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Getting into a university in the USA requires determination and hard work. Watch Juan Pablo explain why it's all worth it.
The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani
What are your mornings like? Study shows most people check their phones 5 minutes after waking up. Social media, email, and news – we crave that instant dose of gratification. But the problem is… We sabotage this precious time – the time when we have the most energy to be productive, and to push towards our goals. The man you’re meeting today, Robin Sharma, needs no introduction. One of the top 5 leadership experts in the world, Robin works closely with peak-performers – CEOs, Olympians, and billionaires – people who dream big and make things happen. They are all different people, doing different things. But what they have in common is how they protect their mornings. They have these 5 daily rituals that are built into their lives. Join us in this FREE online masterclass with Robin Sharma to discover 5 simple daily rituals of super-successful people that will help you build a foundation for an epic life. Reserve your spot here: https://mindvalley.com/hero-genius-legend/masterclass/invite
Raw Dog Food | Natural BARF Diet | Fresh Raw Meat | ProDog
Raw Dog Food | Natural BARF Diet | Fresh Raw Meat | ProDog
Raw Dog Food | Natural BARF Diet | Fresh Raw Meat | ProDog
Celebrate 16 years of World of Warcraft with the world’s first official Secretlab World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Edition chairs, designed in collaboration with Blizzard. Gear up for the first raid of the Shadowlands and prepare to venture into the realm of the departed, all while backed by award-winning comfort. Inspired by the warring factions of the Alliance and the Horde, the Secretlab World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Edition seats pay homage to allegiances that stretch back two decades to the beloved Warcraft real-time strategy games. Swear allegiance to your chosen faction now: https://secretlab.co/worldofwarcraft
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With over 5,000 students enrolled in Pocket Products™, we’ve gotten the feedback, and we know a few things for sure:\n\nPocket Products™ work. \n\nPocket Products™ are literally changing the way people run their businesses (for the better).\n\nPocket Products™ will almost definitely work for you, too (you, being the smart and savvy business owner who’s reading this). \ud83d\ude09\n\nReady to grow your audience *and* grow your revenue — at the same time?\n\nJoin us here: >> \ud83d\udc49 courtneyfosterdonahue.com/pocketproducts\n\nGot questions? Maybe you’re (smartly) wondering):\n\n“But what even IS a pocket product?”\n\nHere’s the full scoop:\n\nHi! \ud83d\udc81 I’m Courtney Foster-Donahue, a marketing strategist, online course expert, and 4-time entrepreneur.\n\nWhen I pivoted to the online education business world almost five years ago, there was a lot of “prevailing wisdom” out there.\n\n And a lot of contradicted my decade of experience in the non-online business world:\n\n"Create a lead magnet..." they said.\n\n“Blog weekly...” they said.\n\n“Post on social media daily...” they said.\n\n“Put out a bunch of free content, and only when you have 100 (or 500 or 1,000) leads on your mailing list should you DARE sell something,” they said.\n\n“They” had a lot of opinions that, quite frankly, didn’t make sense to me.\n\nAnd if you’re a coach, a course creator, a consultant, or a service provider, you’ve heard all of those things, too. (Hint: Some of that “advice" is probably in your newsfeed right now.)\n\nBUT as a four-time entrepreneur from the local and service-based business world, all of this prevailing “wisdom" was upside-down to me.\n\nin ANY other business model outside of online business, you *don’t* grow an audience to some magical, mythical, made-up number and *then* sell something to them…\n\nYou do both. Simultaneously.\n\nThis *isn’t* a Catch-22. It’s just good business sense.\n\nYou *should* generate leads AND generate revenue. At the same time.\n\nThose two things aren’t two steps in a two-step proc
Peng Joon
Big cars, big butts and bikinis 👙 It’s all we really see on social media 📱 Hey Peng Joon here and if we haven’t met before, I’ve been running an online business for the past decade selling my own products as well as promoting other people’s products. Ever wonder how social media works? 🤔 Sometimes people get so caught up in proving to one another that their lives are better than the next person’s. And what for? A few hundred (or thousand) likes ❤️❤️❤️ … then what? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Now, I always say that there are two kinds of people on social media. The consumers (which is what most people are), who scroll and scroll their lives away 😴📱 And then, there are people who use social media for a more fulfilling purpose by helping others and monetizing at the same time 💰 The question now is… who do you want to be? That’s why I’ve decided to run a virtual event real soon, to show you how you can use social media strategically… building a business utilizing what you know and love, no matter what market you’re in 🙌🏼💯 I’ll show you how you can actually build and develop this critical skill-set… All you need to do is click on the link below and sign up for this free training: ==> https://bbworkshop.com/ Yes, it’s going to be free and it’s going to be EPIC. So - register your spot today and I’ll see you real soon...
