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LEMON. THE GOLDEN CITRUS FRUIT. Originated in Asia and is currently cultivated worldwide. The lemon is the fruit of the lemon tree, which should never be omitted from a healthy diet. PROPERTIES 1. ACTIVATOR OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Its high content of Vitamin C activates the immune system by increasing our defences and helping us to combat diseases, usually infectious. 2. COLLAGEN Lemons help to form collagen and thereby contribute to the maintenance of strong bones and joints. They also contribute to having healthy teeth, gums, skin and hair. 3. ELASTICITY The elements of lemons contribute elasticity to the larger arteries, thereby helping to prevent the emergence of thrombi within them. They also contribute to maintaining the basal membrane of small blood vessels stable thereby avoiding capillary fragility, and preventing them from rupturing. 4. PREVENTION OF CANCER Certain studies suggest that certain types of acids present in lemons would intervene in the prevention of various types of cancer by blocking a type of cancerous substances called nitrosamines. The limonoids or small phytonutrients, present within lemon rinds would act in the same way. 5. ANTISEPTIC Lemons act as a potent antiseptic by helping scarring. 6. PREVENTION OF DISEASES A number of studies have been able to demonstrate how lemons aid in the prevention of degenerative, cardiovascular and eye diseases. 7. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY The presence of antioxidants such as flavonoids, reduce pain and inflammation. 8. BLOOD PRESSURE The elements present within lemons help to prevent high blood pressure by acting as diuretics. 9. PECTIN Pectin is another element present within lemons. This soluble fibre decreases cholesterol and glucose levels, whilst also feeding the good bacteria present within our intestinal flora. 10. IRON ABSORPTION Lemons help us to absorb the iron present within vegetables especially green leafy vegetables such as spinach, watercress, swiss chard, etc. Pouring a small quantity of lemon juice on top of these vegetables, help the body to absorb their nutrients much more effectively. OTHER BENEFITS OF LEMON IN TEA Lemon is usually used to treat colds and coughs due to their anti-inflammatory properties. It is prepared using hot water and honey. DIARRHOEAS Another use for lemons is as part of alkaline lemonade to combat the dehydration that forms part of diarrhoeas. It is prepared by dissolving half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of sugar and the juice of two lemons into a litre of boiled or bottled water. This lemonade is drunk in small sips until the diarrhoea improves. In addition to all of the uses explored within this article, it is also important to add that lemons can also be used as salad dressings and in the elaboration of meals, desserts, juices, sorbets, sherbets, etc. Lemon sorbets and sherbets can be used to aid the digestion of large meals. Lemons are a source of health. Dr. J. Hurtado Martinez Medical Director of HealthSalus
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