date5201799或點擊連結加Line,立刻開啟你的幸福故事 哦! https://line.me/ti/p/BfvxXWEAI8 也可以點下列連結填寫聯誼報名表哦~ https://goo.gl/PXBuqD 相約微風,遇見幸福 http://www.lover.twmail.org/happybreeze/index.asp #照片經本人授權同意幸福微風使用絕無盜用
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