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This is a long one, but here's what an Examine user had to say (100% unedited): ------ "This is a long story. Some years ago I started a medicinal dosage regiment of dextro-levo-amphetamine, also known as the prescription drug Adderall. Due to the appetite reducing effects which in my case were more pronounced than I was told is normal. I resorted to avocado and coconut oil ""infused"" fruit/vegetable smoothies, barely reaching 1600 calories a day this way. Occasional meat and fish. I quickly started looking into supplements such as multivitamins, magnesium citrate, fish oil, zinc citrate, and a handful of other basically essential nutrients as I was aware that I wasn't getting close to healthy levels of intake, merely meeting a minimal weight loss diet caloric intake. I found your website during that time. I wanted to know if multivitamins actually worked.. and thanks to you and the researchers I know they do. About 4 months after starting medicating I unfortunately came in contact with a street version of DL amphetamine known here in Europe. And although I am now quite healthy, recovered, and all ended well, I became an addict and for over a year would binge; stay awake on amphetamines for 2-5 days at a time, sleep one night, rinse and repeat.. this quickly began taking a toll on my general health and neurological/mental health. But having found Examine, as I foolishly persisted in my folly.. I had a vast source of scientific documentation and your summaries to find a supplement counteracting many of the health problems I was facing. Milk thistle and choline for my liver as I regularly combined alcohol with speed. N Acetyl Cysteine you had shown me is a most potent antioxidant that attenuates and negates amphetamine induced release of dopamine, allowing me to sleep considerably more and not lose my mind to paranoia and amphetamine induced psychosis. EGCG for it's antioxidant effects, and a couple of other antioxidant rich supplements (the oxidation and harm resulting from the drug abuse and sleep deprivation being kept from reaching truly irreversible damage by them). Ashwagandha for it's cortisol reducing effects (cortisol with chronic amph abuse skyrockets). Lemon balm and lavender extracts to curb my typical angry ill temper. Msm and curcumin/piperine to effectively stave off the inflammation I'm sure in part was neuroinflammation, caused by chronic amph. abuse. I am not exaggerating when I say I must have read pages of dozens of your articles top to bottom and often the ncbi documentation cited/linked too (I'm just barely educated enough to make sense of most of it, and a dictionary helped ^_^). I have tried and employed at least two dozen herbs and supplements if not more during and since those days.. and I am convinced that your sharing of knowledge has spared me a great deal of long term damage to my health. I've seen others who did the same and didn't take any of the multivitamins ncbi told me are quite effective and with my inability to eat enough to get my vitamins and minerals I would have gone deficient without. Those others, some also recovered, have or had some nasty conditions and health issues some of which seem permanent. This is to say it changed them in certain ways it did not me.. and some didn't survive. (I don't know all of them personally, but junkies I knew knew others and so on).. can't really think of an exception to these nasty short and long term effects I haven't suffered, apart from moderate users. What does Examine mean to me? You might have saved my life. You made a real difference in my life. There are no words that could express my gratitude and awe. You help so many people with so many ailments find the means to significant alleviation and you deserve accolades. That about sums it up. Thank you for everything! Kindest regards, Harry L." ------ Click below to learn how the world’s most respected nutrition research company can help.
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היוש, לקוחות גולן טלקום? רגע לפני שאתם טסים לחו"ל היכנסו להכיר את חבילות חו"ל של גולן טלקום החל מ-99 ₪ למגוון יעדים!
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SMS marketing - “vị cứu tinh” cho các spa/salon đang vắng khách SMS marketing không đơn thuần là gửi tin nhắn thông báo đến khách hàng mà còn đóng vai trò quan trọng trong việc CHUYỂN ĐỔI tệp KHÁCH HÀNG và GIAO TIẾP với khách hiệu quả. Chỉ bằng chức năng SMS của Mango For Salon, bạn sẽ dễ dàng: - THĂM HỎI những khách hàng đã tìm hiểu về dịch vụ nhưng chưa book lịch, giúp hiểu thêm về insight (lí do vì sao chưa book lịch, nhu cầu thật sự....) từ đó giúp bạn thuyết phục khách đặt hẹn thành công, đồng thời có được thông tin để phát triển spa/salon hiệu quả. - NHẮC HẸN khách hàng trước mỗi cuộc hẹn giúp khách cảm thấy được quan tâm và giảm tối đa khả năng hủy hẹn cận giờ. - GỬI HÀNG LOẠT thông tin về Promotion, thay đổi chính sách, thông báo… giúp spa/salon của bạn tiết kiệm chi phí, đảm bảo không bỏ sót khách hàng, thể hiện độ tận tâm và chuyên nghiệp. - CHÚC MỪNG SINH NHẬT với những voucher độc đáo giúp khách hàng quay lại spa thường xuyên, thậm chí giới thiệu thêm cho bạn bè của họ. Chỉ cần nhập thông tin và thời gian, Mango For Salon sẽ tự động làm tất cả điều trên cho bạn. INBOX ngay để được tư vấn nhé! ------- ⚙ MANGO FOR SALON - Quản lý siêu dễ dàng, đem về doanh số “vàng” Ra mắt bản Trial full chức năng vào 15/09/2020 - Thuộc Enrich Management System Company Limited đến từ Mỹ Phần mềm tự động hóa toàn bộ quy trình “quản lý vận hành và tăng trưởng” hoàn hảo dành cho SPA VÀ SALON Inbox: m.me/103051161508744 Website: https://www.mangoforsalon.com/ ⛪️ Add: Số 27, đường Phạm Cự Lượng, P.2, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM #Mangoforsalon #Phanmemquanlyspa #Phanmemquanlynail #Phanmemquanlysalon #Phầnmềmquảnlý
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