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With over 5,000 students enrolled in Pocket Products™, we’ve gotten the feedback, and we know a few things for sure:\n\nPocket Products™ work. \n\nPocket Products™ are literally changing the way people run their businesses (for the better).\n\nPocket Products™ will almost definitely work for you, too (you, being the smart and savvy business owner who’s reading this). \ud83d\ude09\n\nReady to grow your audience *and* grow your revenue — at the same time?\n\nJoin us here: >> \ud83d\udc49 courtneyfosterdonahue.com/pocketproducts\n\nGot questions? Maybe you’re (smartly) wondering):\n\n“But what even IS a pocket product?”\n\nHere’s the full scoop:\n\nHi! \ud83d\udc81 I’m Courtney Foster-Donahue, a marketing strategist, online course expert, and 4-time entrepreneur.\n\nWhen I pivoted to the online education business world almost five years ago, there was a lot of “prevailing wisdom” out there.\n\n And a lot of contradicted my decade of experience in the non-online business world:\n\n"Create a lead magnet..." they said.\n\n“Blog weekly...” they said.\n\n“Post on social media daily...” they said.\n\n“Put out a bunch of free content, and only when you have 100 (or 500 or 1,000) leads on your mailing list should you DARE sell something,” they said.\n\n“They” had a lot of opinions that, quite frankly, didn’t make sense to me.\n\nAnd if you’re a coach, a course creator, a consultant, or a service provider, you’ve heard all of those things, too. (Hint: Some of that “advice" is probably in your newsfeed right now.)\n\nBUT as a four-time entrepreneur from the local and service-based business world, all of this prevailing “wisdom" was upside-down to me.\n\nin ANY other business model outside of online business, you *don’t* grow an audience to some magical, mythical, made-up number and *then* sell something to them…\n\nYou do both. Simultaneously.\n\nThis *isn’t* a Catch-22. It’s just good business sense.\n\nYou *should* generate leads AND generate revenue. At the same time.\n\nThose two things aren’t two steps in a two-step proc
Sleepy Cotton - Marine Grade 100% Cotton Rope Leash – SleepyCotton
Carousell - Snap to List, Chat to Buy
Carousell - Snap to List, Chat to Buy
Insanely Powerful Tools For Amazon Sellers - Helium 10
Facebook can drive your Amazon business growth. All it takes is the right paid strategies!\n\nHere’s what you’ll get inside:\n\u2714\ufe0f How to deliver your ads to the correct audience every time.\n\u2714\ufe0f The best way to scale campaigns for results with A/B testing. \n\u2714\ufe0f The #1 method to stop a customer’s scroll that pulls them in for sales. \n\u2714\ufe0fThe “REAL” way to map out your product’s market with customer avatars.\n\nDownload your FREE "How to Create Facebook Ads for Amazon Product Launches" Guide.
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Manta Sleep Mask - Upgrade Your Sleep. Upgrade Your Life.
