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PROSES ELEKTRONIK Slot Car Systems, Model Trains and Modeler's Tools
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
PROSES ELEKTRONIK Slot Car Systems, Model Trains and Modeler's Tools
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
Acrylic | Auckland | New Zealand | Cambrian Plastics
Sneeze Guard Supplies
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Polylite Industrial Corp.
It's officially #100days before #Christmas, and the #Sale is on! Don't miss your chance to avail up to 30% discount on Twinwall Polycarbonate, Acrylic Sheets, Acrylic Sneeze Guards, and Door and Window Awnings from our #FlashSale happening this weekend, September 18-19. #PolyliteFlashSale #FlashSale2020
Simpli.com - What's Your Question?
Simpli.com - What's Your Question?
Simpli.com - What's Your Question?
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
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Cemeda Aesthetics
REOPENING SALE You got 12 days to avail these sale You can purchase the promo and use it later Hurry! schedule your treatment now at Cemeda Aesthetics 3rd floor, PNB Building 114 Tomas Morato, QC Beside Cheng's Kitchen 09279872928 We’re excited to welcome you back in Cemeda at its new address with ample parking at 3rd floor, PNB Building, 114 Tomas Morato It’s just about 3 buildings away from previous location. We accept, by appointment, of 2(TWO) clients at a time ONLY to limit the people inside. We humbly ask for your full cooperation in our safety guidelines: 1. Please schedule your treatment with us. We will not entertain walk-ins. By send us your name, treatement, date, time and celphone and wait for our reply for confirmation. 2. Wear masks at all times. 3. Pls. use the footbath(mat) and footpress alcohol before entering the clinic. 4. We will NOT allow companions inside. 5. Unnecessary items/belongings are not allowed inside. 6. We encouraged prepayment before coming to the clinic to lessen contact. 7. We will check your body temperature upon entering the clinic. 8. Should you have any concerns/questions it would be best to message us here. 9. Please reschedule you treatment if you have been exposed to anyone who is diagnosed with the coronavirus within the past 24 days 10. Suffering from symptoms of fever 37.5 / cough and colds/ flu/ difficulty in breathing/ respiratory problems Our therapists are also not allowed to proceed with any treatment if they are experiencing the same above. Your safety is our top priority. We made sure to sanitize and thoroughly clean our clinics. We have also equipped our clinic and our staff with PPE sets, faceshields, acrylic barriers, UV light machines, Air Purifier machines, foot disinfectant mats, disposable bed sheets, thermal scanners, and hands free alcohol dispensers. #acnescartreatment #bblow #carbonprrl #oxygenfacial #hydraglow #hifu #acnetreatment ##diamondpeel #facefx #underarmwhitening #rf #slimming
JB Art&Crafts
ART/PAINTING MATERIALS for sale ✅CASH ON DELIVERY with freebies and discounts!! :) https://www.facebook.com/jbartandcrafts Shopee link: https://shopee.ph/bianxxx23?smtt=0.0.9 ---- PRICELIST ✅STRETCHED CANVAS (1.5in thickness) Gesso Primed Suitable for oil and acrylic 8x10in P130.00 8x12in P150.00 12x16in P185.00 16x20in P290.00 18x24in P340.00 20x30in P450.00 24x36in P550.00 CANVAS PANEL (w/o Frame) 8x10in 72.00 9x12in 86.00 10x14in 110.00 12x16in 130.00 16x20in 220.00 SKETCH CANVAS PAD A3 P480.00 A3 P320.00 ----- ✅PAINTS Berkeley ACRYLIC color (SET) 6s/12ml P130.00 12s/12ml P270.00 18s/12ml P330.00 Berkeley WATER color (SET) 12s/12ml P265.00 18s/12ml P320.00 Berkeley OIL color (SET) 12s/12ml P270.00 18s/12ml P330.00 Berkeley 75ml P74.00 Art Ranger 75ml 89.00 BERKELEY 250ml P195.00 SIP and GOGH 500ml P349. 00 ----- ✅GIRGIONE BRUSH SET 10 in 1 with Pouch P549. 00 10 in 1 Flat P310.00 10 in 1 Round P310. 00 6 in 1 Flat P225. 00 ✅EASEL STAND Wood (4ft) P950 Metal (5ft) P650 20x28cm mini easel P250 --- OTHERS ✅MIXING PLATE Round (Plastic) P45.00 Wooden palette P120. 00 ✅Linseed oil 100ml P185 ✅Turpentine oil 100ml P205. 00 ✅PALETTE KNIFE set P320. 00 ✅WATER COLOR PAD P220. 00 A4 size 24 sheets ✅SKETCH PAD P250.00 A3 size 100gsm 50sheets ✅DIAMANT COLOR PENCIL 12s P78. 00 24s P110.00 ✅DIAMANT CHARCOAL PENCIL P22. 00 Soft/Hard/Medium ✅MUNGYO BRAND Soft Pastel (FULL) 12s P240.00 24s P390. 00 48s P540. 00 HALF 32s P280. 00 48s P370. 00 64s P450. 00 OIL PASTEL 12c P140.00 24c P240.00 36c P300. 00 48c P390. 00

