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Moringa Berry
“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t consume!! I’m worried about getting diabetic wounds!!” “I got a fright after the skin on my feet peeled off, due to using an ointment recommended by friends!!” My Aunt had been suffering from diabetes for 7 to 8 years, and her feet was covered with abscess. It won’t heal and kept recurring. It became worse after using ointments recommended by friends. Multiple wounds manifested due to infected abscess..... It affected her life badly!! She couldn’t’ sleep due to the pain and couldn’t move around easily!! Mum came across 🌿Moringa Berry🌿 while conducting some research online and bought 2 bottles for my Aunt. Miraculously, the wounds caused by the abscess started to heal in a matter of days!! Her leg made a full recovery after consuming 🌿Moringa Berry🌿 for 2 months Even her hyperglycemia index had fallen and she felt more energetic!! 🌿Moringa Berry🌿 really is a miracle beverage!! You have to try it for yourself!! Proven research shows that the essence of a traditional 5000-year-old Moringa plant is enriched with calcium, potassium, iron, protein, amino acid, vitamins, and micronutrients, are able to: ✅Cleanse free radicals deposited within the blood vessel ✅Repairs damaged islet cells ✅Cleanses the blood ✅Maintains the hyperglycemia level and keeps it under control ✅Strengthens immunity .....etc. It can cure diabetes too!! 🌿Moringa Berry🌿 💯Natural without any preservatives 💯Vegetarian friendly ✅ Achieved certification from HACCP、GMP、ISO22000、MeSTI、BIONEXUS It is absolutely safe to consume!! 📩 >>> https://m.me/MoringaBerryMB
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We're here for your dental emergencies every day of the week! There's no need to wait to feel better. . . . #crackedtooth #chippedtooth #losttooth #extraction #rootcanal #abscess #infections #lostcrown #loosecrown #brokentooth #open7daysaweek #openholidays #openeverydayoftheyear #emergencydentist #orlandodentist #tampaemergencydentist #tampadentist #atlantadentist #atlantaemergencydentisti #orlandoemergencydentist #dentistnearme #dentalcare #dentalcare247 #riverview #fldentist #georgiadentist #floridadentist #celebrationdentist #dfwemergencydentist #arlingtonemergencydentist #phoenixemergencydentist #miamiemergencydentist
Celexy Classic
NO MORE PILE with Tea for Hemorrhoids! Treats both internal and external hemorrhoid. Shrinks perianal abscess (swelling around the anus). Relieves anal pain and discomfort, bleeding, itching and irritation, heal fecal fissure. Removes Necrotic tissue and promotes healing of wounds. Treats constipation. Ingredients are plants fruits and flowers. Price:N4,500 Available in WHOLESALE Call/WhatsApp 07067015639
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كتير بتقابلنا حالات في العياده gingival recession&gingival enlargement &gingival abscess وحالات mobility للteeth بسبب الgingiva وtooth تقلب endo بسبب الperio دولوقتي هنقدملكم اقوي كورس بريو ونبدأ معاك من ازاي تعرف تعمل diagnosis صحللperiodontal dx وازاي تعملها management التمام من ادويه✍ اوeffective mouth wash او surgery وحالات الaggressive periodonitis&ANUG ازاي اعرفها واعملها ttt المظبوط وهنتعرف علي recent materials من bone graft والmembranes وايه هو الPRF وهستخدمه امتي☺ والمفاجأة في الكورس ده هنتكلم in details عن gummy smile الكورس ده فعلا abc قبل ماتبدا تشتغل crown او bridge او veneer او bleaching او endo او surgery او implant مستنيكم مع اقوي كورس بريو في مدينه ٦ أكتوبر مع اقوي المحاضرين د.سلافه بلال واقوي الworkshops علي مدار ٥ ايام November الحجز والاستعلام 01009857432 المكان:٦ أكتوبر This course is designed to provide general dental practitioners (GDPs) and periodontology specialist with further understanding in periodontology. The emphasis will be on diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical management, as well as the role of periodontics in the daily clinical practice. You'll also develop relevant clinical skills through the hands-on elements of the workshop. First day: (10 am-5 pm) "Periodontal diseases diagnosis & non-surgical treatment” •Pathogenesis of periodontal diseases.# Periodontal diseases diagnosis. •Role of scaling & root planning in the treatment of periodontal diseases. •Differential diagnosis of different types of periodontal disease and how to manage each one. •Perio-endo lesion, how to differentiate and how to treat each one. •Chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment of periodontal diseases •Guidelines for treatment plan of periodontal disease. •Decision making regarding surgical versus non-surgical pocket therapy. Second day: (10 am-7 pm) “Basic Periodontal Surgery” •Different Flap types and designs-Basic principles of surgery. •Different suturing technique