The all-new Manta MAX Mask is back... after a RECORD SELL-OUT on it's launch! 🚀 The eye-cups even deeper than before (86% more to be exact 🤓) — and designed to be softer, less bulky and more comfortable than the originals. Are you ready to upgrade your sleep? 😇
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⚠️ Agencies, let me install my proven automated sales process for Agencies and get the NEW release of my R4 Sales System for FREE ($497 value)! My next Agency Sales Funnel Bootcamp is happening soon - get all of the details here: https://labspecial.com/asfb-special I've talked about the 'Sales Cycle of Doom' ☠️ and how it impacts Agencies for years. Most Agencies never get out of it...they never develop enough sales momentum to truly get ahead. There are several key factors to help you escape it... ● Focusing on selling recurring revenue - not one-off projects... ● Standardizing the work you do - no custom work... ● Focusing on a single industry to accelerate your marketing... But the VERY FIRST THING every Agency should do is to put an automated sales process in place! 💯 If you don't have a sales system that attracts, qualifies, and follows up with prospects AUTOMATICALLY...you are at a disadvantage and will struggle to grow. Let me help you install your automated your sales system! Get all of the details and get registered for the Agency Sales System Bootcamp TODAY! ⏰ https://labspecial.com/asfb-special
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The 5-Step Process Our Clients Use to Launch Full-Time Businesses on Amazon (With Just 1 Product)
Over the past 3 years, we’ve developed a system to help our amazing community launch simple, winning products, and then outsource and AUTOMATE the entire thing to run on near autopilot. ✈️ And we are very proud of it!!! We did it by NOT having a website. ❌NOT shipping cheap trinkets. ❌NOT creating a Shopify or a blog. ❌NOT using a pyramid shaped BS model. Best of all… 🚫NO “high-tech” skills are required. 🚫NO complicated ads or SEO. 🚫NO need for customer headaches. 🚫NO need to complicate the startup process The process is simple. It’s scalable. Best of all...it works the same with ZERO experience or even a product yet. (It might actually work better!) In fact, it’s only THREE STEPS. Click below to check out our free presentation. I’ve launched over 15,000 products using this platform. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the simple, foolproof strategy. P.S. Remember, there is NO NEED to learn how to design websites or source thousands of products. Perfect for newcomers and others who have tried things before and nothing has worked. It’s time to check out this training. Register here for FREE: https://plmastery.com/masterclass32756214
Ecom Warrior Academy - Matthew Lepre Free Ecommerce Training Course
The education system in Australia is failing us.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year thousands of students enrol into $30,000 University degrees, not entirely sure of where it will lead on the other side.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nWhat nobody seems to be talking about is this:\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nUniversities are a business (and a very smart one at that).\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year BILLIONS of dollars worth of degrees are being enrolled for, and every year tens of thousands of students are leaving with no security, no job prospects, $30,000+ in debt and, worst of all, 3+ years down the drain that could have been spent more effectively.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI know this system all too well because a few short years ago I was trapped in it myself.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI didn’t understand why I was being told by my family, my school and peers that going to university was the best thing to do. I was in debt, without a job, little interest in what I was doing and feeling like a failure…\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nThen I figured it out.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u
Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
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Displate - metal posters | Make Your Home Awesome
Top-quality Metal posters 100-year lifespan ✂️Cut out from the highest quality zinced steel sheets 0.5 mm thick Resistant to water and all chemical reactions 🧲Easy and tool-free magnet mounting system Printed using an 8-million color palette High resolution prints ‍Artist earns commission on every piece sold Buy yours now ►►► displate.com/get-inspired
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training: Rob Biernacki Online Academy
