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Learn to pivot, to survive! (Part 2) __If you don’t #Pivot to #Digital in 2020, then you are no longer in business! One of the most important things you need to get out of your mind is this notion that there are some businesses, such as tech and telecoms companies, that are digital, whilst everything else is not. Not anymore! Everyone has to #Pivot to Digital, until everything about their business is Digital! Let me tell you, this is not going to be easy. During 2019, I tried to share with you examples of #Pivoting to Digital, as I did myself, as a way of showing you how it is done: # Do you remember @Clean City We developed an App to help schedule collection of waste from homes and businesses. It was probably a first in Africa, and certainly one of the first in the world. Today, Clean City has settled down into business that collects waste, and also delivers water to its customers, using a Digital App. # Do you remember @Vaya Tractor? We created a digital platform for “on-demand tractors”. Today thousands of hectares of land are being ploughed. Smallholder farmers no longer need to own a tractor. # Do you remember @Sasai App? What did we digitize with Sasai App? Well, we digitized so many things all at once including your local radio stations, so they can be heard from anywhere in the world. A friend of mine from Zambia told me that he watched a local football game on Zambian TV, from Canada, using Sasai Explore. I just listened to a Kenyan radio station from London! Now it’s your turn: I want you to discuss how you are going to #Pivot your business to Digital in 2020, which reminds me: Did you see this exchange I had with one of you, to show you what I mean that you can digitize anything? __Brume wrote, "Good morning Mr Strive Masiyiwa, thank you for taking time to educate us with your post regularly... I run a poultry farm, where I mainly sell eggs, it’s a modest farm for now, but with time I'm planning to expand it into selling different kinds of poultry birds in addition with the egg production. When I see you talk about marketing, advertising, pivoting, going digital... I feel sort of out of place, cause I don't know how to apply these things to my growing farm... If you can please help me with some pointers on how to apply these things to my farm, I'll be most grateful. Thanks sir”. To me, the best response to him, came from another member of the platform: __“Hi Brume. My friend and I are actually building an online marketplace that will allow guys like you to sell your farm produce to people around you and in markets you can’t easily reach. We’re based in Johannesburg, South Africa and are starting a pilot in end of January, 2020. Where are you based? Can we do something together and start selling your eggs online? Thank you”. This was beautiful! In case you missed it, remember what I wrote last week about the Chinese example (edited): “In 2006 China had 34m eCommerce shoppers. By 2018 (12 years) they had reached 600m! That is just insane. But as with everything they do, it was strategic once they understood how economic development is happening. Without it, no 4IR, and no AI! In China, almost everything you can think of now is bought and sold Online. The effect has changed the face of China including rural areas. It has driven economic growth and created tens of millions of jobs. It has also created some of the biggest companies on the planet. By contrast, Africa still has only 22m Online shoppers today. In the next 10 years it should easily reach 500m. It is inevitable at some point. __Our entrepreneurs -- like you -- have to tackle the numerous challenges that are currently making eCommerce difficult and even unviable. In doing so, many will emerge as our eCommerce champions! It might take 10 years or it might take 25 years, but one day African commerce will go Online as it has in America (70%), and China (now 47%). Today it is less than 2% of the population on the continent have had the experience of buying something Online. But it will happen! The real questions are these: # Will t
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Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to high-quality learning and teaching. They offer a wholistic education comprising academic, sporting, cultural and social aspects, presented in a rich and balanced curriculum with spiritual and faith dimensions. In a Catholic school each child is recognised as unique, wonderous and capable of great things. Discover the spark, strength and spirit in your child with a Catholic education. Visit www.brisbanecatholicschools.com.au
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̛ Đ̃ Đ̣̆ ̣̂ ̣ G̳I̳Ả̳M̳ ̳G̳I̳Á̳ ̳S̳Ố̳C̳ Tại 15 HÙNG VƯƠNG tự hào có các : ➡️ NHÀ TẠO MẪU TÓC NAM - NỮ CHUYÊN NGHIỆP ——————— ̉ % TẤT CẢ CÁC DỊCH VỤ VỀ TÓC ̣̆ 1 LẦN PHỤC HỒI KERATIN TRỊ GIÁ 400k ( cho uốn- nhuộm- duỗi- dập) BAO ̂́ ́ ̣ ́ ́ ̉ ( TẶNG uốn- nhuộm- duỗi - dập phồng- phục hồi chuyên sâu) NHẬN ĐÀO TẠO HỌC VIÊN CHUYÊN NGHIỆP ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ☎Liên hệ đặt lịch : 0936776100 ( Bin quản lý vùng) Facebook : CLIP Hair Barber Shop Địa chỉ : 15 Hùng Vương, KP5 Dương Đông ( Đối diện trường cấp 3) Rất Hân Hạnh Được Phục Vụ Quý Khách #HairBarberShopCLIP #NhàTạoMẫuTócNamNữChuyênNghiệp