Sleepy Cotton - Marine Grade 100% Cotton Rope Leash – SleepyCotton
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Unity Real-Time Development Platform | 3D, 2D VR & AR Engine
Want your team to be more productive, efficient and safe? Watch our webinar and discover how transportation/manufacturing companies as well as AEC firms reap the benefits of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).
Insanely Powerful Tools For Amazon Sellers - Helium 10
Facebook can drive your Amazon business growth. All it takes is the right paid strategies!\n\nHere’s what you’ll get inside:\n\u2714\ufe0f How to deliver your ads to the correct audience every time.\n\u2714\ufe0f The best way to scale campaigns for results with A/B testing. \n\u2714\ufe0f The #1 method to stop a customer’s scroll that pulls them in for sales. \n\u2714\ufe0fThe “REAL” way to map out your product’s market with customer avatars.\n\nDownload your FREE "How to Create Facebook Ads for Amazon Product Launches" Guide.
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Wie gewinnt man als Coach & Trainer, Berater oder Dienstleister systematisiert neue Kunden, um im sechsstelligen Umsatzbereich zu landen?\n\nUnd zwar nicht irgendwelche Kunden, sondern diejenigen, die auch bereit sind, die Preise zu bezahlen, die man verlangt?\n\nIch mein jeder kennt das. Man ist im Gespräch und dann kommt es zu der Preisfrage.\n\nWas wäre, wenn du nur Menschen am Telefon hast, die sagen: "Ja, zieh die viertausend Euro von meinem Konto ein und lass uns zusammenarbeiten."\n\nUnd nicht nur einen, sondern zehn bis fünfzehn von diesen Menschen pro Monat.\n\nGanz ehrlich...es hört sich (FAST) zu gut an.\nWenn wir nicht mehr als eintausend Mal bewiesen hätten, dass das doch genauso möglich ist.\n\nUnd ich erkläre jetzt, wie das geht:\n\n#1. Zu viele im Coaching und Trainingsbereich sind Experten für ALLES. Ich meine, wann hast du das letzte Mal den Imbiss genossen, wo du von Chinesisch bis Italienisch alles essen konntest. In der Realität funktioniert das nicht. Genau so ist es als Coach, Berater, Trainer und Dienstleister auch.\n\n\ud83d\udc49Fokussiere dich auf EIN Problem. Und du kannst höhere Preise abrufen. Direkt.\n\n#2. Lerne die wichtigste Fähigkeit: VER - KAU - FEN.\nUnd zwar authentisch. Ohne Dich zu verstellen.\n\n\ud83d\udc49Folge dem Skript, halte dich daran. Verändere nichts, sondern lerne es besser und du wirst automatisch mehr abschließen, wie es Tausende vor Dir auch mit unserem Skript geschafft haben.\n\n#3. Wenn du dich klar positioniert hast und für etwas stehst und deinen ersten Erfolg mit dem Skript hattest, geht es an die Skalierung.\n\n\ud83d\udc49 Digitale Werbung kann völlig überwältigend wirken mit all den Optionen, die man hat. Von uns bekommst du klare Vorgaben, wie Du was machen musst. Kein Raten mehr, wie Du Deine Zielgruppe findest, sondern ganz klares befolgen von Richtlinien und Leitfäden.\n\n#4. Damit du jetzt nicht deine Zeit gegen Geld eintauschen musst, nehmen wir dich an die Hand und bauen mit dir ein systematisiertes Online-Gruppen-Coaching auf.\n\n\ud83d\udc49 W
Τώρα περισσότερο από ποτέ, προπονηθείτε από το σπίτι με το καινοτόμο μηχάνημα γυμναστικής all-in-one! Το AB booster είναι απαραίτητο για όσους θέλουν να κάνουν μια ολοκληρωμένη και αποτελεσματική προπόνηση από το σπίτι. Αγοράστε το δικό σας εδώ http://abbooster.bestdirect.com.gr/
Flywheel | Managed WordPress Hosting for Designers and Agencies
Need to add new revenue streams to your agency? We got you! We’ve asked agencies just like yours about the services they offer and have included the 7 most common ones in this handy ebook! Best of all, these services require little-to-no effort, so you can start seeing that recurring revenue rolling in right away.
