Top Facebook Ad Rules Updated You Can’t Miss

In this particular year, June is coming to an end. The situation of the new corona virus is getting better, and the advertising industry is gradually recovering. Let’s take a look at what must-not-miss rule updates Facebook ushered in by the end of June!

  1. Facebook meets CCPA
  2. Facebook seeks to improve racial justice
  3. Facebook changed business qualification requirements
  4. Collection lists can now be shared publicly
  5. New streaming fan subscription
  6. How to view new ads?

1. Facebook complies with CCPA

Recently, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CPPA) granted California consumers the right to control their personal information. These rights include understanding and deciding whether to authorize the marketing party to use their personal information.

Now, if a company’s advertising or merchandise needs to be sold to California, the company must turn on the “restrict data usage” feature to restrict the data Facebook sends to the region.

At the same time, Facebook will handle service information that contains business information in California. Although the relevant policies have a transition period, the transition will end around July 31 this year. But we have to predict that advertising features such as audience targeting will be affected, and the effectiveness of future campaigns will decline.

2.Facebook is strengthening racial justice

The recent ethnic disputes have intensified, and Facebook has realized the importance of justice in this regard, so they adopted the following rules: New policies and plans. Facebook will invest in people and technology designed to “actively detect related illegal content.” They will also review discussions about how to deal with violations, suppress voters, and use force around the country. Investment community Facebook said they will invest more than $1 billion to support diverse communities and suppliers in the United States. They have specified that this year they will invest another $200 million in black-owned businesses, creators and organizations. Start a new destination Facebook is creating a “new destination” called “Lift Black Voices” whose purpose is to expand Black Voices and share educational resources and storytelling through fundraising activities. In contrast, when advertising, we need to check whether our advertising language is fair and compliant.

3.Facebook changed the requirements for business qualification

Instagram has announced that they are adjusting their business eligibility requirements and mentioned that these rules will eventually apply to Facebook. The current e-commerce conversion method is to direct users from social media such as Instagram or Facebook to their own qualified websites for purchase and conversion. From July to September, these customers can purchase goods directly in the social application. You no longer need to build a Facebook store and wait for approval from both, and for campaigns that focus on improving conversion, it makes shopping easier and faster.

4.Collection list can now be shared publicly

Facebook’s “favorites” may not be used by many people so far. He can add content, links and pictures that users like to favorites and categorize them. Before, favorites were a private matter. Now users can share their favorites publicly, and they can also view and share public favorites lists. This can open the door for business partners and influencers to collaborate, and businesses and marketers can create their own product lists to attract and influence users. And, if you want to sell goods on the market, you can even create a list of goods to sell.

5. New streaming fan subscription

Facebook is vigorously promoting the gaming field on their platform, and they are now expanding their streaming subscription options to allow viewing and rewarding game anchors such as Internet celebrities.

Facebook will soon enable more streaming media to access this subscription option and promote it to creators in Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. All gamers who see 250 repeat customers in these areas every week can join the “upgrade” program.

At the same time, they are about to launch in the game advertising industry: interstitial ads display related real-time ads, or image ads that appear before streaming media during playback. This will definitely provide new placements, gamers and creators are likely to get some advertising revenue here, and the audience will be further divided.

6. How do we view these ads?

In the process of constantly updating Facebook ads, we can view the corresponding ads through the BigSpy tool. Filter through different industries or search through competitor keywords to view their new advertising directions.


Facebook’s advertising policy will become stricter in the following months, but then they are also trying new features and launching new models to weaken their impact on advertisers. In this form, quickly adapt to new types of advertisements, and master the methods to be invincible.