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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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Trung tâm điều trị Bệnh trĩ Hà Nội – số 1
DANH MỤC ĐIỀU TRỊ chuyên khoa hậu môn trực tràng tại Trung tâm B.ệ.n.h trĩ Hà Nội số 1: • #B.ệ.n.h_trĩ (Hemorrhoids) • Nứt kẽ hậu môn (Anal Fissure) • Rò hậu môn (Anal fistula) • Áp xe hậu môn (Anal Abscess) • U nhú hậu môn (Papiloma condylome) • Polyp hậu môn (Anal polyp ) • U sùi mào gà hậu môn (Anal Condiloma Acuminatum) • Trĩ tái phát (Recurrent Hemorrhoids) • Hẹp hậu môn (Anal Stenosis) • Ngứa hậu môn (Pruritus Ani) • Đau hậu môn vô căn (Proctalgia) • Mất tự chủ hậu môn ( Fecal Incontinence) • Rò trực tràng âm đạo (Rectovaginal fistula) • Sa thành trước trực tràng (Rectocele) • Sa trực tràng (Rectal prolapse) • Đứt cơ thắt hậu môn Anal Sphincter Rupture • Viêm mủ đa nang lông (Hidradenitis suppurativa) • Viêm nang lông (Pilonidal Sinuses) • Crohn hậu môn ( Crohn’s disease) • Ung thư ống hậu môn (Neoplasms of Anal Canal) --------------------------------- B.ệ.n.h trĩ Hà Nội số 1 làm việc tất cả các ngày trong tuần, kể cả cuối tuần – các ngày lễ, tết Khách hàng liên hệ để được tư vấn cụ thể trước khi đến khám: Inbox Facebook hoặc Gọi ngay: Hotline: 024 36361506 Zalo TS. Bác sĩ cao cấp Lê Mạnh Cường: 0912 234 722 Website: https://benhtrihanoiso1.com/ Địa chỉ: Số 46, ngõ 116, phố Yên Lạc, phường Vĩnh Tuy, quận Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội. #phương_pháp_chữa_trĩ #chữa-bệnh-trĩ #bệnh_đại_tràng #bệnh_trĩ_Hà_Nội_số 1 #phẫuthuậttrĩTHD
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WE ARE OPEN FOR EMERGENCY DENTAL TREATMENT Call our emergency line: 623-282-2220 If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we remain open for appointments; - Pain that affects your ability to sleep or eat - Infection or abscess - Excessive or heavy oral bleeding - Trauma to face, mouth or TEETH - Swelling of face, jaw or neck Call us to secure a booking, we remain open Monday through Friday. Payment Plans available ‍‍ Locally owned All-ages welcome General & cosmetic dentistry, dentures, braces, Invisalign, implants & sleep dentistry Convenient Location and Parking https://desertdentistry.com 623-282-2220
StarBrite Dental, the Office of Dr Maryam Seifi
LOCAL DENTIST OFFICE STILL OPEN AND SEEING DENTAL EMERGENCIES & URGENT CARE Per ADA request, dentists are still treating dental emergencies and urgent dental concerns/issues so as to help alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments.… 展开 So for those that have any dental questions or concerns, message us. StarBrite Dental, local dentist office PS: These are the conditions that are considered an emergency or urgent care: Tooth abscess Swollen gums Long-term tooth pain Tooth decay Cracked and painful teeth Infected gums This is not the full list but any dental condition that is painful or concerning, reach out to us about. StarBrite. Reference: https://www.ada.org/en/press-room/news-releases/2020-archives/march/ada-calls-upon-dentists-to-postpone-elective-procedures
KSR Medical
WHAT IS SCIATICA? Sciatica refers to the pain and discomfort caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the longest nerve in the body, running from the lower back and pelvis, through the hip and buttocks area, down to the back of each leg. It controls many of the muscles in these areas. It often starts with a herniated or slipped disc in your spine that causes pain by pressing on your sciatic nerve. There are other causes, however, including obesity, poor posture, tumour, abscess, blood clot, poor sitting position or nerve disorder. Sciatica is a set of symptoms that may differ depending on what is compressing the nerve root. Pain that radiates down the back of your leg, numbness or tingling that extends down to your foot, a quick jolt each time you cough or sneeze—sounds like sciatic nerve pain, right? Well, maybe. For one thing, "sciatica" is actually a symptom, not a condition. It's leg pain (anywhere from the lower hip and butt region, all the way down to your toes) resulting from a pinched nerve—most likely because of a herniated or slipped disc. Contrary to popular belief, actual back pain doesn't usually come along with sciatica—or it's a minor part of the overall problem. "If a patient has 80% leg pain and minimal back pain, it really turns on our radar for sciatica YOU FEEL WEAK IN THE KNEES Well, actually just one knee—and it runs throughout the entire leg. The sciatic nerve—the one that gets pinched and causes sciatica—is the largest single nerve in the entire body, running from the lower spine all the way down to the foot. When that nerve is pinched, its function is disrupted, resulting in all kinds of unwanted sensations, such as pain, weakness, and tingling. And while pain is pretty common (and oftentimes hard to diagnose), pain and weakness in a single leg acts like