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"My husband drove his auto-rickshaw day and night on the streets of Gurugram to earn Rs 300 a day to raise our 4 daughters. A self-sacrificing father, my husband was managing our household single-handedly until cancer struck. It all started with acute pain in his lower abdomen and his stomach began to bloat. I couldn’t believe my ears when the doctors said that he was suffering from kidney cancer. He needs regular chemotherapy worth Rs 5 lakh. I have never seen that kind of money in my lifetime. Where will I get such a huge amount for his treatment? Please help save the father of my daughters."
This Auto Rickshaw has Moveable front handle and front wheels. It has realistic detailing so when your little kid is not playing with it, you can place it as show piece. : 1: 14 Alloy Rickshaw Comes with Movable Handle Pull Back Model Light & Sound Made Of Strong Zinc Alloy Body Sturdy Plastic Top Detailed Rubber Tyres :https://bit.ly/2XUoNJL
This Auto Rickshaw has Movable front handle and front wheels. It has realistic detailing so when your little kid is not playing with it, you can place it as show piece. : 1: 14 Alloy Rickshaw Comes with Movable Handle Pull Back Model Light & Sound Made Of Strong Zinc Alloy Body Sturdy Plastic Top Detailed Rubber Tyres :https://bit.ly/2XUoNJL
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“I was orphaned during Partition. I survived by driving an auto-rickshaw until I turned 81. Now I am retired. When my Sikh father and my Hindu mother got married, many people were unhappy about it. My parents faced so much difficulty that they had to leave Rawalpindi. They moved to the Poonch District of Kashmir which is where I was born.” The day Mr. Beant Singh was born, a heavy snowstorm trapped him and his mother at the hospital for 15 days. There his caretaker was a lady who belonged to the Muslim faith. When his mother found out about her different religion, despite her own interfaith experiences, she didn't empathize and wasn't tolerant. Instead, his mother refused to take Mr. Singh home, giving him to his Muslim caretaker instead. For the first five years of his life, Mr. Singh did not know his biological family. It wasn’t until after the death of his father, five years later, that Mr. Singh met his mother and siblings. Since her husband was dead, the mother had decided to take her children back to Rawalpindi and her family. However Mr. Singh's caretaker insisted his mother not leave without him, and she obliged, but never treated him well. “My family was caught in the violence in 1947. My mother and brothers lost their lives in a fire while they were hiding in a gurdwara. I was only 11 at the time and had to migrate on my own. Military trucks took several of us to Amritsar where we were left to take care of ourselves. I stayed there for four or five days until I decided to board a train to Delhi. From Delhi, I moved to Meerut where I finally found a job as a rickshaw driver. By the age of 13, I was earning two and a half rupees a day. I would use it to go to the cinema each week. Eventually, a wealthy lady offered me a job as her personal driver. I finally had to get an official drivers’ license.” "Now I live alone and I'm not so well physically. I never married because I spent my life surviving." Despite his hard childhood Mr. Singh chose to stay positive. “I learned to read and developed a love for the Urdu language and nazams (poems)." This interview was conducted by @anachalgeeta This story was curated by Simi Chundusu and Patricia Price.
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Stuck in traffic? Getting late for office? or just tired of travelling back and forth in a jammed pack auto-rickshaw? Then, how about we jazz up your commute time? Slide through heavy traffic by cycling every day! MYBYK bring you more than 35 hubs which will provide you with modern bicycles starting at just Rs. 2 per hour. Now, cycle anywhere anytime with MYBYK. So, download our app and #GetBackToCycling
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Talking about his friends, John shares that they’re all non-actors and hence they don’t discuss films. He goes on to reveal, “One of my close friends, Suku, is an autorickshaw driver." Read on... John Abraham #JohnAbraham Zee Café #NotJustSupperStars
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