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Kakao M Friends Audition 카카오엠프렌즈오디션
[ASIA SUPER YOUNG GLOBAL AUDITION] . Asia Global On-tact Audition which will be held by Kakao M with Alibaba, China’s largest corporation! The final selection will be given the opportunity to participate in YOUKU, China's top online video streaming service platform, and will also make a global debut and appear on an audition program! . Eligibility - Male (Not only individual trainees but also who already have an agency or debuted are welcomed) - No restrictions on age and the nationality - A person who has no reason for disqualification in an overseas country . Areas of application & Preparation - Vocal, Rap : Any song is available (Unaccompanied / Musical instrument OK) - Dance : Any song is available (Cover / Creating / Freestyle OK) - Acting : Free Performance - Model (Fashion/CF) : Walking or 3 Free Poses - Singer song-writer : Self composed song (Musical instrument / MR OK) . Period of application : Sep. 9th (Wed.) 2020 ~ Sep. 20th (Sun.) 2020 . How to Apply : Please Email us the application form and atteched file -> audition@kakao-m.com Title : [Asia Super Young] Name / Age / Nationality / Areas of Application Contents : ①Name ②Gender ③Date of Birth ④Nationality ⑤Areas of Application ⑥Contacts ⑦Address ⑧Height/Weight ⑨Special Ability or Etc. Attachments : ①Videos of each applying areas (Within 1 minute, 100MB) ②3 Photos of face-shot and full-body shot (No Filters) . Inquiry : Kakao M Friends Audition @kakaomfriends . #카카오엠 #KakaoM #알리바바 #Alibaba #카카오엠오디션 #KakaoMAudition #Audition
Gadget Zone Co جادجيت زون غزة
الآن في غزة لدى جادجيت زون‼️ ✅ بناءً على طلب زبائننا وفرنالكم كمية جديدة ✅ المنتج الأصلي من شركة بابجي CORPORATION ! لعيبة البابجي “Pubg” والفورتنايت “Fortnite” وينكم مانع التعرق، وأفضل توصيل للمس وأنعم تحكم للحركة بالإضافة للسماح لمرور الهوا. هذا المنتج ليس مثل أي قماش!! مصنوعة من مادة الفابرك عالية الجودة واللي بتسمح بتوصيل لمس لشاشة الجوال في كل الظروف. مكانا الجديد - غزة - أول النصر - بعد مزاج - بجانب دياب "للبناشر". 0567329818 0599329818 السعر 10 شيكل. ‏‎لأول مرة في غزة أغلب المنتجات اللي بنشوفها على Aliexpress , Alibaba r, Ebay , Amazon , Walmart , YouTube , FaceBook , Instagram . صارت متوفرة في غزة لدى جادجيت زون Gadget Zone.
PET STOP - Alimento Natural
تسوق معنا Shopping with us
Франшиза Форт Боярд и Золотая Лихорадка
Travel Vacations
Become a Travel Agent Work from home earn commission on the travel you book. If travel is your passion this is for you! Available in the USA, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, and The Cayman Islands.
Family Law, DUI & Divorce Attorney Criminal Defense | San Angelo, TX | Gray & Brigman PLLC
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Verità Care
Sweet Day
BYLT Basics™ - Premium Basics
Meet athletic-fitted premium basic apparel that will outlast any other in your closet. Put it to the test today, experience premium basic apparel that doesn't shrink, doesn't wrinkle, or look worn after washing. Shop → BYLTBasics.com
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Urban Hair Exclusive Salon
Ultimas semanas!!!
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S P Setia
Love The Outdoors
Segment | Customer Data Platform (CDP)
NERF | Официальный дилер в Украине | Бластеры Нерф
Moda DİNA! Kadın giyimde en moda en uygun fiyatlar burda!
Dynamic Air Services
Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic, PC
Abhishek Banerjee
▷ Taste Spanish Products Online ® ◁ - Degusta Teruel
Mi Casita Adult Day Care
Prima Agenție de Growth Hacking & Inbound Marketing din România
Hello marketing hacker! Da, tu ^_^ Îți mulțumim pentru că ne citești articolele și faci partea din comunitatea noastră. În semn de recunoștință, ne bucurăm să-ți comunicăm o ofertă disponibilă doar ție și celorlalți membri ai comunității. Aceasta expiră joi, 25 aprilie. Info în link-ul de mai jos, Toma
Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire
Join the ADVENTURE! ⚔️ Discover INCREDIBLE new worlds, win EPIC battles, and collect AMAZING heroes in this match-3 RPG!
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Gom Order Taobao - World
RISER - Motorcycle Routing
Con la exclusiva función Pack Ride de RISER puedes configurar fácilmente un paseo en motocicleta de grupo: no te perderás a otros y recibirás una notificación cuando alguien necesite un descanso. Inténtalo ahora!
SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery
Get these before they say ciao. ✌️ Enjoy 51% off Lasagne or Polpette di Rosa from 7 Numbers on Danforth Ave. Search 51 OFF on the app to save on more of your faves — only for a limited time.
FarOut Beach Club
We are required to be responsible for our community to guarantee we rave again very soon in the future. Stay home, wash your hands, practice social distancing & listen to what the local authorities say. “Only together we can ensure a summer full of music, entertainment, travel, sports & friendship” - #savethesummer
Zerobody - Dry floating experience
Beach Bum Store
Update Cluster Pro
Thẩm Mỹ Wind - Dr. Thanh Phong Bệnh Viện Quốc Tế
KOM ERBIJ! - Home - Da Vinci College
EDMUNDO SpotAdmissions | Admitere la facultate in strainatate pe loc!
Vrei să mergi la facultate în Marea Britanie? 9 universități de top din UK te așteaptă la Spot Admissions! Participă la interviul de admitere online și afli pe loc dacă ești acceptat. Pregătește-te cu Edmundo - Consiliere Gratuită.
Ketchup TV
Home - Chiens Guides d'Aveugles Centres Paul Corteville
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