a red flag for doctors. "Patients often drive to the emergency room for pain, but it's really the weakness that's concerning—if you see that you're getting weak, you should seek care. If you're not training for your next marathon or logging hours on the treadmill, there's a good chance your leg pain is sciatica caused by a herniated disc, not the less-common piriformis syndrome, which mainly affects athletes. The funny thing is that piriformis syndrome presents itself almost exactly like sciatica: pain, tingling, numbness starting in the buttocks and extending down the leg. But instead of a slipped disc causing the issues, your piriformis muscle (found in the butt near the top of your hip joint) is pressing on that touchy nerve. YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN Sometimes the pain you think is sciatica isn't actually nerve-induced pain at all, but rather, something muscular. So how do you find out? Use your thumb, push around on the muscles in your lower back and see if you can find spots that affect your pain. If you can trigger pain by a push—not a gentle push, you want to exert at least 5 to 10 pounds of pressure—your pain is most likely muscular and the result of a shortened, tightened muscle. When a muscle gets stuck in the shortened position, it gets thicker and doesn't get the blood or nutrients that it needs. And when you press on those tightened muscles, especially on the small, tender knot in the center—it can send pain throughout the body. THERE IS ONE TEST YOU CAN'T PASS It's the main test doctors use to diagnose sciatica caused by a slipped disc, and it starts with you lying down with your feet stretched out. The examiner then raises your straight leg between 30 and 70 degrees. Pain from this test—the kind that radiates down your entire leg, below your knee, and possibly even down to your toes—indicates sciatica. This is because when you stretch the affected leg, you're also stretching the entire sciatic nerve, and if the nerve root is pinched, you'll feel it through the stretching movement. YOU'VE GOT TO DO A WHOLE LOT MORE We're not talking about getting up a few extra times each night, but rather, totally losing control of your bowel and bladder movements. When paired with the typical sciatica pain, doctors tre
Suzanne Stabile
I got bit by a dog. Let me back up. I got accepted into an annual Enneagram cohort led by Suzanne Stabile in Dallas. I had idealized plans of how the weekend would go, how I will have to try really hard to be vulnerable, & how scared I was. I’ve been trying to process it & the dog bite has accelerated that. On Sat morn, I experienced one of the worst pains mentally & physically (I had 2 natural births just FYI). I got bit by a pitbull mix in my calf w/o warning or provocation. I sat through the last day of the cohort as my jeans got tighter on my left calf & the physical pain overwhelmed me. I realized later that my physical pain brought me in a posture of surrender, as I opened up vulnerably to the cohort in a way I had not planned. It was this weird thing. I realized what pain does. It brings you to your knees. Isn’t it “funny” that physical pain is something we can’t just “think” away? However, w/emotional pain & trauma, we allow it to find comfort hidden in the deepest parts of us while it destructively rearranges our inner being. I’ve been trying to ignore the physical pain as well as the mental pain I have from my childhood memories of another dog bite. I realize I can’t do either. If I stand too long, my leg throbs. I can’t workout. I can’t walk long distances. My balance is off. My leg swells up if I’ve been on my feet too long. I have muscle damage. I could still get an abscess. Laying down hurts. Walking hurts. Standing too long hurts. It all f$&)ing hurts. The mental pain hurts more. The flashbacks of the bite & the one before. The nightmares of the little girl who was afraid of the little dog & her abusive alcoholic father who was suppose to be protecting her. So it’s not just a dog bite. It’s THE one to wake up the inner child with a memory that now the adult me has to reconcile, sit in, & start to heal. We allow trauma to hold us captive. It’s our defense mechanism. The cage we put ourselves in feels “safer”. We may even hurt others in the process.We learn how to cope & move through the world to survive, but we subdue full healing. My goal now is to continue to break down the walls & set that scared, abused, & scarred little girl free. #enneagramjourney #enneagram8
DONATIONS MATCHED! When you donate to Shelter Bowl V to provide meals to shelter animals in need, shelters can afford to provide medical treatment to pets like Mauka. Every donation made from January 27 through February 2 will be matched by Purina, up to $40,000 value! For just $25, YOU can provide 500 meals to homeless pets in need!
