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How I made over $60,000 in ONE MONTH dropshipping. MAIN STRATEGY: 1. Find a product already being advertised on Facebook. 2. Brand product, create better video ads, create niche store around the product. 3. FIND agent and private label to stand out from competitors. 4. Advertise on Facebook, IG, Google Ads, Write blogs, etc. GET YOUR PRODUCT OUT THERE! Facebook is not the only advertising platform. Facebook STRATEGY: 1. Run PPE campaign WW to get likes, comments and views on video creative. Also test at least three different creatives and choose the one with the best results. 2. Create 95% LAA audience once you’ve gotten at least over 100k views using PPE campaign. 3. Test at least 10 different interests in top countries. This is CRUCIAL! Don’t just rely on LAA because interests help you grow data tremendously while making you sales. 4. I’m a big fan of vertical scaling. I’ve tried horizontally scaling and it usually messes with my results. Slowly scale vertically your best interests, making sure you don’t go broke by trying to scale too fast. I usually start with $20, then move to $30, then $50 and once it reaches $50, try $100. 5. Once you have enough purchases and data on your pixel, test LAA from every way possible. Top 25% visitors, ATC, PUR, View Content, 95% or 75% VV. These will scale your store tremendously and by this point you should be making 2-5K a day. 6. Make CBOs for your best 3-5 interests. Make CBOs for you best 3-5 LAA. Budget should be at least $200-300 per campaign. Let it optimize for 2 days, then make a decision whether to cut or keep. Instagram STRATEGY: 1. Make account look professional. 2. Create content, ask customers to send in pictures, videos, reviews. 3. AUTOMATE account using software = FREE money + EXPOSURE MAKING A VIDEO GUIDELINES: 1. First 3 seconds are very important! Make sure the first seconds of your video capture your audience. I like to introduce my video with human emotion, as in having the person in the video do a weird facial expression to attract the audience. 2. Make coherent subtitles to go along with your video and use a song in the background 3. Start your video with the problem, and then go into how your product solves their problem. Don't talk about special features, technological mumbo jumbo, etc. Talk about how this product will make your customer feel! This is key! 4. End your product with your logo, always brand yourself. IMPORTANT POINTS : 1. HAVE marketing strategies. Don’t go blindly into the battlefield, it won’t work and it will make things really hectic. 2. PRIVATE LABEL as soon as you are making consistent sales and the product actually works. You want to create a long term brand. I private labeled and still dropshipped from China. It is possible. Find an Agent who can help you with this, my agent was awesome, gave me fast shipping and I even would give him suppliers from alibaba and he would talk to them. 3. Customer service is extremely important! Get a team or respond to your customers needs. It can get annoying to deal with them but a great brand gets through this and makes their customers happy. Not responding to customers will result in unhappy comments all over your social media’s and public complaints that hurt your reputation and further business. 4. FIND A MENTOR! I payed almost $10,000 for someone to guide me and teach me about this business. It's one thing to take a course but it's another thing to have someone constantly motivating you, fixing your mistakes, and video chatting you to make sure you are on track. This is the most important part of success! Send me a message if you are interested in being mentored by me :) Hopefully I gave you a real sense of how to go about this business. It is tough but you gain a lot of valuable marketing knowledge plus you make some money.
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Luxury Villa for Rent In Duhail Direct Contract from Landlord One Month Free No Commission 4 Bedrooms + 5 Bathrooms Maid Room with Bathroom Big Lounge with Terrace Fully Equipped Kitchen Inside Residential Complex with Full Services - Supermarket & Laundry - Mosque & Nursery - GYM & Swimming Pool - Restaurant & coffee Shop - Clubhouse & 2 Kids Play Areas Near to North Atlantic College Qatar University Tawar Mall Call Now 7020 5011
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Brooklyn, we’re coming to Brooklyn Steel on April 18 and we’ll be playing some new music before our album comes out. grab your tickets today !
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Join us for a personalized 8-week summer program that engages your child's whole brain and body, helping things click in your child's brain so they click in their life!
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‼️ თებერვლის თვის შემოთავაზება,ყველაზე დაბალი ფასები საქართველოში ‼️ ✅ColorView - ს ბრენდის , 61 სმ იანი, SMART ANDROID ტელევიზორი, მხოლოდ 299 ლარიდან ‼️ ✅OZ -ის ბრენდის , 50 სმ იანი გაზქურა, 4 გაზის კომფორით და გაზზე მომუშავე ღუმელით , მხოლოდ 299 ლარიდან ‼️ ✅INDESIT - ის ბრენდის , 5 კგ იანი და 1000 ბრუნიანი სარეცხი მანქანა, 3 წლიანი გარანტიით , მხოლოდ 549 ლარიდან ‼️ ✅STINOL - ის ბრენდის ,185 სმ სიმაღლის მაცივარი, მხოლოდ 599 ლარიდან ‼️ ✅✅✅ აქციით სარგებლობისათვის, გვეწვიეთ შემდეგ მისამართებზე : თბილისი: აგლაძის 15. სავაჭრო ცენტრი „მეგალაინი“ №48 მაღაზია ტელ: 514 00 08 73 რუსთავი: შარტავას №4 ტელ: 514 000 758 ზუგდიდი: გამარჯვების №9 ტელ: 514 000 562 ვმუშაობთ ყოველდღე 10:00-დან 20:00 სთ-მდე
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遊戲、海馬、城之內,傳說的決鬥者們陸續參戰! 立即下載遊戲,隨時與世界各地玩家進行PVP對決!