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Get Protected From High Medical Costs 🚑 With Premium International Health Insurance ---------- -Compare Plans From All Insurers: -BUPA, Cigna, Aetna, Allianz, AXA and more -Industry Leading Service -Impartial Advice From Expert Consultants -Service In 25+ Languages -Renewals & Claims Support -Answers To All Your Questions 🤗
GrabJobs: No. 1 Job Search | Best Recruitment Platform
Banking and financial services company in United States of America | United States of America
Banking and financial services company in United States of America | United States of America
Banking and financial services company in United States of America | United States of America
Social Media Ad Genius 2.0 | Digital Advertising Experts
So here’s what’s going on in a nutshell… If you continue to setup your ad campaigns for clicks and conversions, (which is what most people do), you’re going to struggle. But if you make a few important changes to the way you approach your target audience, you can absolutely crush it right now… Recently, we used this new strategy to produce 92,233 leads for one of our clients in just 21 days… ...For less than $0.50 cents per lead And here’s the best part… This new strategy is really simple, and you can start using it in any niche for less than $10 per day. We have created an on demand replay of a recent presentation where we dive into the exact method that we used to produce those 92,233 leads for one of our clients in just 21 days for one of our clients. This exact strategy can be used by: - Beginners (people who have never ran an ad) 👉 During this presentation, beginners will see how they get stated for under $10 with this strategy - Intermediate media buyers (people who have spent a few hundred to a few thousand in ad spend) 👉 During this presentation, we will uncover where most ad buyers leave lots of profits on the table. Most people just don't know where to look. - Genius Media Buyers (people who have bought media for years) 👉 During this presentation, you will see how our new strategy leans into the automation to drive quick, perdictable and scalable results. Use this strategy to scale quickly and effectively Access the On Demand Training Today, inside of our Free Group. Inside of our Free Group, there is over 15+ hours of free training to help get you and your team all trained up on this highly effective award winning strategy.
Digital Marketing Lab - Digital Marketing Lab
⚠️ Agencies, let me install my proven automated sales process for Agencies and get the NEW release of my R4 Sales System for FREE ($497 value)! My next Agency Sales Funnel Bootcamp is happening soon - get all of the details here: https://labspecial.com/asfb-special I've talked about the 'Sales Cycle of Doom' ☠️ and how it impacts Agencies for years. Most Agencies never get out of it...they never develop enough sales momentum to truly get ahead. There are several key factors to help you escape it... ● Focusing on selling recurring revenue - not one-off projects... ● Standardizing the work you do - no custom work... ● Focusing on a single industry to accelerate your marketing... But the VERY FIRST THING every Agency should do is to put an automated sales process in place! 💯 If you don't have a sales system that attracts, qualifies, and follows up with prospects AUTOMATICALLY...you are at a disadvantage and will struggle to grow. Let me help you install your automated your sales system! Get all of the details and get registered for the Agency Sales System Bootcamp TODAY! ⏰ https://labspecial.com/asfb-special
monday.com: One platform, better teamwork.
Start managing your marketing projects with monday․com 👍 Banner Requests 👍 Campaign Tracking 👍 Content Production
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Dealer In All Kinds Of Mobile Phones, Dj Instrumental, Digital Camera, Laptop Games And Games Consoles etc. For Inquiry And Order Placement Inbox us
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Your Development team may be distributed, but your documentation should all be in one place.
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FineReport Reporting Software
** Treat the pain at home** It's time to treat the pain and its source. 💪 Our innovative low-level lasers have helped people all over the world fight pain. ❤️ B-cure was tested in clinical trials around the globe. Contact us for more information. Plans starting at £35 x 24 months | 30 days trial period Easy & Safe | Proven efficacy | Non-invasive | Clinically proven | Easy to use | 100% Money-back Guarantee
Goldie Sound Productions
Uye Surana Lingerie | New York
Internet, TV, Phone, Smart Home and Security - Xfinity
Your local Xfinity Store is re-opening and we've got new healthy practices in place to make your shopping experience safer. Visit our consultants today to discover all the ways you can stay connected.