LUCITE CAST ACRYLIC SHEETS Stock available from July 27th 5mm 3/16" - 3548 pcs (4ft by 8ft) 6mm 1/4" - 1988 pcs (4ft by 8ft) PRICING: 5mm (3/16") 1 - 20 pcs: $ 183.45 21 - 50 pcs: $ 174.72 51 - 100 pcs: $ 165.98 Over 100 pcs: $ 161.62 6mm (1/4") 1 - 20 pcs: $ 216.90 21 - 50 pcs: $ 206.52 51 - 100 pcs: $ 201.42 Over 100 pcs: $ 196.52 Free samples are available to ensure QUALITY. CAST acrylic sheet is manufactured from LUCITE material from Japan. CASTING acrylic sheets are much better than extruded acrylic sheets. Each sheet comes with double-sided PE film. Why use CAST Acrylic versus EXTRUDED Acrylic? Cast acrylic has a higher molecular weight, therefore it will cut, drill and rout cleaner. When machining cast acrylic, shavings will flake off whereas extruded acrylic shavings may gum up on the tool. Cast acrylic also offers better glue-joint effectiveness and performs better in laser cutting. Features of Cast Acrylic Sheets: Plexi glass Cast Acrylic Sheets are 17 times stronger than glass !!An economical transparent material that is easily machined & thermoformed. MACSENN INTERNATIONAL INFO@MACSENN.COM 647 527 9427
Acrylic Plastic Sheets Cut To Size | Sheet Plastics
Pirbhai Enterprises
Introducing our Flexible Magnet Rolls - White vinyl (non-adhesive) magnetic sheeting that has a matte-white finish on the non-magnetic side and a magnetized surface on the other side. The white vinyl surface can be painted on, screen printed, stenciled or decorated with dry-erase or permanent markers. Flexible magnets are a great choice for a lot of applications ranging from warehouses, supermarkets, schools, homes, and all sorts of signage and marketing campaigns because they can be removed and rotated, as well as printed and bent. Another positive for flexible magnetic sheets is that they are easy to clean and store. Their thickness and magnetic strength allows them to remain glued to a surface even in the face of strong winds. Contact our team of experts for more information today! +254713654133 sales@flexafrica.co.ke . . . . #signs #marketing #design #portablebranding #magnets #magnetic #flexible #magneticrolls #printing #branding #digitalsignage #acrylic #fabrication #construction #building #advertising #outdoors #signangemedia #digitalprintingmedia #wideformatprinting #signage #signs #uganda #ugandamarketplace #tanzania #eastafrica #kenya #kenyamarketplace #sokokenya
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A durable protective Acrylic Face Shield handmade in the heart of Manila City using 1.5mm - 2mm clear plastic sheets strong enough to withstand daily use and can be disinfected to use again to fight the threat of Covid-19.
evshouse253.com – Ev's House 253
96 inch by 48 inch 5mm thick sheets of acrylic
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With businesses opening right around the corner, protect your staff and clients with our Portable Screen Guards. Thicker 1/4 Acrylic sheets 24x48 and stainless hardware. This provides a non permanent movable solution. Will ship. Takes minutes to assemble. Works great in retail, food service and professional office applications. www.spaceforface.com $250.00 Free Ground Shipping in US.
Polylite Industrial Corp.
Hi everyone, YES, our team produced Aerosol boxes to help protect our frontliners while treating COVID-19 patients. We've seen recommendations and believe that in the midst of these unsettling times, our health and well-being should be our top priority specially those of our front liners. PS All acts of help, big or small matters, you may be in a great position to help by simply STAYING AT HOME. PPS We really appreciate your queries and for those asking about the acrylic sheets, please send us a message and we'll try our best to help.