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Wound Care Advanced dressing silicone adhesive hydrophilic dressing Silicone foam dressing is applicable for treatment of skin wounds, especially the medium and severe exudative wounds, and assist in the control of wound bleeding, including: 1) Treat the exudate and conduct local hemostasis for the exudative wounds 2) Treat the wounds after the TST operation, PPH operation, anal fissure operation, perianal abscess operation and rectal perianal operation 3) Treat the burn and scald wounds and chronic ulcer wounds (including bedsore, diabetic foot ulcer and venous ulceration of lower extremities) 4) Treat the surgical incision and infected wounds 5) Treat various refractory wounds including donor site wounds and trauma
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He’s ok now See the details of the nasty condition that kept him out for over a week: https://homeofplaymakers.com/sports/basketball/jaylen-browns-abscess-sent-him-to-the-hospital-5-times/
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แม่ท้องทำงานเยอะ อ่อนเพลียง่าย ตะคริว ปวดตามตัว คุณแม่หลายท่านเลือกทานจมูกข้าว VVIP ยอดฮิตของคนท้อง ✅น้ำตาลสูง . ✅แพ้ท้องทานยาก ✅นอนไม่หลับ ✅หน้ามืด ปวดหลัง เหนื่อยง่าย ✅เป็นไข้ภูมิต้านทานต่ำ จมูกข้าวVVIP มีสารอาหารมากกว่า 12 ชนิดที่บำรุงน้อยให้พัฒนาการสมองฉลาด​ ผิวพรรณ​สดใส​ แข็งแรง​สมบูรณ์​ สุขภาพที่ดี ทั้งคุณแม่และลูกน้อยต้องบำรุงตั้งแต่เริ่มว่าตั้งครรภ์❤️ โปรโมชั่นลด 45%. สองถามรีวิวลูกค้าที่ทานได้ที่อินบ๊อก
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Maaşınızı arttırmak, işe başvurmak ya da göçmenlik için IELTS’e mi ihtiyacınız var? IDP ile IELTS’e giren herkes online IELTS kursu ve Masterclass eğitimi kazanıyor. Bu kısa süreli fırsatı kaçırmayın!
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Parabéns aos usuários do Samsung Galaxy J2 !! Agora você pode baixar gratuitamente este poderoso aplicativo de música que tem milhares de músicas incríveis! Clique para instalar it
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Thinking Christmas already? Enjoy the drama of the Lantern Room alongside our festive 3-course lunch. £35pp includes 3-course lunch tea, coffee and mince pies, to view our sample menu click here… http://ow.ly/diKY30or41L. Available on Sundays throughout December, starting from the 1st. For more information on Christmas at Manor House Lindley click here http://ow.ly/rEiB30or42F.
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NÂNG NIU SỨC KHỎE MỖI NGÀY VỚI CHIẾC MÁY MASSAGE NHẬT BẢN ĐA NĂNG Động cơ massage 360 độ: được sản xuất trực tiếp từ các kỹ sư Nhật Bản, mô phỏng 100% quá trình massage bằng tay, với các chế độ có thể tùy chỉnh phù hợp cho mọi người, mọi lứa tuổi. Khả năng massage vượt trội so với tất cả các thiết bị trên thị trường, khi sử dụng lâu dài giúp người dùng cải thiện sự lưu thông, tuần hoàn máu để có thể giảm stress, thư giãn cũng như có giấc ngủ dài và sâu, không bị mệt mỏi và đau nhức mỏi vai gáy. Sản phẩm gọn nhẹ giúp bạn thư giãn massage bất cứ nơi đâu, trên tàu xe, trên mày bay, trong văn phòng, hay cả khi đi du lịch, với 10 phút massage mỗi ngày có thể giúp giảm lên tới 90% các bệnh về vai , cổ cũng như mệt mỏi. Ngoài ra, chiếc máy được thiết kế theo đường cong chữ U với diện tích tiếp xúc vai cổ của chúng ta là lớn nhất, giúp cho quá trình massage diễn ra một cách hiệu quả nhất có thể.
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