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The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani
What are your mornings like? Study shows most people check their phones 5 minutes after waking up. Social media, email, and news – we crave that instant dose of gratification. But the problem is… We sabotage this precious time – the time when we have the most energy to be productive, and to push towards our goals. The man you’re meeting today, Robin Sharma, needs no introduction. One of the top 5 leadership experts in the world, Robin works closely with peak-performers – CEOs, Olympians, and billionaires – people who dream big and make things happen. They are all different people, doing different things. But what they have in common is how they protect their mornings. They have these 5 daily rituals that are built into their lives. Join us in this FREE online masterclass with Robin Sharma to discover 5 simple daily rituals of super-successful people that will help you build a foundation for an epic life. Reserve your spot here: https://mindvalley.com/hero-genius-legend/masterclass/invite
Peng Joon
Big cars, big butts and bikinis 👙 It’s all we really see on social media 📱 Hey Peng Joon here and if we haven’t met before, I’ve been running an online business for the past decade selling my own products as well as promoting other people’s products. Ever wonder how social media works? 🤔 Sometimes people get so caught up in proving to one another that their lives are better than the next person’s. And what for? A few hundred (or thousand) likes ❤️❤️❤️ … then what? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Now, I always say that there are two kinds of people on social media. The consumers (which is what most people are), who scroll and scroll their lives away 😴📱 And then, there are people who use social media for a more fulfilling purpose by helping others and monetizing at the same time 💰 The question now is… who do you want to be? That’s why I’ve decided to run a virtual event real soon, to show you how you can use social media strategically… building a business utilizing what you know and love, no matter what market you’re in 🙌🏼💯 I’ll show you how you can actually build and develop this critical skill-set… All you need to do is click on the link below and sign up for this free training: ==> https://bbworkshop.com/ Yes, it’s going to be free and it’s going to be EPIC. So - register your spot today and I’ll see you real soon...
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
Legacy Permits | Certificates, Permits & Allied Services
To do list app with Calendar, Planner & Reminders | Any.do
I Shall Vote – When millions of people become engaged in the political process they win. – Bernie Sanders
Social Media Ad Genius 2.0 | Digital Advertising Experts
So here’s what’s going on in a nutshell… If you continue to setup your ad campaigns for clicks and conversions, (which is what most people do), you’re going to struggle. But if you make a few important changes to the way you approach your target audience, you can absolutely crush it right now… Recently, we used this new strategy to produce 92,233 leads for one of our clients in just 21 days… ...For less than $0.50 cents per lead And here’s the best part… This new strategy is really simple, and you can start using it in any niche for less than $10 per day. We have created an on demand replay of a recent presentation where we dive into the exact method that we used to produce those 92,233 leads for one of our clients in just 21 days for one of our clients. This exact strategy can be used by: - Beginners (people who have never ran an ad) 👉 During this presentation, beginners will see how they get stated for under $10 with this strategy - Intermediate media buyers (people who have spent a few hundred to a few thousand in ad spend) 👉 During this presentation, we will uncover where most ad buyers leave lots of profits on the table. Most people just don't know where to look. - Genius Media Buyers (people who have bought media for years) 👉 During this presentation, you will see how our new strategy leans into the automation to drive quick, perdictable and scalable results. Use this strategy to scale quickly and effectively Access the On Demand Training Today, inside of our Free Group. Inside of our Free Group, there is over 15+ hours of free training to help get you and your team all trained up on this highly effective award winning strategy.
Digital Marketing Lab - Digital Marketing Lab
⚠️ Agencies, let me install my proven automated sales process for Agencies and get the NEW release of my R4 Sales System for FREE ($497 value)! My next Agency Sales Funnel Bootcamp is happening soon - get all of the details here: https://labspecial.com/asfb-special I've talked about the 'Sales Cycle of Doom' ☠️ and how it impacts Agencies for years. Most Agencies never get out of it...they never develop enough sales momentum to truly get ahead. There are several key factors to help you escape it... ● Focusing on selling recurring revenue - not one-off projects... ● Standardizing the work you do - no custom work... ● Focusing on a single industry to accelerate your marketing... But the VERY FIRST THING every Agency should do is to put an automated sales process in place! 💯 If you don't have a sales system that attracts, qualifies, and follows up with prospects AUTOMATICALLY...you are at a disadvantage and will struggle to grow. Let me help you install your automated your sales system! Get all of the details and get registered for the Agency Sales System Bootcamp TODAY! ⏰ https://labspecial.com/asfb-special
The One Funnel Away Challenge!