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October España
“Un nuevo panorama que dará paso a la innovación y a la mayor competitividad de Europa ante el nuevo futuro digital de la banca tradicional” ▶️ https://cincodias.elpais.com/cincodias/2019/01/03/companias/1546543864_560213.html
Lazada Mid-Year Sale เริ่มแล้ว!! 2 วันเท่านั้น! S-26 Gold Progress ลดสูงสุด 50% + ลดเพิ่ม 400 บาท* ส่งฟรีเมื่อช้อปครบ 599 บาท 18 มิ.ย. – 19 มิ.ย. 63
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דונה וראלף | דונה וראלף - Donna & Ralph
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Tu plaza para el Programa Online de Aceleración VIP “Digital Master” está disponible Este es un video muy exclusivo, y lo está recibiendo muy poca gente, de hecho solo la que hemos seleccionado porque consideramos que tiene potencial para desarrollarse en el marketing digital. Es por ello que has sido seleccionado/a para optar a una plaza en mi nuevo Programa de Aceleración VIP “Digital Master”. Pero antes de decirte cómo puedes optar a una de las plazas, te comento qué tendrás en este exclusivo programa online: Programa intenso de 3 meses (12 semanas), donde te acompañamos PASO A PASO y día a día para conseguir tus metas profesionales. Acceso ILIMITADO a los contenidos (+150 clases en vivo). Reunión inicial uno a uno con Juan Merodio 2 sesiones en directo en grupo con Juan Merodio para resolver tus dudas. 12 Sesiones privadas (una a la semana) one to one en directo con tu tutor. 3 sesiones grupales de técnicas de venta online con nuestro especialista en ventas digitales. 3 sesiones grupales con el tutor para resolución de dudas. Chat privado de la comunidad para tener contacto directo con nosotros y con tus compañeros Acceso a los contenidos 24 horas, 7 días a la semana, y 365 días al año. Tendrás una App para el móvil donde poder acceder a todos los contenidos sin necesidad de conexión a Internet. Posibilidad de prácticas remuneradas con empresas reales. Atención y seguimiento 100% PERSONALIZADO. En este momento tenemos disponibles muy pocas plazas, y serán asignadas por estricto orden de llegada a los alumnos que sean seleccionados, y pasen la entrevista de acceso con una persona de mi equipo. El precio habitual de este programa de 12 semanas es de 5.997€+IVA, pero tenemos una OFERTA del 50% SOLO ESTOS DÍAS, por lo que podrías acceder a él desde 2.997€+IVA, con la posibilidad de financiarlo en 3 pagos mensuales. Para solicitar acceso debes primero agendar una entrevista con uno de mis compañeros para ver si cualificas para el programa y de ser así comentarte en detalle todo. Puedes RESERVAR TU CITA AHORA desde https://mastervipjuanmerodio.youcanbook.me
Idaho Central Credit Union | Idaho's Premier Credit Union
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Bro Love
La palestra online di Marco Masoero e Ilaria Berry | BM GYM
ALB publicidad
Vegan Leather Handbags and Wallets - Borboleta Bag
คิดถึงจัง​ มาทักทายกันนะคะ​ อัพเดตกระเป๋าสีพึ่งเข้า ติดต่อไลน์​ @borboletabag​ (มี@)
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Albal - Des idées pour vous aider - Albal
31 Temmuz-4 Ağustos arasında gerçekleştireceğimiz Faruk Kurtuluş’la Artvin Maçahel’deki yoga kampımıza kayıtlar hızla devam ediyor. Unesco tarafından Türkiye’nin ilk ve tek biyosfer rezerv alanı olarak belirlenen Maçahel, gizli kalmış ekolojik ve kültürel bir hazine. Endemik bitkileri, şelaleleri ve yemyeşil ormanları ile ünlü Maçahel’de, yoga ve meditasyon uygulamaları yanında, yayla yürüyüşleri ve volkanik gölde yüzme aktiviteleriyle bölgenin muhteşem doğasının da tadını çıkaracağız. ☘️ Detaylı bilgi ve online kayıt için internet sitemizi ziyaret edebilirsiniz! #yoga #ifeelyoga #farukkurtulusyoga #artvin #maçael #yogaretreat #yogaretreat #yogaretreats #yogacamp #summer #meditation #walking #karadeniz #yogaturkey #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogalove
Sua visão nossa prioridade, os 10 primeiros que clicarem no link e agendar, ganha uma consulta de vista 100% gratuita.