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Heya Pinheads!! A big thank you to all our happy hirers for all your support since we launched PlayerOnes home Pinball hire service. We’re so stoked with the way it’s gone, we’re keeping it going as a permanent offering!! Not that you need a reason, but Fathers Day’s on the horizon if you want to surprise your bloke, or even if you want to treat yourself. Many of our hirers have drawn attention to the fact that having a Pinball has helped their sanity this year! Others have say it’s cheaper than a holiday and as much fun!! What are you waiting for!! Details below — Approved customers will be able to choose from a range of the latest Sterns, Jersey Jack Pinball and classic mid 90’s Bally/Williams. All our pins are fast, fun and clean, clean!!! All LED!! Most have colour displays!! All mirror blades! The base offer is open to Sydney Metro area customers which includes delivery and pick up. If you’re outside 25kms from the CBD we can discuss options. The machine will be set up for you. We will be on standby for any problems requiring a service call and any lag time will be credited to the hire period. Phone assistance is offered during business hours 7 days. The first 700 games per month are included in the hire price. Excess games over 700 will have a 20 cent charge per game. Here’s the deal- The minimum hire period is for one month. Pricing is dependant on the Player Level you choose. (As below) Player Level doesn’t mean they’re harder to play, it just separates them in terms of pricing. They’re all awesome fun if you ask me. The more pins you order the better the deal. Two pins 10% off. Three pins 20% off Four pins and over 30% off. Our Extra Ball offer! Anyone rolling over a hire onto another pin will receive a further 10% discount. This applies if keeping the pin/pins currently hired or swapping to a new pin. The discount will remain until a break is made in the hire. Total discounts are capped at 30%. Here’s the range- Player 1. $440 per month. Includes delivery and pick up. All LED’s All colour displays unless indicated. Roadshow FishTales Austin Powers South Park Star Wars Episode 1 (LCD Screen) Revenge From Mars (LCD Screen) WhiteWater (standard display) Big Buck Hunter Pinball (red standard display) Junkyard Player 2. $480 per month Includes delivery and pick up. All LED’s. All colour displays unless indicated. Family Guy Sopranos SpiderMan (red display) Theatre Of Magic Star Trek Pro (red standard display) The Simpsons The Addams Family Scared Stiff Shrek Player 3. $540 per month Includes delivery and pick up. Monster Bash Medieval Madness Star Wars Premium The Walking Dead LE Jurassic Park Pro x 2 Deadpool premium x 2 Areosmith Pro ACDC premium x 2 Kiss Premium (red standard display) Iron Maiden Premium Stranger Things Pro Metallica Pro Ghostbusters LE Munsters LE Player 4. $650 per month Includes delivery and pick up Willy Wonka LE The Hobbit LE Smaug Delivery- delivery is based on reasonable ease of installation. We can help on one or two steps, we also use a trolley. If you have multiple stairs you will need to organise you and a mate to do the lifting. I look forward to hearing from any keen Pinheads! PM me if you would like to make a booking. Ps. If you’d like a Big Buck Hunter HD machine at home we can supply those as well. Just ask for details. Cheers Scotty
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Employee Share Plan jargon – All the terms, in simple terms... What does Vesting mean, what is a Vesting Period and when will my Options become Shares? Whether you’re a company setting up an employee share scheme (ESS), or an employee reviewing your ESS Offer, you are not alone if the terms confuse you. You’re being offered a right, without any payment, to buy something, to get more rights, right? Cue Austin Powers… #teamownership #equity #employeesharescheme https://blog.cakeequity.com/employee-share-plan-jargon-all-the-terms-in-simple-terms/
Put your face in the best movies of all time! All you need is a Selfie! Have fun with lots of movies: Titanic Meet Joe Black Spiderman Ghost Maleficent Sir Austin Danger Powers Mr Bean Dirty Dancing The Hangover Saturday Night Fever Lethal Weapon Zoolander Ghostbusters Dumb and Dumber American Pie Coming to America Roger Rabbit Men in Black The Mask Beverly Hills Cop Laurel & Hardy Robin Hood Highlander Friends with Benefits Fifty Shades of Grey Twilight Pretty Woman Romeo + Juliet The Naked Gun The Great Gatsby Basic Instinct The Bodyguard The War of the Roses ...and many more! Can't find your favorite movie? Don't worry: we constantly add new clips! Download FaceComedy. Take a Selfie. Share the fun.
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IFRIT, my fiction anti-terrorist thriller, and published by Austin Macauley (UK), is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hardcover, softcover and kindle editions. There have been author’s events at Barnes and Noble in Houston and Dallas, and in other countries around the world. The synopsis is given below with a link to Amazon Books. Terrorists wanting to proclaim jihad resort to the power of mystical Islam, including dreams, black magic, and the control of supernatural entities known as jinn, to steal Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. As attacks on colleges increase, Samir, the education advisor to the prime minister, sets out to unravel the mystical powers being exploited. While truths are uncovered, separating myths from facts, Ifrit, a powerful jinn, is contacted by terrorists to fulfill their agenda in exchange for having the jinn rule the earth. What follows is a sequence of fast-moving events when a terrorist head in Afghanistan declares himself to be the Mahdi, the Islamic leader prophesized to rule the world, and calls upon all Muslims to join him, leading to a nuclear standoff between Pakistan and India, to a fight between good and evil, and to an uncertain end if the imbroglio will lead to an apocalypse and end of times. https://www.amazon.com/Ifrit-Javaid-Laghari/dp/1528906624
Jake and Amir
Thankful for this all-nighter episode -- not thankful for the Austin Powers costume.
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From The Witcher to the Austin Powers trilogy, here's everything new coming to Netflix in December:
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Luni, 2 decembrie, de la ora 15:30, ne vedem LIVE pe Facebook pentru a discuta despre IMPORTANȚA ȘI EFICIENȚA CEAIURILOR ÎN RĂCEALĂ ȘI GRIPĂ. Dacă ai întrebări referitoare la acest subiect, ni le poți adresa în comentarii la această postare, iar specialistul Fares, Carmen Nonn, medic cu competență în apifitoterapie, îți va răspunde. Ne vedem pe 2 decembrie, de la ora 15:30!
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Saya paham kenapa banyak orang mengalami kesulitan saat PDKT lewat chatting! Saya akan membantu kamu mengatasi kesulitan tersebut di ebook ini. Klik ➡ http://hitmansystem.com/produk/pdktext2
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Velkommen til et moderne enderækkehus beliggende i trygt og roligt område, tæt på både vand, strand, indkøb og offentlig transport.
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The conditions were less than pleasant, but we got the job done anyway! For our customers, we brave the drizzle. This new York unit is installed and ready to keep this business comfortable. www.servicexcel.ca
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