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En 3 simples pasos podrás contratar internet fibra 400 megas para tu negocio por $14.880 + IVA. Aprovecha este 30% de dscto. x 12 meses.
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Posledné voľné obchodné priestory od 85m² na predaj v City Residence Trnava Viac na : http://city-residence.sk/obchodne-priestory/
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Improve School Middle Leadership
“I failed the last three tests, I’m just DUMB at maths…” “If I mess this up, I’m going to look so STUPID” “What’s the point in retaking? I’m going to mess up again, I’m never going to get BETTER” Having worked in education for over 20 years, these are just some of the things I’ve heard students say in the face of FAILURE and MISTAKES. In this new era of social media, more than ever, students have a constant fear of judgment and looking stupid. This stems from the core belief that they were born with a FIXED amount of intelligence and talent that they possess. Psychologist Carol Dweck, author of “Mindset” said: In fixed mindset, students are gripped by the tyranny of failure, and not the power of potential. This leads to students having a: - FEAR of challenges... - FEAR of looking stupid... - AVOIDANCE in trying new things... - And the lack of EFFORT in a face of failure… This not only affects their school grades but carries onto their adult life and their future endeavours. As an established consultant for international school curriculums, implementing a growth mindset in children has proven time and time again in its impact on student outcomes and developing the leaders of tomorrow. I’ve transformed student’s mindsets from… “will I look stupid?” to “what can I learn?” “If I struggle, I must be stupid” to “this is a challenge and opportunity together better” “I’m just not smart enough” to “I’m not smart enough…yet” I’ve trained teachers, created parent engagement strategies, and developed efficient curriculum to empower teachers like you to lead initiatives and establish growth mindsets in children. Leading to immense positive impact on student outcomes in schools. But as Carol Dweck recently said... “Most current growth mindset interventions have failed to bring about the sorts of improvement in student learning outcomes we hoped and expected they would” That’s why I’ve developed this course which examines why current growth mindset interv
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