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Neighborhood Psychiatry - Insurance Accepted and Affordable Self-Pay Psychiatry in Manhattan
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Neighborhood Psychiatry - Insurance Accepted and Affordable Self-Pay Psychiatry in Manhattan
Elephant Learning Math Academy - Math Accelerator For Children
“My son has ADHD and has limited memory for math facts. I spend hours trying to help him, but he just won’t stay engaged long enough to understand and remember.” That sounds a lot like what this dad was going through... His son had ADHD and was on the autism spectrum, but the boy loved to do one thing . . . . . . play basketball. It was part of the child’s therapeutic regimen. Until his school said he’s ineligible to play basketball. Because he kept failing math, and his grades were low. His lack of math skills took away the very activities that were helping him. It’s a typical ‘catch-22’ situation that millions of parents face. Parents of kids with ADHD, autism, or undiagnosed learning disorder know EXACTLY what this dad is going through. We do too. And that’s why we took hundreds of years of learning research and teamed up with the BEST university mathematicians to create a tool that teaches math to kids at ALL learning levels. The Elephant Learning App steps in to support parents where traditional learning systems have let their kids down . . . . . . because we believe EVERY child can improve his math skills and advance to higher levels. All that’s needed is a different approach to providing math instruction. Try us for FREE Today! - - - > https://elephantlearning.com/ A science-backed, fun, and engaging method that meets your kid where he’s at and: * Creates a desire to learn math using exciting visual puzzles and games that benefit kids with learning disorders. * Helps your child understand concepts easily by starting at the basics and building on them. * Improves math memory and shows kids how to apply concepts in everyday life situations through word problems. * Provides much-needed extra support for kids who have to catch up on grades or need to learn at a different pace. * Reduce anxiety and panic attacks associated with learning through personalized learning paths for each child. And your child can enjoy all of the above benefits by using our app for just 10 minutes a day! No mo
Southern Shore Counseling/LC
Since closing my office I figured I'd think outside the box and try alternative ways to help those with marital problems and those who suffer from panic and anxiety disorder. Meeting people outside in a park setting has been very rewarding. I will have to figure out a way to provide a similar setting year-round. I have enjoyed my work more in the last month then I have in years. My view this evening after a productive session.
Life Healthcare | Private Hospitals Across South Africa
Life Mental Health offers multidisciplinary therapy and a tranquil environment to help manage various conditions, including: ● Depression ● Bipolar mood disorder ● Anxiety and panic disorders ● Schizophrenia or other forms of mania ● Personality disorders Find out more here: https://bit.ly/38fZYv4
I remember crying to my mom on the phone. "What if it never gets better? What if it's just LIKE THIS.... for the rest of my life?!" I had just endured another panic attack and was trying to 'come back' from it. My mom was one of my saving graces through that time. I was also a mom and my kids were little.... Panic attacks were among the worst parts of the daily anxiety I was experiencing, because my whole body and mind would enter a 'freeze state.' Freeze states and mothering don't really go together, as you probably know. And, as you also probably know, a panic attack is not just really bad anxiety. It's more like the absolute worst (albeit momentary) soul-crushing fear... x 1000. Though, it's been years since I've suffered from a panic attack, I don't think I'll ever forget the weight of indescribable agony felt in those moments. And having the support of my own mom made me realize how desperately I wanted to heal my own anxiety and panic... if not for me, at least for my children's sake. What I didn't know then, but I blissfully know now is how RELATED the gut and the brain truly are. Since healing my gut, I have NOT experienced one single panic attack. And many of our customers have reported the same thing: "This probiotic is amazing! I've noticed a huge difference in my anxiety and depression when taken regularly. It eliminates my panic attacks completely. Would highly recommend this." "Recovering from panic disorder, this product really helps." "I don't normally post reviews but for myself it was super frustrating trying to fish around for something affordable and decent w/out being sold. I'm also EXTREMELY sensitive to anything/everything that enters into my body (including vit. b as it acts as a stimulant.) The main reason I wanted to take a probiotic is for anxiety/mood. I can't pinpoint if it was the probiotics or the spiritual ceremonies I have done but I can't remember when the last time is that I had a panic attack. I feel like my great self now on the upwards of 90% of the time! I'd highly recommend & give a few weeks." If you can relate to this, I want you to know: You are not alone. You are not broken. And it's not your fault. But! It is your job to fix it. The feeling of fear and the fear of the feeling involved in panic attacks can feel like a vicious, unbeatable cycle. But anxiety is a liar. Fear and panic are not your natural state and there is hope. You deserve to feel better. xo, Sylvia, Cofounder of Lifted
CalmiGo - Your Calming Companion – CalmiGoshop
"Most of you know that I have been struggling with panic disorder for the past four years, and that I find natural, sensory stimulating devices to be a super helpful way to control my anxiety. While browsing the internet a while back and saw an ad for Calmigo, and I KNEW I had to try it. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it has been great." - @kerrcraftmetalsmithing
Abhishek Sannidhi
Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European Commission
With anxiety disorders the most common mental disorder across EU countries, we look at new research recreating phobias and panic attacks to better help anxiety sufferers
CalmiGo - Your Calming Companion – CalmiGoshop
"Most of you know that I have been struggling with panic disorder for the past four years, and that I find natural, sensory stimulating devices to be a super helpful way to control my anxiety. While browsing the internet a while back and saw an ad for Calmigo, and I KNEW I had to try it. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it has been great." - @kerrcraftmetalsmithing
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Treatment of depression,migraine,insomnia,panic attack,anxiety disorder,high blood pressure and sugar,and different mental health problems,etc
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Pojas koji podstiče topljenje i znojenje. Napravljen je od nepropusnog materijala od koga se prave ronilačka odela. Pojačanim znojenjem postižete željene efekte.
Human Reset
Imagine BEFORE 2020 New Years You Could _____? Go to a higher performance body?. Recover from health issues? Reverse age? Have energy to enjoy life? Where's your health level? EXTREME ADVANCED AVERAGE POOR What if you could do a Human Reset on your health? This matrix level program is the first of its kind to clear & reset every level of life including health. The program provides a total mind, body, spirit reset for high performance living. WHAT TO EXPECT IN HUMAN RESET Remove spiritual, emotional, physical toxins, barriers that hold you back. Instill higher frequencies of success conciousness. Enjoying life the way it was meant to be. Click on my bio for free workshop & details. HR is not self-improvement, NLP. HR is not fuelled by will power. It doesn't focus on surface attributes like motivation, goal setting, etc. . HR is a radical change of human identity. A complete metamorphosis from the destructive health issues Inherited from your family. Into a new state of being called high performance consciousness. HR is not conventional success - HR is a complete human reset of your identity. You can have the physical success & spiritual connection we all crave without destroying the earth, others or yourself. It elevates you to higher levels of consciousness where 360 degrees of abundance is the norm. Health, wealth relationships are a reflection of your connection to your higher self Not a façade to hide your weakness. YOUR LIFE EXPERT: Mas Sajady Founder of Exponential Intelligence. EI is high performance transformational techniques derived from 2 NDE's EXPERIENCE: Decade of R&D refining EI into a precise science that has been verified. Coach executives, fortune 500 co's, royal families, celebrities, athletes & individuals helping them achieve the pinnacle of success without sacrifice. . These are the same principles I've used to catapult the elite into high performance living. . Are you committed to be the healthiest? Click here to being your journey: https://www.totalhumanreset.com/human-reset-optin
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