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This really happened to me. Story time...\n\nI was in a mastermind a few years ago, paying them several thousand dollars a month...\n\nBased on their promise to me that they'd help me figure out my paid traffic...\n\nSo that I could scale thewebinaragency dot com.\n\nIn fact, it was the ONLY thing of theirs I needed.\n\nMy offer was already validated. I was already doing organic. I already had my webinar set up.\n\nPaid traffic was the missing piece.\n\nAnd I made that clear to them when they enrolled me.\n\nSo I'm running the ads and they're not going well.\n\nThe leads were costing hundreds of dollars, it just wasn't sustainable.\n\nAnyway, I show up to the group coaching call to get some help.\n\nAnd I tell them, look, my ads aren't working, can you guys look at my ads.\n\nAnd the dude running the call, instead of solving my problem...\n\nSpent the entire time berating me in about my mindset in front of the entire group!\n\nLong story short, no, my problem didn't get solved...\n\nAnd they actually had the nerve to tell me to hire an agency to run my ads.\n\nAt that point I pretty much lost all respect for them and canceled my membership.\n\nIt was an expensive lesson but an important one.\n\nAnd it's why, out of the dozens of topics I cover in my program...\n\nThere's only one video about mindset.\n\nYour clients are paying you to solve their problems.\n\nAnd for better or worse, you better get them results.\n\nIt's so easy to say "mindset" and absolve yourself of your responsibility to fulfil.\n\nMaybe it's the engineer in me...\n\nI find the more "experts" hide behind amorphous, subjective, immeasurable concepts like "mindset"...\n\nThe more likely I am to think they're full of it.
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_Marco Donnarumma presents Corpus Nil Lunchmeat Festival 2020 Artist, performer and scholar Marco Donnarumma uses the medium of the body to speak critically of ritual, power and technology. Since the early 2000s he mixes new media, contemporary performance and computer music to create disturbing art. He manipulates bodies, creates choreographies, engineers technology and composes sounds, combining disciplines and media into an oneiric, sensual, uncompromising aesthetics. Touring regularly for the past fifteen years across major and independent theaters, concert halls, festivals and museums worldwide, his repertoire received numerous acknowledgments. Corpus Nil received the Award of Distinction (2nd prize) in Sound Art at Prix Ars Electronica 2017. It is a performance for a human body and an artificially intelligent machine. A naked body, partly human and partly machine, lies on stage. It is an amorphous cluster of skin, muscles, hardware and software. Biophysical sensors attached to the performer’s limbs capture bodily electrical voltages and corporeal sounds and feed them to the machine. At the same time the machine responds to the motions of the body. In an unstable feedback loop, the body and the machine pollute each other. It is unclear whether the new body is human enough, or perhaps, the common meaning of ‘human’ is not enough to describe it. TIX - bit.ly/LNCHMT2020-TICKETS ( bit.ly/MARCO_DONNARUMA_CORPUS_NIL )
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EL PARAÍSO ! Nos tocó un día increíble . Despejado y todos los caminos en perfectas condiciones. Así cerramos el día en el Bike Park . Ahora, a descansar en Pamuri Andes Lodge . #ExplorePamuri
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自古以来,女性都在追求永恒美肌,不过生活在现代繁忙社会中,随着我们年龄的增长,离永存美丽的愿望似乎已经成为了奢望。通常肌肤在约 25 岁开始,就会出现明显的细纹、暗淡以及色斑等肌肤问题,若没有妥善防护,表面肤况会比实际年纪看起来衰老。
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