I am extremely glad I did it, and I had no list to begin with. I think $100 is laughably small considering the value received, so I encourage you to do it! ~ Jeff Stephens\n\nYou don't need a product, service or a list. It will be the best $100 investment you could ever make. You won't become a millionaire or overnight sensation, but you be will off to a good start. ~ Angie D. Jordan\n\nIf you want to know about building a profitable business online? It’s the best program on the market. Blows away programs that normally cost $997 ~ Michael Lasswell\n\nTruly the best $100 you can spend on your current or future business. I learned sooooo much from this OFA Challenge about marketing, how to build a product that people want, and I built relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. I actually signed up to do it a second time, just to further cement all that learning in my brain. It's so worth it. ~ Liesell Mitchell\n\nBest money I ever spent, 100 times more valuable than any "$997 Masterclass" I've ever bought ~ Mario Pajaj\n\n49X'd my original investment, and re-enrolled for this month. Best money ever spent. ~ Alex S. Elliot\n\nIt's awesome. I am very surprised at the value. This is more information than I have gotten in programs costing $497. All I have to do is follow along and do the work and I am on my way. ~ Rebecca Whitaker West\n\nAwesome investment. I've had my idea for my audience building secrets class on the backburner for like 2 years and have like 90% of it done because of this challenge. Still waiting on some tweaks on things, but it's gotten me closer than I've gotten the last like 2 years ~ Chris Hughes\n\nIt is not a sales pitch. It basically gives you step by step principles to follow to understand the basics of marketing.\nWell, worth it!! ~ Janet Reid Hobbs\n\nThe best $100 you'll EVER spend on any online training\ud83d\udcaf ~ Aiyedun Babatunde\n\nJoin us in our One Funnel Away Challenge \u27a1\ufe0f https://onefunnelaway.com/challenge
Click Go Live Workshop
Sound familiar? You ask dozens of your successful clients for a video testimonial...Only to get back email after email of excuses as to why they'd rather just give you a written one... I know it all too well, and I created a simple and automated system to get nearly EVERY single one of those people to give you a video testimonial [And actually LOVE the process.] I want to teach you my 30-IN-3 Method. You will learn how to get 30 video testimonials from your clients and students in only 3 days. Click below and get access to the absolute simplest system for getting video testimonials.
AmpiFire | Revolutionary Content Amplification Engine
✏️ Gary Vee Says to Create 60 Or More Pieces of Content Everyday. That is insane… How do small businesses create this much content all while running their actual business? As a small business owner myself, I am unsure how Dentists, Plumbers, Marketing Agencies and other small businesses have time to do just that. What this tells us is the creation of new and fresh content is one of the most important marketing tactics today, especially during times where people are stuck in their homes, and are consuming 2x as much content than ever before. So here’s the question, is there a better way to create heaps of content in 2020 without hiring a huge team? There is now. What if I told you that you could get content produced for you, for hidden angles in your niche, and then get that content published all over the internet on major sites. -> Videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo -> Advertorials on major news sites like Fox & NBC -> Slideshows on Slideshare -> Audio snippets in major podcast directories like Google Podcasts -> Blog posts on high traffic blogs -> And more! Meet AmpiFire. AmpiFire is a platform that uses a mix of AI, software automation and talented writers to produce videos, articles, podcasts, slideshares and more and spread it across the internet. AmpiFire pushes this new content to hundreds of authority sites with just a click of a button, Fox News, Google News, YouTube, Podcasts & More… All of this EXPLODES your exposure online... AmpiFire is currently invite-only as we have just gone live and can only handle so many new Customers at once to ensure we maintain quality and the highest level of customer service. Spots are filling up fast! 👇 Book Your Demo of AmpiFire today! http://ampifire.com/general/booking