Look I’ve been there…… Those times you have to teach BJJ class and stress about it all day Struggling to figure out what to teach the students Scared that you’re going to be hit with questions after the lesson that you can’t answer Panicking you’re going to teach the technique wrong in front of people (Especially your instructor) Being asked to coach someone at a competition, but not knowing how to help them Teaching is a skill to be developed just like the rest of your jiu jitsu game. It takes practice and the proper instruction to do so. Don’t be the person who is black belt in BJJ, but a white belt in passing that information on to others. BJJConcepts.net is the FIRST AND ONLY BJJ website to have a section dedicated to making you an unforgettable instructor that inspires your students. With a Pedagogy membership you will learn how to: Design lesson plans and structure classes Effectively communicate with students and provide feedback Teach incredible seminars and private lessons Analyze their sparring to assess strengths and weaknesses Coach your students to the podium in competition How to start and operate a successful BJJ school And more…… What are you waiting for? www.bjjconcepts.net As an added benefit with the way the technique modules have been structured, you can literally just follow our videos and teach them to your class. Week long and month long structured classes are already designed for you to get you started immediately! FULL DISCLAIMER 1: The way we teach techniques may be different from your instructor/gym owner. While our methods can be “plug and play” you’ll have to find the best method that works in your situation. FULL DISCLAIMER 2: Rob and Rory like to make fun of each other and swear at times. FULL DISCLAIMER 3: Just because you become a good teacher, it doesn’t guarantee you a well paid position at your gym. With your highly sought after skill set we hope you feel confident to teach anywhere in the world, and avoid
ClickFunnels™ - Marketing Funnels Made Easy
Look, if my 𝟏𝟓𝐲𝐫 𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐬𝐨𝐧 can do this, from home, without a website, without selling or complicated marketing systems and in his spare time, around school and football practice, than so can you! https://kindlecashflow.com/pmi-fb I’ll tell you why: It’s because so many of the programs that are out there are: Way too complicated. Way too boring. Way too slow. Way too low profit. Way too technical And last but not least Way too hard Can I show you the same system I taught my 15 yr old son to that allows him to be able to buy anything that his heart desires using Amazon Kindle instead? Including a brand new car that he paid $25,000.00 cash! A system that requires nothing but an Amazon account, a bank account and just 20 minutes per day to set up and run, from anywhere in the world? I call this true “armchair” income… .. because that’s how simple this is. 🙌 You don’t need an office or fancy equipment. You certainly don’t need years of experience and heaps of skills (my son is ONLY 15 and it’s working for him and thousands of others too.) Take a look at the thousands of testimonials of people, from across the globe of all ages and backgrounds that are doing REALLY well with this. You can read and watch them all right here http://www.KindleCashFlow.com/testimonials [Once you take a look at the testimonials, then go straight over to the site below so that YOU can get started with the same system.. https://kindlecashflow.com/pmi-fb It’s really not difficult when you see how we’re doing it. Want me to show you, for free? Then visit the website link below to watch the free 3 step video that I just released and you'll also get a copy of my new book at no cost! Go here: https://kindlecashflow.com/pmi-fb What I have for you on my site is a free live training program that shows you a simple Blueprint to creating a life of mega abundance with the help of Amazon
Discover your X-Factor with our 3-step approach and how it can help you stand out from the crowd and find better QUALITY clients.\n\nBook a slot in our upcoming webinar to find your X-Factor >> https://attractqualityclients.com/xf/\n\n\u2b50 BONUS \u2b50\n\nSuccessfully attend the training and you'll get a FREE PDF copy of our blueprint "Million Dollar Business Breakdowns".\n\nWe used this to make our business what it is today.\n\nFULL DISCLAIMER: All results can vary from our case studies and you'll need to put in the time and effort. But you'll finally be able to start living life on your terms when you discover your X-Factor by attending the webinar.\n\nIf you're ready to find your X-Factor, book your slot >> https://attractqualityclients.com/xf/
Create an Ecommerce Website and Sell Online! Ecommerce Software by Shopify
Photographers!!! MY ENTIRE LIGHTROOM PRESET AND PHOTOSHOP ACTION STORE IS ON SALE FOR $14.99 (Reg $694.95)!!! (Over 150 total Products for Lightroom and Photoshop in one convenient package) DETAILS AND LINK TO PURCHASE BELOW!!! (Offer ends tonight at midnight) Hey there, Jake Olson here! For those of you who don't know me I was named by The Huffington Post as one of the Top 30 Most Socially Influential Photographers in the World. If you're not one of my 700,000 followers you could have seen my photos on dozens of book covers from authors such as Lee Child and Nicholas Sparks, maybe even on Canon's box for a new video camera. I’m finally offering my professional one click editing Lightroom Presets and Professional Photoshop Actions to the Public!!! This incredible and complete professional editing set includes everything below for just one low price!!! $14.99 (Reg $694.95)!!! -Over 130 Of My Award Wining Lightroom presets!!! -Black and White Preset Collection -Spring Collection Presets -Winter Wonderland Preset Collection -Cozy Winter Preset Collection -Summer Preset Collection -Fall Preset Collection -Photoshop Retouching and Detail Brush Set for perfect skin and ultimate subject detail where it counts. - Two Extensive Video tutorials with all of my latest techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom. I’m an open book in these professional videos and reveal my entire workflow from beginning to end. - 30 High resolution sky overlays to add amazing depth and color to your outdoor natural light portraits. - Snowflake Lightroom Presets that add the effect of natural falling snow to your Winter Outdoor Portraits. - My Famous Bubble Overlays with my Bubble Overlay Video Tutorial to add a little fun and pop to your Spring and Summer Outdoor Portraits. Purchase Here!!! https://magical-imagery.myshopify.com/collections/collections/products/whole-store Please feel free to email us at Jakeolsonstudios@gmail.com or message our Facebook Page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible
Shoptimized™ | Best Converting Shopify Theme & Heroic Support
Pull-in an Extra 10-30% of Backend Profits With a Fully Automated Email Marketing Setup Let Our Team of Email Marketing Experts Setup a Completely Automated System in Just 7-Days https://shoptimized.net/done-for-you-email-campaigns/ Start sending highly profitable emails in just 7-days from now without all the headaches of setting up Klaviyo, writing emails and figuring out promotions See Details --> https://shoptimized.net/done-for-you-email-campaigns/
AdOutreach YouTube Ads | YouTube Ads Training & Consulting with Aleric Heck
Over the past several months I've taken some of our top clients and worked with them to set up what I now call... My "OmniPresent Retargeting Machine"\n\nYou probably know me as the YouTube Ads Expert, and that's true! \n\nBut what you may not know is that over the past year I've been building out another, far-reaching arm of my own marketing efforts.\n\n--> The OmniPresent Retargeting Machine\n\nTaking all the leads & traffic I get from YouTube Ads and running them through a carefully & intricately designed "deadly marketing funnel" specifically aimed to indoctrinate your ideal clients, get them to convert quicker & squeeze every drop of juice from leads coming in the door.\n\nNow, for the First Time Ever...\n\nI am inviting you to set up a call with my team to talk about OmniPresent Retargeting + YouTube Ads for your business.\n\nBecause you see I've found there's a formula to build a 7 or 8 Figure Marketing Machine...\n\nYouTube Ads + OmniPresent Retargeting = 7-8 Figure Marketing Machine\n\nSo for the first time, I want to invite you to schedule a call to talk about setting up YouTube Ads + OmniPresent Retargeting in your business.\n\nHere's the link:\n\nhttps://www.adoutreach.com/omnipresent-call\n\nSee you there.\n\n-Aleric\n\nP.S. Our OmniPresent Retargeting Machine is one of our most advanced advertising strategies, so we may recommend starting with YouTube Ads first if you don't have enough high quality leads.
Skup - The $50K/Day P.O.D. Workshop
There’s no way to escape it… Dropshipping is on its way out... And tbh, I can’t say that I’m at all surprised Because we all know what happens when too many people board on a lifeboat It sinks... And while Dropshipping might have brought a lot of people success in the past Over the last 5 years that lifeboat has slowly been getting fuller and fuller… Luckily for us, however, we saw this disaster coming a LONG time ago So, instead of sailing right into it the heart of it like all the other eCom sellers We decided to switch direction and try a different strategy Something completely new that almost nobody else was doing at the time Fast forward 5 years and our store has already hit 7-figs And while all the Dropshipping sellers struggle to keep their heads above water We’re confident that Q4 is going to be the best three months on record Because the secret system we use has brought us nothing but success from day one... Not to mention the 1000s of customers who use our system to... - Find winning products that sell fast - Find trustworthy suppliers that consistently deliver - Find loyal customers that buy time after time All without ever having to waste time hosting webinars, writing emails, or posting blogs… ...has been INCREDIBLE And the craziest thing is just how easy it’s been to this stage All we needed was this one small thing to change our fortunes forever… Click LEARN MORE below now to find out what it is...
Sleep City - Central
$1677$1677$1677! 14" Split King Hybrid Pillow-top Mattress & Luxury Adjustable base with full LED remote, 3 presets for TV, Anti-snore & zero gravity. Regular $4997 NOW ONLY $1677. ALL Adjustable beds on sale RIGHT NOW! We carry the top brands: Serta, Spring Air, Simmons, iComfort, Beautyrest Black, Restonic, Dormeo, Nectar and more. 0% Financing up to 60 months! Also NO CREDIT NEEDED option only $39 Down! Check out our 5 Star Reviews on WHY to buy from Sleep City! Call us today 225-262-4303 to reserve yours now. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! \nLocation: 10218 Sullivan Rd\n Central, LA 70818\nPHONE: 225262-4303\n\n\u2705Feran Ice stretch knit cover for those hot Louisiana summers!\n\u2705Gel Visco Lumbar Support\n\u2705Foam Encased\n\u2705Pocketed Coil\n\u270515 year FULL warranty on mattress\n\u270520 year limited warranty on adjustable base\n\ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8 Mattresses made in the USA\n\nSplit King Reg. $4997 NOW $1677\nKing Reg. $4497 NOW $1477\nQueen Reg. $3497 NOW $1077\n\n\u2705 Free 120 Night Comfort trial (on mattress)\n\u2705 Free Curbside Delivery **$99 Value ** (within 40 miles of store)\n\u2705120% Low Price Guarantee for 1 Year!\nCall 225-262-4303\n\n#shoplocal, #staylocal, #sleep
ARX Fit | The Future Of Exercise!