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The One Funnel Away Challenge!
I am extremely glad I did it, and I had no list to begin with. I think $100 is laughably small considering the value received, so I encourage you to do it! ~ Jeff Stephens\n\nYou don't need a product, service or a list. It will be the best $100 investment you could ever make. You won't become a millionaire or overnight sensation, but you be will off to a good start. ~ Angie D. Jordan\n\nIf you want to know about building a profitable business online? It’s the best program on the market. Blows away programs that normally cost $997 ~ Michael Lasswell\n\nTruly the best $100 you can spend on your current or future business. I learned sooooo much from this OFA Challenge about marketing, how to build a product that people want, and I built relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. I actually signed up to do it a second time, just to further cement all that learning in my brain. It's so worth it. ~ Liesell Mitchell\n\nBest money I ever spent, 100 times more valuable than any "$997 Masterclass" I've ever bought ~ Mario Pajaj\n\n49X'd my original investment, and re-enrolled for this month. Best money ever spent. ~ Alex S. Elliot\n\nIt's awesome. I am very surprised at the value. This is more information than I have gotten in programs costing $497. All I have to do is follow along and do the work and I am on my way. ~ Rebecca Whitaker West\n\nAwesome investment. I've had my idea for my audience building secrets class on the backburner for like 2 years and have like 90% of it done because of this challenge. Still waiting on some tweaks on things, but it's gotten me closer than I've gotten the last like 2 years ~ Chris Hughes\n\nIt is not a sales pitch. It basically gives you step by step principles to follow to understand the basics of marketing.\nWell, worth it!! ~ Janet Reid Hobbs\n\nThe best $100 you'll EVER spend on any online training\ud83d\udcaf ~ Aiyedun Babatunde\n\nJoin us in our One Funnel Away Challenge \u27a1\ufe0f https://onefunnelaway.com/challenge
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Sound familiar? You ask dozens of your successful clients for a video testimonial...Only to get back email after email of excuses as to why they'd rather just give you a written one... I know it all too well, and I created a simple and automated system to get nearly EVERY single one of those people to give you a video testimonial [And actually LOVE the process.] I want to teach you my 30-IN-3 Method. You will learn how to get 30 video testimonials from your clients and students in only 3 days. Click below and get access to the absolute simplest system for getting video testimonials.
The 5-Step Process Our Clients Use to Launch Full-Time Businesses on Amazon (With Just 1 Product)
Over the past 3 years, we’ve developed a system to help our amazing community launch simple, winning products, and then outsource and AUTOMATE the entire thing to run on near autopilot. ✈️ And we are very proud of it!!! We did it by NOT having a website. ❌NOT shipping cheap trinkets. ❌NOT creating a Shopify or a blog. ❌NOT using a pyramid shaped BS model. Best of all… 🚫NO “high-tech” skills are required. 🚫NO complicated ads or SEO. 🚫NO need for customer headaches. 🚫NO need to complicate the startup process The process is simple. It’s scalable. Best of all...it works the same with ZERO experience or even a product yet. (It might actually work better!) In fact, it’s only THREE STEPS. Click below to check out our free presentation. I’ve launched over 15,000 products using this platform. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the simple, foolproof strategy. P.S. Remember, there is NO NEED to learn how to design websites or source thousands of products. Perfect for newcomers and others who have tried things before and nothing has worked. It’s time to check out this training. Register here for FREE: https://plmastery.com/masterclass32756214
AmpiFire | Revolutionary Content Amplification Engine
✏️ Gary Vee Says to Create 60 Or More Pieces of Content Everyday. That is insane… How do small businesses create this much content all while running their actual business? As a small business owner myself, I am unsure how Dentists, Plumbers, Marketing Agencies and other small businesses have time to do just that. What this tells us is the creation of new and fresh content is one of the most important marketing tactics today, especially during times where people are stuck in their homes, and are consuming 2x as much content than ever before. So here’s the question, is there a better way to create heaps of content in 2020 without hiring a huge team? There is now. What if I told you that you could get content produced for you, for hidden angles in your niche, and then get that content published all over the internet on major sites. -> Videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo -> Advertorials on major news sites like Fox & NBC -> Slideshows on Slideshare -> Audio snippets in major podcast directories like Google Podcasts -> Blog posts on high traffic blogs -> And more! Meet AmpiFire. AmpiFire is a platform that uses a mix of AI, software automation and talented writers to produce videos, articles, podcasts, slideshares and more and spread it across the internet. AmpiFire pushes this new content to hundreds of authority sites with just a click of a button, Fox News, Google News, YouTube, Podcasts & More… All of this EXPLODES your exposure online... AmpiFire is currently invite-only as we have just gone live and can only handle so many new Customers at once to ensure we maintain quality and the highest level of customer service. Spots are filling up fast! 👇 Book Your Demo of AmpiFire today! http://ampifire.com/general/booking