Ecom Warrior Academy - Matthew Lepre Free Ecommerce Training Course
The education system in Australia is failing us.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year thousands of students enrol into $30,000 University degrees, not entirely sure of where it will lead on the other side.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nWhat nobody seems to be talking about is this:\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nUniversities are a business (and a very smart one at that).\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nEvery year BILLIONS of dollars worth of degrees are being enrolled for, and every year tens of thousands of students are leaving with no security, no job prospects, $30,000+ in debt and, worst of all, 3+ years down the drain that could have been spent more effectively.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI know this system all too well because a few short years ago I was trapped in it myself.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nI didn’t understand why I was being told by my family, my school and peers that going to university was the best thing to do. I was in debt, without a job, little interest in what I was doing and feeling like a failure…\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\nThen I figured it out.\n\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u2800\u
Ngọc Thạch Mobile
\ud83c\udf3e ORGANIC BARLEY JUICE \ud83c\udf3e\nAng barley ay isang uri ng halaman na punong-puno ng vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes plus chlorophyll, phytonutirents and phytochemicals na kinakailangan ng ating katawan sa pagpapalakas ng ating immune system upang malabanan ang mga nakakatakot na sakit, bacteria at viruses.\n\ufffdibat-ibang sakit ang "NATUTULUNGANG MAIWASAN" ng aming Pure Organic Barley from New Zealand tulad ng mga sumusunod:\n\ud83d\udc49 Cancer \ud83d\udc49 Diabetes\ud83d\udc49 Myoma \ud83d\udc49 Goiter \n\ud83d\udc49 Arthritis \ud83d\udc49 U.T.I \ud83d\udc49 Kidney \ud83d\udc49 Gallstone \n\ud83d\udc49 Asthma \ud83d\udc49 Stroke \ud83d\udc49 Cyst/Bukol \ud83d\udc49 Lupus \n\ud83d\udc49 Psoriasis \ud83d\udc49 Prostate \ud83d\udc49 Liver \ud83d\udc49 Heart \n\ud83d\udc49 Colon \nAng Sante Barley Juice ay for all ages, even Pregnant Woman.\nand nakakatuwa dahil ito ay \n\u2611Certified Organic \n\u2611FDA, Halal Certified\n\u2611Safe for babies, pregnant & lactating moms\nTry now and experience the power of this miraculous grass for your health!\nTRY one now!\n\n\ud83d\udcf2 CONTACT US NOW‼\n\n\ud83d\udcde 09183764810 / 09173241812\nPrevention is better than cure!\n\nwww.santebarley.com.ph
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security
Protect you and your family with all-in-one security solution for life online.
Create an Ecommerce Website and Sell Online! Ecommerce Software by Shopify
Photographers!!! MY ENTIRE LIGHTROOM PRESET AND PHOTOSHOP ACTION STORE IS ON SALE FOR $14.99 (Reg $694.95)!!! (Over 150 total Products for Lightroom and Photoshop in one convenient package) DETAILS AND LINK TO PURCHASE BELOW!!! (Offer ends tonight at midnight) Hey there, Jake Olson here! For those of you who don't know me I was named by The Huffington Post as one of the Top 30 Most Socially Influential Photographers in the World. If you're not one of my 700,000 followers you could have seen my photos on dozens of book covers from authors such as Lee Child and Nicholas Sparks, maybe even on Canon's box for a new video camera. I’m finally offering my professional one click editing Lightroom Presets and Professional Photoshop Actions to the Public!!! This incredible and complete professional editing set includes everything below for just one low price!!! $14.99 (Reg $694.95)!!! -Over 130 Of My Award Wining