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KAIMRC Innovations
A test for antibiotic-resistant bacteria shows scope for further development.
Deliciou - Products That Makes Plant-Based Cooking Easy and Delicious
This is the story of how we invented Plant-Based Chicken that’s healthier than real chicken!\n\nEveryone knows the biggest challenge about plant-based eating is figuring out what to eat along with all the abstract and confusing recipes and ingredients out there (what is aquafaba?!). Who the heck wants to spend hours studying complicated recipes and ingredients, when we’re already struggling to figure out what to eat? So - we decided this needed to change. We needed to create a simple plant-based meat solution to help make plant-based meal time EASIER! \n\nOur research on traditional chicken also uncovered some pretty disturbing facts:\n\ud83e\uddd0 Chickens are pumped full with antibiotics and often contain antibiotic resistant bacteria - yikes!\n\ud83e\uddd0 Chickens often contain harmful bacteria such as campylobacter, salmonella and clostridium perfringens.\n\ud83e\uddd0 If chicken was introduced into the market today, it would likely be deemed unsafe for human consumption - whoa.\n\nPlant-based chicken options at the supermarket are often loaded with preservatives and other nasties - and we thought there HAD to be a better solution. \n\nThat’s when we took it to our team of food scientists and product developers to work on creating a plant-based alternative that was easy to use, wasn’t filled with preservatives and had an extended shelf life..and after many months, we invented Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken!\n\nNot only is Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken healthier than real chicken with more protein, iron and vitamin B12 - it doesn't contain any nasty bacteria that real chicken has! The product comes as a dry plant mix and you simply add a cup of water and a spoon of oil to create 400g of perfect ground mince. This mince can be shaped into tenders, meatballs, burgers and more and can be used in ANY chicken recipe! Say bye-bye to complicated recipes - just replace real chicken with Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken!\n\nBest of all, as the product is dehydrated, it has a pantry life of 12-months! Talk about convenience.\
Eliava Phage Therapy Center
🧪Phage therapy is a viable alternative treatment for infection. It is an especially useful tool for chronic and antibiotic resistant infections. Bacteria like MRSA, ESBL and CRE and VRE are superbugs that have become the scary reality of today’s world.🧫
News, sport and opinion from the Guardian's US edition | The Guardian
Researchers have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria, many of which are created by overuse of antibiotics in farm animals, in not only humans but bats, penguins, sea lions, wallabies and other animals.
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Can nanoparticles and other nanomaterials be used in the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria? Study published in Frontiers in Microbiology discusses the existing and potential nano-strategies against the antibiotic resistance crisis. Read the full article here: https://fro.ntiers.in/MmbE
Sanitization and disinfestation of the Offices, Shops, Warehouses, Flats and vehicles using FDA approved eco-friendly chemicals. Effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, human viruses, veterinary viruses, fungi, and is mildew static.
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A hitherto unknown antibiotic-resistant bacteria species has been found & classified in Sweden. Its proposed taxonomic name is Scandinavium goeteborgense. Read the research published in Frontiers in Microbiology: https://fro.ntiers.in/caeh or our blog post ⬇
Frontiers | Peer Reviewed Articles - Open Access Journals
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Is there truth to old Irish folktales about soil with healing powers?
Hotmart: learn what you want, teach what you know
Haz el Desafío Primera Venta y aprende con especialistas de Hotmart durante 4 clases gratis de 15 minutos. Es tu oportunidad de descubrir cómo crear una estrategia de ventas que realmente funcione y hacer que tu negocio despegue.
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【求人情報】 英国大使館ではEnergy and Infrastructure Investment Managerを募集中❗洋上風力発電等の次世代エネルギーや高速鉄道等インフラ事業に関する仕事です。日本企業の英国進出や、より良い日英関係の構築のサポートに興味のある方からのご応募をお待ちしています❗締切は4月28日(日)です。
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