Say2eat | Commission Free Delivery | White label online ordering
Restaurant Owners! Increase your delivery sales COMMISSION FREE. In this case study, I’m going to show you how to cut your overall delivery costs by 50%, while exponentially growing the delivery aspect of your restaurant business. This, as a commission-free “direct delivery” sales channel, keeping your margins and profitability healthy and intact. All this is accomplished without surrendering your customer data and relationships, branding or dedicating a hefty marketing budget. https://delivery.say2eat.com/case_study Who is this for? Pay attention if you are: 1. Tired of paying high commissions that hurt your business to third parties just because they deliver your food, and are looking for a more profitable way to offer delivery to your customers. 2.Looking for a way to offer delivery ordering that is directly from you, without any commissions, while holding onto your customer data and relationships, your branding, and your ability to sell directly to your customers as it should be. https://delivery.say2eat.com/case_study Third-party marketplaces such as Grubhub, Ubereats, and Doordash are charging you between 20-35% commission off each delivery order. Not a very profitable endeavour, especially when factoring in that they are hijacking your brand, customer data, and relationships with your valued customers. So, what can you do? That is why Say2eat exists, to make delivery painless both for you and your valued customers. With no hidden fees, no deceit, and no ridiculous commissions. https://delivery.say2eat.com/case_study
Ecom Warrior Academy - Matthew Lepre Free Ecommerce Training Course
The education system in Australia is failing us.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year thousands of students enrol into $30,000 University degrees, not entirely sure of where it will lead on the other side.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nWhat nobody seems to be talking about is this:\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nUniversities are a business (and a very smart one at that).\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year BILLIONS of dollars worth of degrees are being enrolled for, and every year tens of thousands of students are leaving with no security, no job prospects, $30,000+ in debt and, worst of all, 3+ years down the drain that could have been spent more effectively.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI know this system all too well because a few short years ago I was trapped in it myself.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI didn’t understand why I was being told by my family, my school and peers that going to university was the best thing to do. I was in debt, without a job, little interest in what I was doing and feeling like a failure…\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nThen I figured it out.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u
Stuck cleaning bird poo, tree sap & watermarks... 🤷‍♂️ Still washing your car only for it to be dirty the next day... 🤦‍♂️ Tired of looking at the scratches on your paint... 🙇‍♂️ Slowly seeing your paint fade away... 🙍‍♂️ All these things and more used to be a problem - that was before our Paint Correction/Protection Treatment service ‼️ Experience benefits like... 🏎 Scratch & Swirl Removal 🏎 High Gloss Shine 🏎 Strong Water Repellency 🏎 Resists Bird Poo & Tree Sap Stains 🏎 100% UV Protection 🏎 100% Chemical Protection 🏎 Lifetime Warranty ...and guess what ⁉️ We're offering all of the above in our exclusive Brila Liquid Glass & Paint Correction combo 🔥 Now at over 4,000+ cars right in Sydney 🇦🇺 (Psst... ZipMoney 12 months Interest FREE ❗️)
Delicious Gluten Free Cookies Nanas Cookie Company
Teqball | World Is Curved
50% OFF ALL TABLES 🤷‍♂️ ! - The FAST-PACED, ADDICTIVE, Football-based sport played on a specially-curved table! ✅ Fast-Paced ✅ Addictive (You have NO idea!) ✅ Estimated 20,000 players in more than 100 countries ✅ 72 Established National Federations ✅ 250 FITEQ trained referees ✅ Yearly World Championships Since 2017 ✅Sport Recognized by 2 Continental Olympic Associations ✅ GAISF Observer Status ✅ And a whole lot of fun! “ , .” RONALDINHO Brazilian Football Legend Don't Delay though... this deal WON'T LAST LONG!