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3 years ago I decided I wanted to share what I had learned in my journey of personal evolution and my expertise as an entrepreneur . . . ‍ But I didn’t know where to start… ‍ And in less than 24 months I’ve grown a brand new coaching and consulting company from $0 to $4.4MM while spending 90% of my time doing what I love. ‍ ➡️ My live event was named a “Top 3 Must-Attend Event For Entrepreneurs” by Inc. ‍ ➡️ I’ve had over 70,000 downloads of my Mind Hack book. ‍ ➡️ I have over 200 of the most incredible mission-driven entrepreneurs in my high end coaching programs and we travel the world while together we build highly profitable businesses and extraordinary lives. ‍ ➡️ Over 1,000 committed entrepreneurs have been through my other mindset and business coaching programs... ‍ ➡️ I’ve built a raving superfan base of students and clients and have become considered an expert in my industry... ‍ All in less than 24 months. ‍ But it didn’t start out that way… ‍ I started out following the advice of all the ‘experts’ who told me that the fastest way to grow a predictable, automated business was to run online ads, build an email list and create marketing funnels. ‍ After a year of trying that I was almost bankrupt in both my bank account and my soul. ‍ I found myself stuck behind my computer trying to be an internet marketer instead of actually teaching and transforming people’s businesses and lives. ‍ I decided that I was going to find a better way to make an impact and generate income while sharing my knowledge and expertise. ‍ That’s exactly what I’ve done . . . and I believe that you can too. ‍ I’ve put together this master class training on the 4 Secrets to finding your message and building a highly profitable coaching and consulting company while spending 90% of your time doing what you actually love. ‍ You can register for the training here → bit.ly/FunnelBlackHole ‍ You won’t want to miss it.
הוצאה לאור: הוצאת ספרים - הכל תחת קורת גג אחת! ספרי ניב
הוא כבר היה אצלך ביד - ונתת לו לברוח? אולי החלטת שהוא לא מספיק טוב בשבילך, אולי החלטת שהוא לא שלם מספיק, או אולי, פשוט עדיין לא החלטת. אותו חלום, אותו קובץ וורד במחשב שרק מחכה להפוך לספר. הוא רק מחכה להחלטה שלך. כי גם אם הוא לא מספיק טוב בעיניך, גם אם הוא לא שלם בעיניך. לנו יש את הכלים לעזור לך לשמור על החלום, הכלים הנכונים לעזור לך להפוך אותו ליצירה שלמה, לדייק, להדק ולנתב אותו ואותך למקום לו אתם ראויים. המקום בו יוצאים לאור. אז אם יש בך רצון להצטרף לאלפי הסופרים שבחרו להאמין בנו ובתהליך להוצאת הספר שלהם, אם מרגיש לך שהגיע הזמן לקחת את הלב והנשמה שלך ולתרגם אותם לספר משלך, ובצורה היעילה והטובה ביותר, אם יש לך רצון ליצור בהירות ולדעת בדיוק מהו התהליך וכיצד הוא עובד, הרבה לפני שעושים את הצעד הראשון. אנחנו בספרי ניב מזמינים אותך לפגישת ייעוץ אחד על אחד (חינם וללא התחייבות) שתעזור לך להוציא את הספר שלך לאור. *הפגישה תתקיים לאחר שיחת טלפון לבירור ובדיקת התאמה. בפגישה נלמד את מפת הדרכים המדויקת עבור הספר שלך, נגלה מהו התהליך הנכון ביותר עבור הספר שלך, נייצר עבורך מערך תמיכה ולווי צמוד לאורך כל התהליך (במידה והספר יאושר) נלמד איך למתג אותך כסופר/ת בעולם החדש, איך למקסם רווחים וכיצד לדייק את יכולות השיווק שלך. לפרטים נוספים על הפגישה (שעשויה להוציא את הספר שלך לאור עוד השנה) לוחצים כאן למטה
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Программист, не пора ли тебе попросить прибавку к зарплате? Поучаствуй в глобальном зарплатном исследовании JavaRush и узнай, сколько стоит твоя работа ➡ http://bit.ly/salary_research Может, самое время обсудить свой оффер в сторону его повышения? Присоединяйся к исследованию, делись опросом с коллегами и друзьями-программистами.
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Farmacias econosur, recuerda a todos sus clientes, seguir con las medidas de protección actual , así como informa extensión de horarios : Lunes a sábado desde 9:00 a.m. hasta 21:00 p.m y domingos desde 9 :00 a.m hasta 20:00 p.m Nuestro WhatsApp para consultas es +56945004948 Informamos además que los días 18,19 y 20 de septiembre funcionaremos normalmente
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عشان انت محتاج خامه مريحه بسعر مناسب وعلشان بتتعامل مع المصنع مباشرة بنقدملك ال بنطلون البنجالين المستورد تقدر تعاين المنتج قبل الاستلام وتتأكد من جوده المنتج الالوان( أسود + زيتي + رمادي فاتح +رمادي غامق) ✅ يوجد جميع المقاسات L, XL, XXL, XXXL لطلب المنتج راسلنا ع رسايل الصفحه
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