Sell Like Crazy Book | #1 Amazon Best Seller by Sabri Suby‎
Marketers lie. Numbers don’t. So I could go on and on about how this ‘selling system’ could… Double your leads… Fill your calendar for 3 weeks in advance. Plummet your cost per lead. Sky-rocket your ROAS. And make you live like a Greek god in the Bahamas. (Had to make sure I still had your attention) But seriously. No matter what I say. You'd just roll your eyes. “Aaaaahhh another flippin’ guru”. But you know what you can't deny? Numbers. So while others love to talk. I’ll just keep stacking that sweet proof pie. Layer by layer. 7 figure case study, after 7 figure case study. Because this ‘selling system’ has created 58 millionaires. Here’s just a sample of the results: 🔥 Take a home building start-up from $0 to $7 million in 8 months flat…(they hit their building insurance and couldn’t take on any more clients!) 🔥 Transform a Pilates instructor training business, from barely breaking even at $200k in revenue… to a wildly successful business with $2 million in annual sales in 14 months. 🔥 Launch a mattress start-up from $0 to $13 million in revenue in their first 12 months… (Literally selling out warehouses full of stock and the manufacturer couldn’t keep up!) 🔥 Take a small father and son building business from $3 million to $50 million in sales in just 18 MONTHS! 🔥 Skyrocketing the sales of an Aged Care provider from $4 million to $25 million in sales in 12 months flat! (This was all done with a basic 2-step funnel and one traffic source!) 🔥 Sell $51 million dollars’ worth of property in 8 WEEKS through one funnel! (This was for a client in a super-niche property market and took him from zero to hero within two months) Look, I could go on and on with hundreds of success stories like these… Because this ‘selling system’ has been used in over 416 different niches. And these aren’t some cherry-picked results either. We’ve got hundreds of 5-star reviews. At the
Get Instant Leverage In Your Agency Today!
Want a $3/hr Virtual assistant to book 10-20 appointments per week for your agency on autopilot? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a VA that already comes fully trained in how to generate you more appointments with business owners in your niche? Tried using Va's in the past but it just didn't seem to work out? I know what it's like, hustling to land appointments... Doing outreach all over the place & trying to run your agency all at the same time... Landing a client only to now have to stop everything to do fulfillment which in turn slows things down... At some point most agency owners try to find a VA to help them out but then don't have time to train them or even worse don't know exactly what to train them on. This results in the agency owner being frustrated, blaming the VA then going back to doing everything themselves. A few months later they get sick of that again & the cycle repeats itself. Hi I'm JR Rivas & if you run a marketing agency selling a service like SEO, Facebook™ Ads or PPC & want to automate your client appointments coming in & your fulfillment then listen up... I've developed a system where my team finds, screens & trains virtual assistants that know how to do one thing extremely well. Get you 10-20 appointments with qualified clients a week & help you manage your client fulfillment. See, most people hire VA’s and put them on admin tasks from day one, although this does free up some time It’s not the most effective thing to do. We focus on training your VA to do Revenue generating tasks like setting you more appointments. To see how this works & how we can do this for you then click here and enter your info and I'll explain everything: www.InstantLeverage.com/getva This is not some pitch in disguise, I'll lay out our exact system & how it works. At that point, you can choose to try to do it yourself or hire us to do it for you. See how it works here: www.InstantLeverage.com/getVa