Lightroom presets!!! -Black and White Preset Collection -Spring Collection Presets -Winter Wonderland Preset Collection -Cozy Winter Preset Collection -Summer Preset Collection -Fall Preset Collection -Photoshop Retouching and Detail Brush Set for perfect skin and ultimate subject detail where it counts. - Two Extensive Video tutorials with all of my latest techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom. I’m an open book in these professional videos and reveal my entire workflow from beginning to end. - 30 High resolution sky overlays to add amazing depth and color to your outdoor natural light portraits. - Snowflake Lightroom Presets that add the effect of natural falling snow to your Winter Outdoor Portraits. - My Famous Bubble Overlays with my Bubble Overlay Video Tutorial to add a little fun and pop to your Spring and Summer Outdoor Portraits. Purchase Here!!! https://magical-imagery.myshopify.com/collections/collections/products/whole-store Please feel free to email us at Jakeolsonstudios@gmail.com or message our Facebook Page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible
AdOutreach YouTube Ads | YouTube Ads Training & Consulting with Aleric Heck
Over the past several months I've taken some of our top clients and worked with them to set up what I now call... My "OmniPresent Retargeting Machine"\n\nYou probably know me as the YouTube Ads Expert, and that's true! \n\nBut what you may not know is that over the past year I've been building out another, far-reaching arm of my own marketing efforts.\n\n--> The OmniPresent Retargeting Machine\n\nTaking all the leads & traffic I get from YouTube Ads and running them through a carefully & intricately designed "deadly marketing funnel" specifically aimed to indoctrinate your ideal clients, get them to convert quicker & squeeze every drop of juice from leads coming in the door.\n\nNow, for the First Time Ever...\n\nI am inviting you to set up a call with my team to talk about OmniPresent Retargeting + YouTube Ads for your business.\n\nBecause you see I've found there's a formula to build a 7 or 8 Figure Marketing Machine...\n\nYouTube Ads + OmniPresent Retargeting = 7-8 Figure Marketing Machine\n\nSo for the first time, I want to invite you to schedule a call to talk about setting up YouTube Ads + OmniPresent Retargeting in your business.\n\nHere's the link:\n\nhttps://www.adoutreach.com/omnipresent-call\n\nSee you there.\n\n-Aleric\n\nP.S. Our OmniPresent Retargeting Machine is one of our most advanced advertising strategies, so we may recommend starting with YouTube Ads first if you don't have enough high quality leads.
Skup - The $50K/Day P.O.D. Workshop
There’s no way to escape it… Dropshipping is on its way out... And tbh, I can’t say that I’m at all surprised Because we all know what happens when too many people board on a lifeboat It sinks... And while Dropshipping might have brought a lot of people success in the past Over the last 5 years that lifeboat has slowly been getting fuller and fuller… Luckily for us, however, we saw this disaster coming a LONG time ago So, instead of sailing right into it the heart of it like all the other eCom sellers We decided to switch direction and try a different strategy Something completely new that almost nobody else was doing at the time Fast forward 5 years and our store has already hit 7-figs And while all the Dropshipping sellers struggle to keep their heads above water We’re confident that Q4 is going to be the best three months on record Because the secret system we use has brought us nothing but success from day one... Not to mention the 1000s of customers who use our system to... - Find winning products that sell fast - Find trustworthy suppliers that consistently deliver - Find loyal customers that buy time after time All without ever having to waste time hosting webinars, writing emails, or posting blogs… ...has been INCREDIBLE And the craziest thing is just how easy it’s been to this stage All we needed was this one small thing to change our fortunes forever… Click LEARN MORE below now to find out what it is...