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Apportez une note suave à vos desserts ! PROMO -35% sur nos succulents Pruneaux de Corse fourrés à la Clémentine : 2 430 F seulement la boîte de 400 g ! https://www.art2vie.pf/etiquette-produit/pruneaux-de-corse-a-la-clementine/ ☎ 87 72 60 80 pour + d'infos
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Join me on May 5th! Learning Reiki Level One enhances your capacity for deep self healing, increases awareness and intuition, and facilitates the embodiment of spiritual awakening. Many people who take the Level One class don’t necessarily want to work as healers — they simply want deeper access to the truest, most powerful parts of themselves. Level one helps you become more intimately attuned to your personal energy and to Universal healing energies. And if you’d like to deepen on your spiritual path, the Reiki attunement immediately up-levels your practice. We will cover how to ground and center, explore emotional and energetic boundaries, and how to use Reiki in your daily practice. You'll leave as a certified Level One Attuned Reiki Practitioner. If you’re ready for a more profound connection to your own self healing, spiritual unfoldment, and ability to listen to your intuition, email me to reserve your spot. *This class is perfect for the highly sensitive person, empaths, people who have struggled with codependency and people pleasing, and for anyone who wants a deeper connection to source and Self, and the power within. Email: sarah (@) sarahtaylor.org Reiki Level One with Reiki Master Sarah Taylor In person Sunday, 5/5 10:00-5:00 The Crystal Shrine 1006-1010 N. Lima St. Burbank, 91505 $175 Venmo: @sarahtsaraht About Sarah: Sarah is a writer/stand-up comedian and actor as well as a spiritual/creative mentor and energy healing practitioner (Reiki Master + more). After undergoing a series of profound and radical inner shifts, today she is a catalyst for people to turn inward and realize the radiance of their true nature. As we discover this truth, it illuminates our mind, body, heart, and unique creative expression. Sarah works with modern mystics who are committed to Self realization/waking up. Check out her TEDx talk, her interview on Buddha At The Gas Pump, and to learn more about what she offers here: www.sarahtaylor.org
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Abril va a ser un mes con mucho #TECHNO en LAB Madrid! Preparáos para las 3 noches de #cuervos que tenemos preparadas con Ben Klock, RØDHÅD, I Hate Models y 999999999! Recuerda que el aforo es limitado y las #EntradasAnticipadas vuelan! Entradas disponibles en Entrady.com y #SinComisiones con la app de @labmadrid! #CrowSquad #TechnoFridays #LabYourMind #EstaciónDeChamartín
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AVC-News: สัมภาษณ์เด็กใหม่ Remu Suzumori สวยใสไร้เดียงสา Source http://www.avcollectors.com/board/index.php?topic=220450.0
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Réussissez dans votre première année classe préparatoire et étudiez sans FRAIS votre licence en INGÉNIERIE ou BUSINESS pour une durée de 4 ANS. Places limitées!
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How fast could you grow your business with the perfect roadmap? Arete Syndicate is that map ... and we're going to give it to you. The Arete Syndicate started as a small group of entrepreneurs... Now, it's a unified and unstoppable force for good. It’s a close-knit network you can call on when you need advice, and they're right there to help you through it. Learn from Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett — real entrepreneurs that have each built several 9-figure businesses over the past 20 years. Enrollment to join this elite group is now open ... but only if you're serious about taking your business and life to the next level. Arete means excellence. Excellence is what drives the elite. If you want to become one of the elite ... become one of us. The Arete Syndicate can help you: ✅ Scale your business ✅ Hire and develop amazing employees ✅ Create long-lasting customer loyalty ✅ Crush your goals ✅ Build a legacy and have a big impact Learn more & enroll here: http://bit.ly/arete-syndicate
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¡Odyssey es nivel leyenda en Monitores! Con el Monitor Curvo Odyssey no habrá límites para tus juegos, con gráficos mejorados y un nivel de imagen increíble que te ofrece una experiencia inmersiva para que seas un personaje más del juego. ¡Con Odyssey vas a ganar! Contacta a un asesor virtual acá: https://samsungplus.com.bo/one-samsung/it/monitores #Odyssey #SamsungBolivia #MonitorCurvo