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Before they joined the Clippers and Lakers within three weeks of each other this year, before they both played together for the Suns, before they were selected one pick apart in the 2011 NBA Draft, Marcus and Markieff Morris were talented but raw recruits at the University of Kansas. By the end of their three-year careers (of course they left school together) they’d become a part of KU lore. Most was for good: Marcus won Big 12 player of the year, and the twins’ “Family Over Everything” mentality defined that era. Some was not: They got into two on-campus fights with members of the football team, and Markieff was arrested as a freshman for allegedly firing an airsoft gun out of his dorm window and hitting a woman in the arm. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s start at the beginning …
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Prepare-se para conhecer os segredos de um dos tesouros arqueológicos mais impactantes na história da humanidade. ⠀ Entre os dias 19 e 24 de outubro, vai acontecer a Semana dos Manuscritos do Mar Morto, onde o Dr. Adolfo Roitman, curador e conservador dos manuscritos e uma das maiores autoridades mundiais do assunto, estará ao lado de outros especialistas, para guiar você em uma jornada de conhecimento e história, em um evento online e totalmente gratuito. ⠀ Para participar gratuitamente, aperte o botão Saiba mais e cadastre-se agora.
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I am excited about this new “5 Sellers A Day” Accountability Group I’m starting on April 13th. I challenge you to make 100 offers in the next 30 days. I’m excited about this because during times of uncertainty, people need community... we need direction, clarity, accountability... we just need help focusing on what’s most important. So... what’s the most important thing that we need to be focusing on? Making offers and talking to sellers! What I’ve realized is this… You don’t need another course. You don’t need more information. Most of you already know what you need to do - you know how to do the deals, the marketing... and if you don’t, there is tons of free information out there (including my podcast and my YouTube channel). But... let’s stop using the excuse of needing “more learning.” Let’s stop being “professional students” who never take any action. Let’s focus on a goal... and let’s hold each other accountable. So that’s why Gavin and I decided to do this accountability group... we want to challenge you to focus on what’s most important... and that is making offers. We want to hold you accountable to do the things you need to do in order to make offers. Because we all know... your speed to success in this business is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to the amount of offers you make. So... in this 30 day accountability group, we want to see you to make 5 offers a day. That’s it! If you think that’s crazy, that’s okay... you don’t have to join us. We’ll work with those who KNOW it’s possible... and we’ll all grow our businesses together. This group challenge is not about learning anything new... you already know what you need to know (And we’ll help you fill in any of the missing pieces). This group is about taking consistent action, and having Gavin and I in your corner to hold you accountable... every step of the way. So... this new “5 Sellers A Day” Accountability Coaching Group starts on April 13th. Click here to learn more and join us: 5sellersaday.com If you are wondering what you can do, right now, to grow your REI business… this is it. I hope you join us! -Joe
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شركة براكيلت.أورج بجنوب إفريقيا تصمم تطبيقاً بالهواتف الذكية يرسل إشعارات للملايين حول العالم بمستجدات فيروس كورونا (كوفيد-19).
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Siti Sarah Shah Nor @sarahshahnor shares about her biggest challenge, what beauty and being authentic means to her on our Real Women Voices series with @lisasurihani To watch the full video click on the link in bio or head over to our YouTube page! #HerWorldXMaxFactor #UnlockingRealWomen #RealWomenVoices #HerInspirasi #MaxFactorMY #beauty #modvierfounder #sitisarahshahnor
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Mình có 70 suất học Được trung tâm ANH NGỮ TOP 1 VIỆT NAM KEY ENGLISH TÀI TRỢ ❗ MIỄN PHÍ ❗ KHÓA HỌC.Để trải nghiệm phương pháp "Đào tạo Tiếng Anh CẤP TỐC" dành cho người: "Mất Gốc - Yếu - Trung Bình" ở mảng IELTS ". Đào tạo đến khi giỏi thì thôi. ⭕Đăng ký lớp học:https://bit.ly/2HGOKoH HƠN THẾ NỮA, BẠN CÒN ĐƯỢC: ✪ Học Lại Miễn Phí nếu chưa đạt chuẩn đầu ra ✪ Bảo hành kết quả Trọn Đời bằng văn bản ✪ Lộ trình học ưu việt được thiết kế bởi các chuyên gia hàng đầu biên soạn. ⭕ Yêu cầu : Bạn nào thực sự nghiêm túc muốn tham gia chủ động để lại SĐT và Họ Tên để cô hỗ trợ đăng kí tham gia lớp đào tạo . ☎️ Vì số lượng còn ít nên các em để lại ❗SĐT + Tên ❗để đăng ký nha. ⭕ Hiện tại đang có các lớp trên toàn HÀ NỘI. ⭕Tìm hiểu thêm: https://bit.ly/2HGOKoH
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Coronavírus - COVID-19 - Governo do Estado de Rondônia
Pessoas do grupo de risco precisam redobrar o cuidado, porque são pessoas mais vulneráveis à doença. Por isso a importância da imunidade, dos cuidados com a alimentação, e também atenção máxima na higienização das mãos e no isolamento social, evitando aglomerações. A verdadeira informação é umas das melhores formas de combater o novo Coronavírus. ☝ Se puder, fique em casa pelo seu bem e pelas pessoas em sua volta. ▶ Caso apresente sintomas da doença ligue no Disque Corona do seu município, a lista de municípios e telefones estão aqui: www.coronavirus.ro.gov.br #Saúde #Coronavírus #FiqueEmCasa #GovernoRO
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