Steelbird Toys
❓Do you want to become the most confident person in your social circle❓ I always knew I wanted to become successful. I wanted to be highly confident and the guy people look up to. Being free and financially independent. My biggest problem was I didn’t know how to do that. What are the right steps to get a high paid job? What do I need to do to become successful? How can I get high levels of self-confidence? How can I stop doubting myself? How can I attract amazing people into my life? I had no idea… The short version is that after years of hard work I found the answer to those questions. After 1000s of hours of seminars, programs and books I finally understood how to get promoted quicker and how to put myself into positions where I could earn a lot of money. I earned up to 10.000 USD per month as a sales guy in my early twenty’s and after that I built several successful businesses. That’s also why at some point I decided to mentor and guide people, who also want to have more, do more and be more than they ever thought is possible. Everybody has a special skill in his life, mine is ... changing people to the better! I brought together dozens of successful businessmen to be able to coach you in all different areas of life. The result of that is our High Performance Mentoring Group. We are focusing on improving your confidence, sales and leadership skills. We will take your social and communication skills to the next level so you can easily connect with all the people you want. Excuses will be non-existent and you will get done whatever you want to get done. No limits. Since this is only a post I can't explain the whole structure here. BUT I have something special for you! What I want to offer you now, is the possibility to get on a FREE consulting call with one of our elite coaches! You will be able to talk about everything you want or ask us everything you want. We will provide you with tailored advice/solutions. AND if we think that you are the right person for our me
Home - Ted McGrath
🎯 I was hustling to fill a room with 20 people, until I started using this template to consistently fill my events with 200 ideal students which generated $331,000 at my last live event 🔻 http://sst.tedmcgrathbrands.com/v5-sst-opt-in-ultimate I was terrified when I started speaking from stage 🤢 But, I knew that if I didn't push through the fear, I would spend the rest of my life wondering 'what if'... Fast forward 5 years and I built a 7 figure business speaking from stage 📢 The best part is that I built a map for you to follow so you can avoid all the mistakes I made! 🤩 Download it now: http://sst.tedmcgrathbrands.com/v5-sst-opt-in-ultimate 👉 Here’s the most common question my clients who want to run profitable live events ask me: “How do I start to build my speaking business?” I’ve got a really simple answer: 5% 🖐 Most people try to change everything at once to get what they want, but one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned through building my my speaking business is to change only 5% of what I’m doing in that moment 💡 If you follow my map you can change the RIGHT 5%... Download it now: http://sst.tedmcgrathbrands.com/v5-sst-opt-in-ultimate
ARX Fit | The Future Of Exercise!
Sell Like Crazy Book | #1 Amazon Best Seller by Sabri Suby‎
Marketers lie. Numbers don’t. So I could go on and on about how this ‘selling system’ could… Double your leads… Fill your calendar for 3 weeks in advance. Plummet your cost per lead. Sky-rocket your ROAS. And make you live like a Greek god in the Bahamas. (Had to make sure I still had your attention) But seriously. No matter what I say. You'd just roll your eyes. “Aaaaahhh another flippin’ guru”. But you know what you can't deny? Numbers. So while others love to talk. I’ll just keep stacking that sweet proof pie. Layer by layer. 7 figure case study, after 7 figure case study. Because this ‘selling system’ has created 58 millionaires. Here’s just a sample of the results: 🔥 Take a home building start-up from $0 to $7 million in 8 months flat…(they hit their building insurance and couldn’t take on any more clients!) 🔥 Transform a Pilates instructor training business, from barely breaking even at $200k in revenue… to a wildly successful business with $2 million in annual sales in 14 months. 🔥 Launch a mattress start-up from $0 to $13 million in revenue in their first 12 months… (Literally selling out warehouses full of stock and the manufacturer couldn’t keep up!) 🔥 Take a small father and son building business from $3 million to $50 million in sales in just 18 MONTHS! 🔥 Skyrocketing the sales of an Aged Care provider from $4 million to $25 million in sales in 12 months flat! (This was all done with a basic 2-step funnel and one traffic source!) 🔥 Sell $51 million dollars’ worth of property in 8 WEEKS through one funnel! (This was for a client in a super-niche property market and took him from zero to hero within two months) Look, I could go on and on with hundreds of success stories like these… Because this ‘selling system’ has been used in over 416 different niches. And these aren’t some cherry-picked results either. We’ve got hundreds of 5-star reviews. At the
Get Instant Leverage In Your Agency Today!