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SaleSource - Best Dropshipping Tool - Free Trial
Yet Another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review For SaleSource By Jane! She Joins The 10,000 Other Happy Customers Using SaleSource To Find Winning Products! Sick Of High Traffic But Low Sales & Seeing Gurus Get Results When You Can't? 🤖 AI Techniques 🤖 Can Help You Find Dropshipping Products Guaranteed To Sell & Much More 🎆 150,000+ Winning Products 🎆 High Converting Description Automatically Generated 🎆 100% Of All Competitors Selling ANY Product Found 🎆 Factory Price & Suppliers For 7 Day Shipping With Any Product To USA 🎆 Successful Ad Copy & Product Videos Found Instantly 🎆 Perfect Store Blueprint 🎆 Secret Cutting Edge Ads Bootcamp 🎆 Find Out Who's Dropshipping and Sell Their Winning Products 🎆 Award Winning Video Training 🎆 Turn Any Product Into A Winner Guaranteed To Sell There's too much to list here, so join now at ==> https://www.salesource.io/ All memberships are currently half price this month only, so don't miss out on your chance today! ==> https://www.salesource.io/
Get Leads From Linkedin -
Leads from LinkedIn…. If you’ve ever tried to generate new leads for your business, you know that it’s never as easy as ‘they’ make it out to be. Especially when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s like every new guru has come out from under a rock to teach some ‘new’ technique to message a ton of people using a ‘spray and pray’ method. But here is the truth… There is a simple way you can generate new leads from LinkedIn, where they actually reach out to YOU! My name is Helen, and over the last few years I've helped thousands of fed up and frustrated business owners get out of a lead generation black hole, showing them exactly how it's possible to generate high quality leads from Linkedin for free. Think LinkedIn’s not for you? Maybe you're thinking you're not sure where your next client is coming from? Or maybe you're just looking for a steady stream of leads coming to you instead of the other way around? Then I want to invite you to an upcoming FREE challenge, where for 5 days, I’ll be showing you step by step my approach to finally getting LinkedIn working for you. I'll be in the group every day not only to show you exactly what to do but also to help you all along the way - and to make sure you get the most of it. What's stopping you from taking part and actually being active on the best (and amazingly FREE) business networking platform around? This challenge is ALL about implementation AND engagement. Join today and get your next lead from LinkedIn ➪ https://bit.ly/3ftCGpo
What are the 2 most important components for creating powerful audiences? 👨🏻‍💻🚀 The first one is QUALITY, you need high quality audiences. The Second one is you need the audience to be LARGE ENOUGH. Besides using AI Audiences 🤖 that really crush it, one of the easiest ways is to create 👉 Top-Seed Audiences. How to create a Top-Seed Audience Lookalike? 1. Choose your Top 5 or Top 10 best performing seed audiences. 2. Lookalike all of those audiences at 1%. 3. Go ahead and combine them into 1 super powerful audience. This Audience has both components. It's an exremly high quality audience on one side yet large enough audience on the other side. It's that easy to create powerful audience combinations based on your data. But wait.. this is just one audience out of 100s of special audiences. So don't waste too much time. Start your free trial 👉 madgicx.com and launch sophisiticated audiences across the Full-Funnel Strategy (including AI Audiences) to UNLOCK the full potential of your ad account.
