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Here's a picture of me exploring a foreign country shortly before my life took an unexpected downward spiral… One that taught me many valuable life lessons. Let me explain. It started a handful of years ago... I was 26 and thought I had my life pretty well figured out. I was two years into my sales career and finally clear on why I went to college... And why I took on debt for a piece of paper and a frame to put it in. Having proved my worth within my company, I was asked to take an overseas sales assignment. I knew that saying yes would mean a lot of changes in multiple areas of my life… Despite this realization, there were many things I didn’t consider. Within my personal life it was difficult to not consider the things I would miss out on. I knew I would miss: Weddings & birthdays Family events & holidays Summer days boating on the lake Snowboarding & camping trips Just to name a few… What I didn’t realize about saying yes to the assignment was that I was chasing someone else’s dreams… Saying yes had nothing to do with what I actually desired in life. There’s a popular quote which reads “If you don’t have a plan for your life, you’ll become part of someone else’s.” Sound familiar? This quote describes a problem that many people deal with... Many people don't even realize it. I was no exception. Against my own gut feeling, I signed a contract for a two year assignment in South Africa Admittedly, I was excited to see an area of the world that I otherwise may have never seen. But I was also skeptical… I had this constant uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. But, I was committed to advancing my career... I was willing to do almost ANYTHING for the shot at a promotion and increasing my income. Back then I couldn’t see any other path to achieving my income goals other than corporate sales. And now, corporate sales in a foreign country... on the other side of the world. Shortly after getting to South Africa, I came down with some kind of traveler’s flu… Down there they call it Mandela’s Revenge (kind of an inside joke down there). I’ll skip the details, but let’s just say I kept in close reach of a bathroom for upwards of a week. I didn’t realize it until later, but the antibiotics that I was given to treat the traveler’s flu messed me up... They'd later be part of the cause of a health scare that changed my life forever… (more on that later). Before I knew it, the “honeymoon” phase of living abroad was over. Work started getting busier and more stressful everyday. I was traveling a ton…by plane as well car. To make matters worse, my new manager was the classic micro-managing type... The kind who sat back in his home office and barked orders over the phone and email. Eventually, my preferred healthy lifestyle faded... Bad habits of unhealthy eating, excessive drinking with customers, and poor sleep. I hid it well from others, but the truth is, I was a mess. And it didn’t take long for things to catch up to me... I didn’t know it, but I had created this perfect storm inside my body. My immune system was on overdrive. Something bad was looming... I just didn’t know it yet. Food sensitivities, anxiety, brain fog, and fatigue were a few warning signs I mostly ignored. My body was literally screaming at me the best it could, but I was too focused on work... I refused to listen. Then it happened! Something that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy... Getting out of bed on a Monday morning, I noticed my eye must have had a serious build-up “sleep boogers”. My vision was impaired to the point where my left eye was really blurry. I rubbed my eyes with my hand, but no change. So, I grabbed a washcloth to wash my face. Still no improvement. I looked in the mirror with both eyes open and couldn’t see anything obstructing either of my eyes... At least from the outside. I covered my right eye to look at myself in the
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Bring a puzzle, take a puzzle! We love puzzling at Whiz Kids and our staff is often swapping styles we love so we can always have a new (to us) puzzle to do. This year, we decided to open it up to YOU! Join us Saturday, January 26 for our first Puzzle Trading Event! How does it work? 1. Bring a puzzle from home 2. Get a ticket 3. Use that ticket to pick up a new to you puzzle you'd like to do. Bring more than one puzzle, pick out more than one to take home! PLEASE only bring puzzles that still have all the pieces ( We all know how frustrating it is to put together 998 pieces only to find two pieces missing). Any piece count welcome!
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When a Royal birth takes place, they soundproof the rooms and black out the walls to ensure their complete privacy. Indeed, there are many other protocols they follow too, such as the Queen being the first to see the new baby. Here are the rest of these rules, in true Royal fashion.
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