Want a $3/hr Virtual assistant to book 10-20 appointments per week for your agency on autopilot? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a VA that already comes fully trained in how to generate you more appointments with business owners in your niche? Tried using Va's in the past but it just didn't seem to work out? I know what it's like, hustling to land appointments... Doing outreach all over the place & trying to run your agency all at the same time... Landing a client only to now have to stop everything to do fulfillment which in turn slows things down... At some point most agency owners try to find a VA to help them out but then don't have time to train them or even worse don't know exactly what to train them on. This results in the agency owner being frustrated, blaming the VA then going back to doing everything themselves. A few months later they get sick of that again & the cycle repeats itself. Hi I'm JR Rivas & if you run a marketing agency selling a service like SEO, Facebook™ Ads or PPC & want to automate your client appointments coming in & your fulfillment then listen up... I've developed a system where my team finds, screens & trains virtual assistants that know how to do one thing extremely well. Get you 10-20 appointments with qualified clients a week & help you manage your client fulfillment. See, most people hire VA’s and put them on admin tasks from day one, although this does free up some time It’s not the most effective thing to do. We focus on training your VA to do Revenue generating tasks like setting you more appointments. To see how this works & how we can do this for you then click here and enter your info and I'll explain everything: www.InstantLeverage.com/getva This is not some pitch in disguise, I'll lay out our exact system & how it works. At that point, you can choose to try to do it yourself or hire us to do it for you. See how it works here: www.InstantLeverage.com/getVa
AmpiFire | Revolutionary Content Amplification Engine
✏️ The Pros Are Saying to Create 60 Or More Pieces of Content Every Week... That is insane...how do small businesses create this much content all while running their actual business? As a small business owner myself, I am unsure how a Dentist, Plumber, Marketing Agency, etc. have time to do just that. Gary also goes onto saying, “The biggest thing I can tell you is that you have to make as much content as possible” What this tells us is the creation of new and fresh content is one of the most important marketing tactics today, especially during times where people are stuck in their homes, and are consuming 2x as much content than ever before. So here’s the question, is there a better way to create heaps of content in 2020? There is now. What if I told you that you could get content produced for you, for hidden angles in your niche, and then get that content published all over the internet on major sites. -> Videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo -> Advertorials on major news sites like NBC -> Slideshows on Slideshare -> Audio snippets in major podcast directories like Google Podcasts -> Blog posts on high traffic blogs -> And more! Meet AmpiFire. Book Your Demo of AmpiFire today! http://ampifire.com/general/booking
All-In-One Integrated Marketing Platform for Small Business | Mailchimp
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Gillio planners may cause enthusiasm and addiction 💗
Natural Joint Support & Mobility For Dogs, Cats & Horses
🐶🐱Try South Africa's #1 All-Natural Advanced Mobility Complex for Dogs & Cats 🐾 ✅All-Natural ✅Joint Support ✅Promote Mobility ✅Ease Discomfort ✅Enhance Vitality Keep Your Pet Active For life! 🔥💪🔥Naturally. *Buy 2 (250g) Packs and Get One 150g Pack FREE (SAVE R295) Includes Free Delivery.
What are the 2 most important components for creating powerful audiences? 👨🏻‍💻🚀 The first one is QUALITY, you need high quality audiences. The Second one is you need the audience to be LARGE ENOUGH. Besides using AI Audiences 🤖 that really crush it, one of the easiest ways is to create 👉 Top-Seed Audiences. How to create a Top-Seed Audience Lookalike? 1. Choose your Top 5 or Top 10 best performing seed audiences. 2. Lookalike all of those audiences at 1%. 3. Go ahead and combine them into 1 super powerful audience. This Audience has both components. It's an exremly high quality audience on one side yet large enough audience on the other side. It's that easy to create powerful audience combinations based on your data. But wait.. this is just one audience out of 100s of special audiences. So don't waste too much time. Start your free trial 👉 madgicx.com and launch sophisiticated audiences across the Full-Funnel Strategy (including AI Audiences) to UNLOCK the full potential of your ad account.
Alex Ryvchin
Sleep City
Mattress Liquidation Clearance - We are liquidating overstock inventory for several national mattress distributors. **while supplies last** New in plastic with 15 year warranty & 120 night Sleep trial! $39 Today & take home any set of your choice! Message to get one (Dan or Kelsey) Se habla español Everything is marked down 50-80% Off retail prices. Read all of our reviews, best rated mattress store in Texas. Name brands: Serta, Simmons, Beautyrest Black, Spring Air and many more! Luxury Kings start at $245 Luxury Queens start at $145 Luxury Fulls start at $135 Luxury Twins start at $75 Adjustable king bases available for $677, all sizes on sale! 4 Convenient locations (Message us today!)
Gillian Perkins
Gillian Perkins
Gillian Perkins