King Kong® — Digital Direct-Response Marketing Agency
$5 per lead\n$50 per application\n$300 to acquire a client\n$2k per client per month\n$24k per year\n10 clients = $240k per year\n42 clients = $1,008,000.00\n\nHello 7 figure business!\n\nThat’s the math.\n\nNow let me show you how we do it.\n\nDay in, day out.\n\nIn over 416 different industries and niches.\n\nAnd have generated $1.33 billion in sales (and counting) doing so.\n\nListen, what I can tell you is this…\n\nAchieving predictable results like this is never a result of ‘magic pixie dust’ sprinkled on ‘crossed fingers’ with a dash of ‘let’s hope and pray this works’.\n\nIt’s a result of having a predictable ‘selling system’.\n\nA simple process.\n\nBut I see business owners constantly getting distracted…\n\nChasing the latest shiny object.\n\nOMG!\n\nShould I blog?\n\nStart a podcast?\n\nShould my funnel have two upsells or three?\n\nWhat about chatbots?\n\nEverybody’s talkin’ bout chatbots...lemme give one them a go.\n\nAnd they end up doing a little bit of this...a little bit of that.\n\nSoon, they're tearing out their hair with all the things they "have to" do.\n\nThey’re constantly busy.\n\nKeep’n up with the latest guru’s shiny new tactic.\n\nBut their business is stuck.\n\nBecause they’re not even sure if any of it's actually working!\n\nLook, you could do all that.\n\nMost of your competitors do.\n\nOr...you could focus on a simple selling system that works.\n\nNo more wasted time.\n\nNo more lighting your money on fire.\n\nNo more "try it and see" praying to the marketing gods.\n\nInstead a simple, systematic process with clear KPI’s.\n\nHit your KPI’s and continue to summit the next mountain.\n\nDon't hit them?\n\nTweak, iterate and move forward.\n\nThis is what my clients and I are doing in private.\n\nBuilding predictable and consistent 7 and 8 figure businesses.\n\nWhile our competitors are mindlessly running around in tactical hell.\n\nIf you’re making this mistake in your business and don’t make a change, I’m sorry but you don’t have long left.\n\nYour business will soon be extinct.\n\nThis
Gillian Perkins
Gillian Perkins
Gillian Perkins
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
Ralph Buy Houses
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Clients come to us all the time with the same issue. They’ve tested their offer, creatives, and their ads are working profitably with low budgets. They want to scale. But, they’re scared to spend more in fears that their ROAS will decrease and their CPC will increase. And, when they do try to scale their ad accounts, all profitability is lost. Truth of the matter is, most people who come to us have no idea how to manage high spend accounts. But, that’s why we’re here. If you’re sitting there thinking that this sounds like you, then we got a treat for you. We’ve outlined our exact ad spend scaling process that our in-house media buyers use on our clients. We run through a case study of a REAL client’s account explaining everything you need to do to mimic their success. In this case study, the client came to us spending $2K/day profitably, but wanted to take their ads to the next level. Within 26 days, we took their spend to $20K (while staying profitable the entire time). We maintained a healthy ROAS, CPC, and increased their sales and revenue. What was our secret to scaling their account? It’s all outlined in our 100% free $2K to $20K Ad Spend Case Study Here’s what’s included: ✔️ How to increase ad spend to maintain profitability ✔️ Complete funnel setup guide ✔️ Day to day campaign breakdown ✔️ 55 minute video explanation ✔️ How to stack lookalikes to build a killer audience list ✔️ Total ad account makeover Why are we giving you our exact processes? Because we know it works. We know that you’ll be blown away from the results you see. And you might decide you want to work with us as a client. And if not, we’re happy just helping out. There’s no strings attached, seriously. This case study is 100% free for you to download. It provides you full access to our entire scaling process and our Daily Scale email community. What are you waiting for? Download it now!
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There’s a message out there that’s full of hope and comfort: the word of God. You see, God speaks to His children, starting in ancient history and continuing all the way to the present day, easing their fears and giving them strength. No matter what’s going on in the world, you can find peace in what God has to tell you. There’s more than one way to hear God’s word. You can read sacred books like the Bible or the Book of Mormon, where ancient holy men called prophets wrote down God’s dealings with their people. You can search the words of modern prophets, too. They regularly speak on a variety of topics, everything from overcoming your mistakes to the types of substances you should avoid. Whether you’re worried about things in the news or need help with an intensely personal decision, chances are a servant of God has addressed what’s on your mind. Start by contacting Latter-day Saint missionaries in your area. They can introduce you to God’s word in every form, including the words of modern prophets. The missionaries can also help you learn to hear God’s word another way—through prayer. Because God loves each of us and wants us to be happy, He is willing to provide counsel and comfort to anyone who will listen. If you learn to listen to Him, you can receive divine guidance meant specifically for you. God’s word can change your life. Are you ready to seek it out? Let us know. We’re excited to help you learn what God has in store for you.